Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 14/03/16
  • Saint's Row 4 Re-elected - Played a few more missions

    Bloodborne - Did some co-op

    Minecraft - Finally located the end portal in my world which was almost right under my nose in the spot I chose to build my house. Now I just need to hunt Blazes and Endermen to get the items needed to activate the end portal and things will be golden. Also did a few other things for the trophies but the railway trophy is a pain in the anus.

    LEGO Avengers - A few more missions. Finished the first movie story missions.

    COD Advanced Warfare - After Ghosts last week I found AW for $10 so I picked it up too. Haven't played much of it yet, but spoiler alert: a lot of dudes get shot.

    I also watched the Dark Souls 3 counter tick down, and finally next week is D-Day!
  • BroForce got deleted from my PS4 last week. I enjoyed it for a while but it was the same thing repeated ad nauseam. It was also getting stupidly difficult but not in any way that felt fair.

    Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is dropping mid-2016 too. Bit disturbed by how quickly they are pooping that one out.
  • Manio, Lords weakest point is probably the bosses. They are all fairly generic and almost all of them are humanoids. Armor is also a LOT more important than in Souls. Heavy armors really slow you down, but they will protect you a lot more. Whereas sorcerers are considered the Easy mode of Souls, the warrior is the Easy mode of Lords. If you watch your equip load and pump up Strength, you will be a walking slaughterhouse. Strength is a stupidly overpowered stat in Lords since it governs damage and equip load.

    Once you beat Commander you can get My Axe which is a beast of a weapon, it will see you through to almost end game where there is a sword you can get that outperforms it. If you have the strength to wield it get that axe, and get some lucky runes, and you can really tear through any boss. If you think the weapons are slow, try playing a rogue. The speed difference is very distinct.

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