(Multi) Tom Clancy's The Division
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    Release : March 8 2016
    Publisher : Ubisoft
    Platforms : PS4, Bone, PC
    Genre : TPS, MMO

    Tom Clancy's The Division is all but upon us. Who will be playing this? Post your thoughts and impressions.

    I won't be getting this anytime soon, not with Dark Souls 3 on the horizon. Maybe after that. Besides, from all the gameplay footage I've seen, the game looks really dull. Hopefully there's more to it.

  • I have seen some playthroughs and it smacks me too much of destiny
  • The enemy AI looks so bad. I'm not feelin it.
  • Picked it up on PC. Console versions feel very rough, tried the beta on all 3 platforms.
  • Bought it on consoles and so far so good. 

    I'm only a few levels in (passed the starter/tutorial area) and there isn't much in the way of a story at the moment.
  • fun third-person shooter, which is perfect for little co-op. just sad that the game lacks depth and that it is done by Ubisoft.
  • I played the beta and wasn't too impressed. But there fuck all else out there at the minute so why not. It's coming Tuesday.
  • Another turd for the shit heap.

    Destiny is almost at the $20 mark, along with Star Wars Battlefront, and now this looks set for the bargain bin too.

    And I'd still rather just play Borderlands. Better loot, more fun, more content, and cheaper. 
    Noobied by 1Juic3
  • Borderlands 1 is currently free with Gold on Xbox too...
  • Playing this. It's a lot of the same. Repetitive, and not much meat on it. I have fun playing it with my buddy, but that's about it. It'll hold me over until Dark Souls III.
  • Manio, but did you get a walnut pom pom beanie?
  • I really like this game.

    I don't have a PC but it looks really good on consoles to me. Great pick up and play game when you don't really care for the story and it's great when doing other things (such as listening to podcasts or talking to friends/family) as it doesn't require your full attention.
  • @Dr Flibble

    I am wearing a pom pom beanie, yes.
  • I was instantly hooked when I played the open beta for this game. I even went to the point of waking up two hours earlier just to play it for myself.

    The optimization for The Division is not a letdown either; everything is running green across the board for my system. No lag; no freezing; just awesome.

    Now that I reached level 30 and Dark Zone rank 34, I may not play as much and loot as much anymore, but as a Tom Clancy fan of the franchise it is great and I cannot wait for what the season pass will deliver.

    If any of you want to add me so we can complete challenges or just hang around in the DZ, my UPlay handle is The_Thing2010.

    See you around, agents!
  • Been playing some more. It's too damn samey-same. I'd love some difference in missions instead of always going from point to point shooting dudes, but that's the type of game I suppose. Getting closer and closer to ditching this towards some trade in credit towards Dark Souls.
  • The story is pretty nonexistent. And what's there sucks but I dunno the loot grind has me playing. I'm a bit under levelled for the missions I have next. Which means grinding i guess. I really can not be bothered to grind shitty side missions.

    The dark zone seems well it's awesome. Day z light. I was stood with a guy starting an extraction we worked together to kill the hordes of AI enemies that came our way. The chopper was here. He is 4 levels below me and low on health. Do I heal or do I kill and take his shit.

    I took his stuff.

  • I personally enjoyed the game, but can understand people's complaints. If you're playing this alone, you are definitely missing out. The most fun I had with it was playing with friends.
  • But I don't have friends :(

    No I am pretty much a solitary gamer. I don't like playing with others. I accept in some cases like this it will alter my experience. I have to suck it up.

    For me solo'ing this game. It's okay. Nothing spectacular.
  • Reached end-game, and got to Level 30 and all that jazz. I'm effectively bored as all fuck with the game now. The End-Game content seems to be non-existent, or extremely bare in terms of content and I'm not really fond of having to replay missions. Think I'll be shelving this game for a while, unless the Incursion news that drops tomorrow is interesting.
  • Okay so what's the best way to level without doing the main missions because I'm level 15 now and the next mission up is level 18. Replaying missions doesn't give you xp encounters and side missions give you very little. So how the hell do I level further.
  • I did missions higher than my level with groups.
  • Okay 14 hours in. I don't like this game. It's. It's just dull. Every mission is the same go somewhere defeat enemies. Defeat more. Defeat a few mid tier enemies. Defeat a few high tier enemies. Boss. Rinse and repeat. I'm probably 3 levels off completing the campaign sit at level 20 and I'm done. I have so many better games to occupy my time.
  • @nutta27 Are you soloing the game and giving it all your attention when playing? If so I kind of agree with you.

    I find the game to be a lot better when playing with friends (in the Dark Zone especially) and not really concentrating on it too much, I'm either talking people or listing to a podcast or something. I know it sounds weird but this game is a great when you are not really paying too much attention to it or are in a group.
  • 100 + hours in, god damn does this game remind me of Diablo 3 when it came out. Heavy grinding with little to really aim for in the long run. I'll give them kudos for updating the game to lessen the grind and give players more reason to go rogue but it still needs more content.

    I still like the game, heck for a time most of the content on my site was purely based n The Division :P
  • Played again after the new update, after Jingles was raving about it, still the same shit, the mmo shooter stuf just doesn't do it for me, and a mission where you have to kill wave after wave of enemies that kill you so easily and i have put a zillion bullets into them is just not fun, at least in bloodborne, i feel that i am in control of the situation
  • Epke, you were totally in control during the Amygdala dungeon :-)

    When are we going to finish it btw?

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