Games you almost didn't play
  • I've been thinking about finally joining the current generation with a purchase of a PS4 and in conjunction I've been thinking about all the games I haven't finished (or started) from last generation, as well as the games I almost didn't even play. There were always a myriad of reasons for why I wouldn't play certain games, and later forced myself to and realized how regretful I would have been had I never given them a chance. 

    With that said, what are some games you had little or no intention of ever playing and why did you eventually give those games a try? How regretful would you have been had you never given those games an opportunity?
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  • I'm sure I can think of more later, but the best example that comes to mind right now is Willow on NES.
    I thought it was another junk movie game cash in, it probable was really. but it is not bad. some bad things in it, but not a bad game. I saw it on the GameFAQs NES board in the Top 100 NES games topic, and gave it a shot.
  • Welcome to next gen!

    I get that feeling mostly with TV Shows and movies. I've avoided everything Harry Potter since childhood despite everyone telling me how "great" it is. I decided to give it a try and it's not the best, but I did enjoy the series more than I thought I would have. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead were phenomenal, and I avoided both for years.

    In terms of games... MTGXerxes on youtube had a lets play of FF6. I would have never played if it wasn't for his videos, and it has now become one of my favorite in the series.
  • Still not part of the current gen yet (unless you count my 3DS).

    A few that I can think of are Kingdom Hearts, Demon's Souls, Bioshock, Saints Row: the Third, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, and Dragon Age Origins.

    When Kingdom Hearts was originally coming out I was at an age and time in my life in which I felt I shouldn't like Disney anymore; it was kids stuff, and I was finally out of elementary school. The first images I saw of it where videos on Toonami in which Tom spoke about upcoming video games (they really knew their audience), and I was immediately turned off seeing Donald and Goofy alongside Sora. I had no intention of ever playing it and then I found out it had Final Fantasy characters in it and I felt the need to rent it. I did and what followed was one of my most memorable gaming experiences.

    I believe I've mentioned on various occasions my aversion to Demon's Souls: it just sounded too punishing. Despite that the acclaim it had received, and admiration from the community was becoming too much to resist. I finally saw just how lauded the game was and how experiencing it was in itself a badge of honor, so I set aside my dread and began what was nearly a year long campaign of Demon's Souls. I'm still kicking myself for not getting it right when it came out.

    Bioshock had a mechanical flaw that kept me at bay: it was a first person shooter. I've always had a predilection for third person gaming experiences, and I can't explain why. I heard how good Bioshock was for years, but never cared enough to give it a try. I also tried the demo and not even that was enough to sell me on the game. Finally I found it for a bargain at roughly $20 and decided to see what everyone was raving about. It took a few hours, but once I got a varied set of powers and started to allow myself to be immersed in the world, I was hooked. I started to use my environment to my advantage, and after playing it haven't been able to stop thinking about the character implications and statements made regarding freedom and choice. 

    Saints Row the Third is a little different in that I purchased it because of how excited people were for it and how much everyone seemed to love its predecessor. I started it up shortly after it launched, and while I had bits of joy from the juvenile exploits, it really wasn't what I was looking for (or so I thought). I went back to it a couple of years later with the intent of just finishing it; I just wanted to empty out my backlog and expected no take away from the game. I'm mad I didn't invest the time into it when I initially received it, as its commentary on our culture and Government really resonated with me.

    I didn't even know Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga existed when it was out until a friend of mine let me borrow it. He wanted to borrow one of my Pokemon games because his mother didn't let him purchase them. I let him borrow my Pokemon Ruby and he gave me Mario and Luigi in return, telling me it was really good and that I'd probably like it. I honestly had zero interest in it, but with nothing else to play at the time I forced myself into it. It wasn't too long until I was trapped in the world and mechanics. I was even bringing my GBASP to school with me to play at the various free times allotted. It was a great game that set me on a path to playing one of the best handheld series on the market.

