Rocket League (News Update)
  • I am already hooked on this game... Now they're adding a Basketball mode? Psyonix Studios knows how to please their fans. Catch me all over this on PS4 when it releases.

  • I haven't played Rocket League in so long I might have to pop back on and give it a go.

    In fact all I have ever played is base plain (if you can call it plain) Rocket League.
  • The hockey mode got old pretty quick, and the Mutators was fun but it wasn't ranked so I didn't get much enjoyment out of it. I know Basketball won't be ranked but that's my sport of choice.

    "Base plain" Rocket League still continues to be as addicting and competitive as it was when I first discovered it. I'm so happy they show love to the community with the free updates instead of charging, they only ask $ when it comes to cosmetic features of the cars which are irrelevant to me.
  • Yeah I just put a couple quid in to get the bat mobile. And I'm happy to do that with all the content they have been creating.
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  • Okay so I played the hockey mode and I'm not impressed. Yeah the puck has new physics attached to it and moves like a hockey puck would. But the cars don't slide like you would expect them to on ice they didn't change the physics up. I know it might be a bit much to ask but I'd assume from the top class work on the base game that this would be covered.

    Anyway it's only a small gripe in a game that's pretty damn good to say the least. I think I might try and pop in a couple times a week have a match or two. Let's see how it goes.
  • You playing on the PC or PS4? I'd be interested in some 2v2 if you're on Playstation. psn: akabuckets21

    & yes the hockey mode was novelty at best, I prefer the traditional matches too.

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