(Multi) Salt & Sanctuary
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    Developer: Ska Studios
    Release: 15 March 2016 (PS4) / Vita and PC releases tba
    Platform: PS4, Vita, PC
    Genre: Souls-like 2D ARPG

    Salt & Sanctuary is an indie game heavily influenced by the Dark Souls and Castlevania series. It looks like Souls, shares a lot of Souls mechanics, but is a 2D scroller like Castlevania. The story involves a sailor getting himself shipwrecked and washed up on a mysterious shore, where his adventure begins. It will release next week for $18 on PSN. 

    I will pick this up at some point, but with Dark Souls 3 a mere 2 weeks away I'm not feeling a need for Dark Souls Lite just yet.

  • Damn! I didn't know this was happening so soon! I'm all over this, though I probably wont start playing it right away. Even though my wait for DS3 is a little longer.
  • First EITR, then Necropolis, and S&S, finally Dark Maus. Lots of good Dark Souls lite games coming to please the fans in between the dead air.

    Wow, I just saw this, the way the videos are displayed sliding under each other is pretty cool, thanks @sloth.
  • I went ahead and prerodered Salt & Sanctuary on PS4. ;)
  • This is out now. I was watching lobosjr stream it earlier today and he had the devs on Skype while he was playing it fielding viewer questions. The devs seem like very cool people, and listening to them and seeing how this game plays has pushed me over the buy now line.
  • What are people who bought it thinking? I beat the first boss and went to an area where the enemies have become a lot tougher. I'm liking it. There are a few things I could pick at but it gets all the main things right so far.
  • Damn, Lobos did a speed run of the game and beats it in 23 minutes.

    The salt dupe glitch is nice. I may take advantage of that before they patch it.
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  • I wish I had a way of playing this at the moment. Looks like good ole fun.
  • I adore the game. It's madness to think two people made it, it's honestly one of my games of the year so far. Feel kinda harsh i didnt pay for it given how good it is, even with the odd cheap death from leaps of faith lol
  • I haven't touched this since DS3 came out but with the DS3 plat just around the corner I will probably get back into it soon.

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