Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/03/16
  • Leaping into the saddle like a cowboy jumping off the roof of the bank he's robbing onto the back of his horse.  Always seemed like a good way to shoot your testicles deep into your own body cavity to me, but I guess that's what you hire stunt men for...

    Anyway, enough of that nonsense.  Time to report on what has been (for me at least) a bit of a barren week games-wise.  Time in front of the TV was limited to snatched half hours late at the end of the night.  As well all know, when faced with those circumstances I tend to revert to...

    (360) Forza Motorsport 4 Uh-oh.  Like Phaedrus in the the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, it doesn't take much for the screw of obsessive thought to begin turning again in my brain.  Between the work I put in to ensure the game had installed properly on the new 360, and the headlines around Forza on PC, this game has been front-and-centre in my thoughts this week.  So I did a few races and played with the designs on a few cars (none to my satisfaction, unfortunately).  Have discovered that the trick to gradually ticking off events on the big Event List table is to stick in one car and just keep plugging away at races that it is qualified for, rather than constantly hopping from one car to the next as the Calendar mode kind-of encourages you to do.  A handful of races, barely an hour's work I'd say, and suddenly what was a frankly embarrassing completed Event List chart suddenly looks slightly better...

    (360) FIFA14 All it took was a semi-respectable run of results for Manchester United (i.e. grinding out a win against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup, beating European minnows Midtjyland at home after losing to them away and then a win against Watford mid-week) for me to start wanting to even think about football again.  After United slumped back to another joyless Van Gaal-era symptomatic defeat to West Brom at the weekend, I suspect I will look at the lovely face of Lionel Messi on the cover of FIFA tonight and think 'nah'.

    Zero progress on Batman: AA, despite saying I was near the end last week.  I just feel burned-out on that whole experience.  I mean, I do genuinely like it and want to see it through to the end, but being very near the end with a percentage-complete number hovering around the 50% mark (I think, been a while since I've looked), it feels like the game is judging me for not engaging more with the 'fun' environment puzzles which, to my mind at least, only serve to slow down and break-up the experience.

    Oh well, I know that stuff's like catnip for some people, so it's clearly just a personal taste thing.  Horses for courses 'n' all that...

    OK, that's it from me.  WiG like you've never WiG'ed before, NT chums.
  • Bloodborne - The usual co-op stuff.

    Helldivers - Checked in to see if anything has changed. It hasn't.

    Valkyria Chronicles Remake - Did a few more missions.

    Saints Row 4 Re-Elected - Did a few more missions.

    BroForce - Played a bit of it. It's fun, but gets old fast.

    Call of Duty Ghosts - Finally got around to playing through this. Haven't played a COD game since Blops 2 but this was cheap and I had the itch. It's not bad. I don't know why people hated it so much.

    Minecraft - I know there's an end boss in this game, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see it.

    Ratchet & Clank Nexus - Did a few more missions and upgraded some weapons.

    LEGO Avengers - Playing through the story. Apparently the open world is bigger than Heroes but I haven't actually gotten to it yet. The LEGO games seem to enjoy blue-balling the players with the open world recently. The game is fun though, plenty of characters, new attack types and new 2 player combo attacks which wreck everything.

    2 weeks to Dark Souls 3.
  • Highschool Romance (PC/Steam) I got all the endings and all the achievements. This was a cute little story. I liked it.

    Momodora III ( PC/Steam) I knew the new Momodora game was coming out Friday last week, so I thought it was finally time to play this game! Apparently I had played this for all of 5 mins back when this first came out on Steam back in 2014. I managed to beat this game 3 times and get all the achievements in a few days! This game was so amazingly fun! Action platforming combat focused gameplay! I loved the art style and animation. This game is HARD even on Normal (which is called easy). I'm I so ready to get into Momodora 4 when I get a break from work.

    Thats it I think. Between work and a half bunch of other things I'm really surprised I made any progress in the games I've been playing. Right now I'm just killing time until Assault Android Cactus comes out on PS4, but seeing as I haven't been about to get in front of the TV for console gaming lately, I might just find another Steam game to play. I'm not sure yet.
  • So, Hand of Fate is really good. Like, really really good. Far better than expected. Feels like one of those little games you can pick apart and see everything in without it being daunting, and it manages to hook you in. I can't recommend it enough, delightful game.