    The last game I'll talk about is Dragon Age, I game I rented because of the review Tobin and Yuzo gave, but one I really care about. There was something about the aesthetic and combat system that really bored me, and in a year that we had Uncharted 2 and inFamous it was hard for me to care about much else. Still I played the game just to see if I agreed with their review, and found myself eight hours later needing to go to bed. I found the lore fascinating and the characters enchanting. Alistair, Morrigan, Sten, Shale, and many others I still think of with their wit, charm, and depth of humanity. Bioware really did an incredible job of giving these character personality and not simply making them supplementary roles for my story. 

    Looking back a lot of these ended up becoming some of my favorite gaming experiences and I would probably be missing out on a lot had I never game them their due. 
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  • Just jumped onto the Current gen bandwagon with a purchase of a Ps4, I'll be going back to my ps3 to finish up my backlog so this list could be updated.

    I'm always down to play the quirky weird games - but there have been a few where I was turned away by bad reviews or others opinions.

    Vanquish - When it comes to shooters, I'm not really the greatest. So when this game came out, I just ignored it since I assumed It was just a clone of Gears of War, but I was so wrong. 
    Probably one of my favorites when it comes to the shooter genre. The story was short lived but it was definitely an experience. 
    The fast paced action mixed with the enemy machina bullet hell gameplay was done so well - it made me wonder if a sequel would ever be made. I'm still hoping that one can arise in the next gen consoles. But, if not - it's definitely a title every one should check out.

    Persona 3 FES - I was exposed to the Shin Megami Tensei universe at a rather later time, but I'm so glad I decided to pick up Persona 3. 
    A mix of a Dating sim with dungeon crawling didn't really scream out to me as a game that I would enjoy. But both of these were done so well. 
    The only negative thing I have to say about Persona 3 is story pacing and the fatigue system. 
    Hated that during my EXP grinding sessions, I would have to end my day, and was forced to call it quits due to a characters stats being halved and becoming vulnerable because he/she was tired or sick. 

    Borderlands  While every one praised the game, I ignored it due to it being a shooter. Shooters can be fun - but the reason why I stay away from them at this age of gaming... is due to them being so heavily focused on online gameplay. When this is the case - a good chunk of the story mode is greatly reduced. I'd much rather have a game that I can return to at any given time and not have to worry about the servers being shut down or lack of online players. 

    Any who - because of the noobtoob community, I decided to finally give it a shot. 
    You guys weren't wrong. Though, it was terrible for the completionist in me... There were so many options when it came to weapons, that I just wanted to collect and hoard them all. 
    I never did beat it but, I'm definitely going to be going back to it and playing some co-op with a few friends to clean up some trophies. 
    I bought Borderlands 2 but, I've have yet to actually play it.
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  • Space, I know a couple of guys working at Platinum. It's not likely to happen. Not unless a 3rd party comes along as with Bayonetta.

    And if you need a co-op partner for Borderlands I'm always up for some shenanigans in Pandora.

    I can't really think of anything I could add to this list, since I'll give anything a go and usually do. I can think of plenty of games I regret playing, but not regret not playing.
  • As a trophy nut i have played a lot of crappy games, but some games i will not play, or just try and still go, yep crap. I really don't like sports games, like Fifa, baseball games, american football etcetera.

    Tried the Lego games, also something, i wont do, and i used to love Jrpg's but i can't seem to bother with them anymore.
  • I'm the same with sports games, and driving games. Those days are long behind me.

    The Souls games have ruined me for a lot of games these days, especially RPGs or action games. They all pale in comparison imo.

    LEGO games are fun for co-op, but boring as all fuck to play solo, unless you are a massive fanboy of whatever series they are doing I suppose. I can't stand shit like the Avengers movies or 99% of US superhero comics/cartoons/etc, but the LEGO game incarnations are fun to chill with. I don't do Netflix after all.
  • I can quickly come up with the ones that I hated, really hated (regret don't even come close). As for the other way around there are a few, but a few names escape me.

