Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 14/03/16
  • My gaming time has vanished to the land of wind and ghosts.  Work/birthdays/stuff for the kids' school - you know the type of thing.

    (360) FIFA14 The unstoppable scoring machine of Blackpool FC rolls on.  20 points in the lead at the top of the league, FA Cup won and Champions league final against Bayern Munich (in-game nemesis who keep stealing my best players) up next.  Also, some of the generated youth team players are coming good and challenging the established guys.

    Beats watching Manchester United at the moment anyway.

  • I had a week off of work people. A week in which I had zero plans. I turned off my work email notifications. I turned off this dumb Facebook like thing that's used for my work place and I was free. Free to watch movies, I saw the Revenant (Leo's done better....inception anyone? It's a good film and he deserves that little statue) Catch up on TV (vampire diaries....Erm don't judge me and it's always Sunny) and play games. And man did I play games.

    I started the week off with a little Guitar Hero Live I cleaned up the rest of the Live mode songs that I had neglected around Christmas.

    I also finished up Uncharted 2 For those of you that don't know I am replaying the remastered version to brush up on the story before number 4 (which has been bloody delayed again). These games become a bit tedious towards the end when they just throw increasingly more difficult groups of dudes at you. It's not fun. It just becomes a battle of attrition. I still love this series. Even if the end of two soured me a little.

    Then I moved on to the next game on my list of games from 2015 I want to finish. Assassins Creed: Syndicate This game is awesome. So much better than I expect. Go see my post in the games you nearly didn't play thread, it shows how much I love this game.

    And that's it. I'm back at work. All the notifications are back on. I'm listening to whining co-workers. Trying to get people to do shit they don't want to do.......4 more weeks though. 4 more weeks and then I have another 2 week off of work (I have actually become that guy who counts down the days to his next lot of vacation time. Wow)
  • Saint's Row 4 Re-elected - Played a few more missions

    Bloodborne - Did some co-op

    Minecraft - Finally located the end portal in my world which was almost right under my nose in the spot I chose to build my house. Now I just need to hunt Blazes and Endermen to get the items needed to activate the end portal and things will be golden. Also did a few other things for the trophies but the railway trophy is a pain in the anus.

    LEGO Avengers - A few more missions. Finished the first movie story missions.

    COD Advanced Warfare - After Ghosts last week I found AW for $10 so I picked it up too. Haven't played much of it yet, but spoiler alert: a lot of dudes get shot.

    I also watched the Dark Souls 3 counter tick down, and finally next week is D-Day!
  • Life is Strange (Ps4- Just finished this up a few days ago - such a good game. Probably one of the best episodic games I've played when it comes to story. 
    The soundtrack in Life is Strange really did help set the right atmosphere to make this one hell of a emotional roller-coaster. Replaying the game to see the alternate ending as well as making slightly changes to my decisions in the game.

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Ps4) - Finally beat all bosses with all characters, including "The Lost". All I need now is to collect the remaining 4 items in my collection to receive Platinum God and Real Platinum god achievements. This might be the most difficult Platinum Trophy I've worked on....

    Broforce (Ps4) - Terrible. Hopped on with my bud and tried online Campaign Co-op and was deeply disappointed.

    Dragon Quest Heroes (Ps4) - Just bought the game - it's got a Dynasty warriors vibe to it. Been a while since I've played a horde hack'n slash game. Camera angles are a tad wonky, but the game provides some wacky dialogue that keeps the game entertaining.

  • BroForce got deleted from my PS4 last week. I enjoyed it for a while but it was the same thing repeated ad nauseam. It was also getting stupidly difficult but not in any way that felt fair.

    Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is dropping mid-2016 too. Bit disturbed by how quickly they are pooping that one out.
  • @Dr Flibble - I was a bit saddened to see there was no Co-op feature in Heroes. Though - I feel as if they might have snipped it from the first game to interest gamers to buy the sequel. 
    Either way, I'm enjoying my time with it. 
  • Life is Strange had a way of making me love songs I absolutely hate. Came out of that game with so much new baggage. Loved it so much.

    Um, this week I played a lot of...what the hell did I play ?

    Plants vs Zambies Garden Warfare 2 - this is just plain fun. It never feels serious to anyone, and it's enjoyable and there's always stuff to do. EA hit it out of the park with this one. Ridiculous amount of unlockables that keep me coming back and actually very happy with the people I make. Well, "people" - a fine game. A wise choice for them to give the option of playing multiplayer with bots as well with nothing locked behind human opponents, not that it matters - I've played some online and people still have their Kinect mics on, and I believe I only play against babies, which is fine. It never feels overwhelming.

