No Man's Sky (PS4, PC)
  • I've been waiting for this game for quite a while. Figured I'd put together some news and footage for anyone interested.


    We received a release date from Sean Murray, one of the game's few developers. The PS4 release will be June 21st 2016, and the PC release is 3 days later (June 24th). I'm happy to have a date to look forward to! I have the same giddy feeling for this game as I did when I first saw Borderlands for the first time in GameInformer back in 2007. The idea, the art style, the innovation... Everything here looks excellent. 

    Here is a small gameplay video if you haven't already seen it yourself.

    The interview I'm showing here with Sean Murray is appealing in more ways than one. You get to see how decent of a guy he is and how ambitious the project was for him and his crew. For a small team to make their own algorithm for generating the world around you when there are Billions of unique planets to explore is incredible. Here he glosses over the algorithm and explains some mechanics of how the star system works, along with some gameplay footage.

    For those that play only to challenge themselves and set the difficulty on extreme, this game might not be for you. This game is about the world. Trading and economy take place, exploring and filling up your "encyclopedia" with different alien species you encounter, upgrading your ship for dogfights in space... You can choose however you want to experience this game. The "end game" is to upgrade your ship enough to discover what is at the center of the Universe. I don't feel that end game could be too significant or thought provoking, but it seems like the journey is worth the trip.

    Let me know what y'all think!
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  • Idea is great like souped up up Elite but i will still wait for reviews before buying it.
  • I was all hyped for this game and it's probably wrong to feel the way I do now especially looking at the amount of work that has been put into the game but the announcement that it will be a full priced game has actually put me off.

    I totally think that's Sony's decision. This game has got massive hype. "Hey lets charge them more"

    I want the game. I expect the game will be worth that. I'll probably buy the game but that's left a sour taste in my mouth.
  • I wasn't interested in this at all until recently. It all seemed too ambitious and kinda dumb to me, and in some ways it still does, but I'm interested in giving it a shot. If the exploration is fun and it builds up to some meaningful goal without becoming too tedious or dull it has potential. If it's just occasional space dogfights breaking up bouts of berry picking and daisy sniffing on 1 of a bazillion planets then I'll lose interest pretty quickly. I'll wait for a price drop and try it at some point down the line.
  • The full price does turn me off a little, but knowing the sales numbers are going towards a talented, small dev team and a fresh idea that isn't a military FPS or Hack&Slash game helps justify the purchase for myself. I'm not buying many new games these days anyway so it's something to look forward to.

    Bargain bin is the option I see most people taking, unless you are a fan of space sims or Elite like @Epke mentioned.

    Flib, we haven't seen anything in the menus of how upgrading, trading, or multiplayer will work. This makes me skeptical because all we've seen are colorful planets and an infinite sandbox. It's pretty, but I'm hoping there is enough substance in there to keep me engaged.
  • Giantbomb has a piece where a few of the questions you asked are answered I think.

    As far as I remember. Multiplayer a sounding like you may pass people but the universe will be that vast it's unlikely. I'm assuming the closer you get to the centre the more chance you will have of seeing people.

    As for the planets apparently 9/10 will be barren wastelands you can do nothing with. Only 1 in ten will be useful or interesting.
  • 9/10 planets will be useless wastelands? While from a realism perspective that sounds generous, from a game I want to play perspective that makes me want to run far far away as fast as my legs will carry me. The multiplayer sounds near pointless too, unless you can just invite your friends to your games sounds like it may as well be a single player game.
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  • Where'd you get that 9/10 will be useless? Would like to read
  • Everything I know I got from giantbombs coverage. Brad wrote a piece. Spoke about the game on the beast cast and has a short interview up with Sean Murray
  • This has been wait and see for me because it is the least described game, this side of Dreams. It sounds like the largest procedurally generated walking simulator or all time, but who knows. I already live in a vast universe with no agreed upon goals. I do not need an existentialist paperweight to illustrate that fact.

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