    Picked up Stardew Valley. Ready to play it and see it destroy Harvest Moon as it looks like it fixes EVERYTHING negative about that series.Cannot wait to go balls deep, so to speak.

    Also grabbed a ton of 360 shmups from Japon. Some of them are really bad. Some shit that all I can see is "100 SHOOTER" in. I didn't like it at all. But there's a lot more to check out. Mushihimesama I think was one of them, I have like ten of them now. I love shmups.
  • Bro Force is stupid fun. Some levels can get a bit challengin but mostly it is an 8 bit blender of blood. My favorite part are the stupid stupid names. Mr Anderbro does not even work, and I laughed out loud.
  • Warframe (PC): I need to progress in the game farther but instead I end up doing dailies that don't unlock anything. I wish the maps were better. I'm probably near my end point with the game. Would like to try the last couple weapon types I haven't tried yet and that will probably be it. Some missions are way more fun than others.
  • Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 Still busy unlocking all the wallpapers, outfits, and playing all the missions on a higher difficulty.

    Warframe PS4 now trying to max my Ember frame. @GoodEnoughForMe did you do void missions yet, those always get you parts for weapons, also boss fights give you warframe parts, and you can always buy weapon schematics with in game currency, have you increased you mastery level yet? 

    Lemmings touch Vita played a few more levels, taken it slow.

    Galak Z PS4 Space shooters in asteroid style, with an Dark souls element, that if you die you have to start over from the beginning of the season, not the level. liked it but i have a tendency to push the wrong buttons, getting myself killed.

    Broforce PS4 fun retro platform shooter made me think a little of Metal slug

    Flame over PS4 Game over, not much explanation, difficulty spike is stupid, not fun.
  • Yeah Epke, I have different weapons in my inventory so I have managed to grab some, been through rifle, pistol, bow, shuriken, shotgun, blade, and heavy so far. Also a couple different frames I will probably try. I haven't done any void missions yet, I will give those a go. And yeah, I've levelled up my mastery some.
  • Yu-gi-oh! Legacy Of The Duelist (Xbox One)
    Haven't played a game from this series since Duelist Of The Roses, so I decided to pick this bad boy up on Xbox One. It's neat, and dueling with these cards has been a neat little trip back to when I was younger. The fact we can play through the anime duels is a nice touch, and I'm currently working through the GX campaign.

    Easy achievements, just time consuming. Deck-building is still vastly confusing to me in this game. Haven't dueled online yet, and have a feeling the servers are dead-ish.
  • Firewatch: I thought it was great. I'm too stupid for the map navigation but I liked the story. I loved the two characters in how flawed, vulnerable and raw they were at times. I really, really liked this game. It's a 3 hour game though, so I would only recommend it when its on sale. But I really liked playing through it and unraveling the mystery first hand with all the banter in between. I even got to see penis. 10/10.
  • I started the week clearing up the last two hours of Firewatch. What an incredible game. Short but I really enjoyed it and I think it is well worth the fee.Roaming around the national park slowly uncovering a mystery. The back and forth between the two characters was incredible, great voice acting, amazing story. Just amazing. 

    I'm sure I wrote a few weeks ago that I have been playing through the Uncharted games again to get ready for the end of April and Uncharted 4. Well I am up to Uncharted 2. I'm only a few hours in now but i'm working my way through and enjoying it all as much as the first time.

    I also picked up The Crew on the cheap from PSN. I have only heard middling things about this game. The controls seems a little loose and I will admit I have only played the game so far with headphones in looking for Radio Towers (seriously UBi's driving game has a climb the tower to unlock the map equivalent)  but i'm having fun driving around The Crews version of the US looking for a satellite dish. 

    Finally me and my girlfriend carried on playing through the Infinity Play-sets with, Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars The Force Awakens Play-set. This one seemed a little bit framey. Its still the same co-op fun we had with the couple we played before. I'm thinking I will probably pick up the inside out play-set for us next. After we have finished the Avengers one. 
  • I liked Firewatch well enough until it fell apart, about two hours before the end. Incredible disappointment from a story perspective. End-game spoils below.

    It was pretty telling that they either had a deadline or ran out of money, because the cobbled together "resolution" of a couple different threads was hollow and empty. I thought it was taking a GREAT turn to find that research station, then it just fell apart like a house of cards. I ended up hating the protagonist pretty early on but there was potential he'd be alright. Sadly, he's a schmuck and a shithead.

    The first half was great, though.

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