    I keep going back to Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. That's a good-ass casual-ass game. And again, like all other Naruto games, it's a hell of a lot more fun and easy to play the game and enjoy the story told there as opposed to watching the animu for hours and hours. I really like the game but recognize its shortcomings from a gameplay perspective. One place it ain't lackin' is content. Thing is packed with STUFF, and it's all good stuff. Even online, which is a nightmare because I'm a grown ass man, has its own benefits. You have a book that has six targets, and everyone's is different - and if they show up in a match (doesn't matter if you win or lose) you get big benefits. It's great.

    Lastly, the new HITMAN game. This is wonderful. It keeps the best parts of Absolution (challenges, Contracts mode which is basically create your own level) and cuts all the shit that Absolution dragged down. It's a great return to form. $15 gets you the first stage and two tutorial-style stages. Paris is very dense and there's a lot going on, and there's a TON to appreciate. I absolutely LOVE it! I'm playing on PC, because I have a really hard time dealing with the sacrifices being made on consoles lately with regards to fidelity and FPS.
  • Warframe (PC): Just messing around and max leveling a bunch of different weapons still, unlocked a new area/planet/moon. It's really hard to get groups together on Europa, which is where I am, which is a shame. Makes it hard to progress.

    Hearthstone (PC): Played a bit for the first time in over a year I think. All my decks suck now because they're old as hell.
  • Momodora III (Steam/PC) I beat this game about 3 times and got all the achievements! This game was super fun, and hard, in spots. I really enjoyed this game.

    Assault Android Cactus (PS4) I've been waiting for this to release on console for sometime now, and oh gods! its amazingly fun! I beat the campaign and got to layer 15 in the Infinity Drive mode, which is the randomly generated stages I think. Not many on my friends list got this but for a while there every time I'd get into the game, I'd do a few stages and try to beat whatever score Space got, and I got a few high scores but some stages I have no idea how to score high enough. Really fun game and I plan to keep going back to the Infinity Drive mode for a while at least. :)

    I think thats all I played last week. I'm currently downloading Salt & Sanctuary on PS4, but I don't think I'm going to play it, at least not til I beat Momodora IV. :) I also still have not even put in Raiden V that I ordered from Japan, and I want to play that sometime soon too!
  • Lords Of The Fallen (Xbox One)
    Feels like a casual Dark Souls, but it still goes and does its own thing. Really enjoying it, but feels kind of slower paced than Dark Souls which is alright. I'm only at the second boss or something called a Commander and it feels and looks the exact same as the first one, just with some new abilities.

    Really bummed that their doesn't seem to be a co-op aspect in this like the Souls series, but that's okay too. Having fun with this so far.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist (Xbox One)
    Ended up finishing the main series storyline and started the GX! story line. It's kind of funny that you can use some pretty bad cheat-sy/illegal decks in the campaign which sort of removes any sort of challenge in the game. I ran an Exodia Cheat Deck for the more annoying duels, but I've found that using the deck they supply you with in Story Mode for each battle works just as well, if not better in some instances.

    I loved playing the card game when I was younger, and this brings back some fond memories and has helped me understand the more confusing aspects of the game ever since I dropped off playing the physical game in like 2003.
  • Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 Still the same busy unlocking all the wallpapers, outfits, and playing all the missions on a higher difficulty and working on getting all the items.

    Warframe PS4 Still embering ;)

    Legends of war Vita played it a little.

    Galak Z PS4 finished the first season (level group). some annoying powerful enemies in season 2

    Broforce PS4 fun still enjoying it, but it gets old soon

    Steel Ocean PC Installed going trough the tutorial
  • Manio, Lords weakest point is probably the bosses. They are all fairly generic and almost all of them are humanoids. Armor is also a LOT more important than in Souls. Heavy armors really slow you down, but they will protect you a lot more. Whereas sorcerers are considered the Easy mode of Souls, the warrior is the Easy mode of Lords. If you watch your equip load and pump up Strength, you will be a walking slaughterhouse. Strength is a stupidly overpowered stat in Lords since it governs damage and equip load.

    Once you beat Commander you can get My Axe which is a beast of a weapon, it will see you through to almost end game where there is a sword you can get that outperforms it. If you have the strength to wield it get that axe, and get some lucky runes, and you can really tear through any boss. If you think the weapons are slow, try playing a rogue. The speed difference is very distinct.

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