    Bioshock: It was one of the biggest games in it's time, lot of high and full scores. I just seemed like a game that had you do many things st once, and made by people who developed PC games (System Shock 1, 2). I coward away in the corner like a little kitten as PC was the superior big brother's toy. When it came time to buy a new game, there wasn't of choices at the time, and I'm glad I picked it, it became my favorite in my first year with a PS3.

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations: "Games originating from movies or anime" was my original thought, but I remembered I had almost all the PS2 Naruto games, so I gave it try when I saw my cousin had it, and I had a hard time leaving the PS3 after that, didn't stop even after I got the platinum trophy. This game is fun, one of the few a describe using that word.
  • Dragon Age Origins: Tobin and Yuzo's mad enthusiasm for the game on the podcast got me playing it a couple of weeks after it came out. It is now one of my favourite games which I have gone to replay multiple times (and complete most of them) . It is especially good choice for when I am away from home with a sub- par PC. But even now I still get excited about playing the game. The way it represents scale without any of the playable areas having any is great (Thanks to the dialogue and cutscenes mainly) . But I would have just skipped past this one otherwise. Thanks NoobToob, that is just the first one that comes to mind.
  • This thread actually seems rather apparent to the game I'm currently playing.

    Assassins Creed Syndicate. I was so sure I wasn't going to get this one. I have bought every other main line assassins creed game and they have always been hit and miss with me. Then last years stinker of a game. Unity. Come on. That was dull. Tedious and well buggy as all hell. I played a few hours. Tried my hardest to get into it and gave up. So that was it I was done with the series.

    I guess not. Syndicate got a decent amount of Game of the year buzz. Add that to the low, low price of £18 in my local supermarket and you have me.

    It's good. So far it's really good. I love the London Industrial Revolution setting. The back and forth between the two characters and I'm not 100% sure but they seem to have streamlined the combat and platforming. So far I'm well chuffed with my purchase.
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  • @nutta27 I have had the exact same experience of you with Syndicate, I mean AC has been done to death and after Unity... But my expectations had been lowered considerably which meant Syndicate caught me unaware. This is a great game. As you say the free - running and and fighting have been again been refined and thus AC plays greater than ever.

    Its great moving around London and it seems more fun to play as Evie. The grappling hook had me worried that climbing would become obsolete which it has in a way, I haven't found any climbing / platforming puzzles. Saying that, the grappling hook smooths and speeds up travelling long distances seamlessly. Well recommended.
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  • @8drawt after a little more play time( Currently on sequence 5). I still totally agree.

    My only gripe with the game so far are the side quests. I planned to open up the whole city before I started. I saw that you can't start sequence 8 before at least opening up 3 sectors of London. So I set to my task.

    Then I came up against bounty quest after bounty quest and my lord are they tedious. The first couple were cool. Working out where I need to go. My best path to get to the target. Grab them and get out without being noticed. After 3 it just got tedious. I now have control of the three sectors I need to to move ahead in the game later on and that's all I plan to do.

    The story missions though. The cast of characters. The way the game plays are all amazing. I just did a mission in a insane asylum where a doctor is experimenting on Cadavers that was so much fun. Finding a way into the basement. Hiding on a hospital trolley and popping out and stabbing that dude in the throat was so satisfying. Evie is my go to character when I have a choice too. Smashing fools with my cane/ knife thingy is so satisfying.
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  • @nutta27 I just did the asylum quest yesterday lol, yeah I enjoyed it I had been playing for a while and i didnt have the patience I just killed the guy. It does have an awful lot of depth this game.

    The Bounty quests are irritating, just an assassination quest would be more fun. The first thing I did was capture all of London I could as quickly as possible.

    @nutta27 Yep Evie is my go to character too, she is just better and i prefer her stealth unlock. Even though I can quite happily do the hardest arena mission all the way through with her too which is a nice bit of gold whenever. But even in all the dialogue, Jacob is just a crap character and a bit of a twat.

    Gonna have one last blast at it later as I have all the top gear pretty much I just want story. Loved the like the Darwin side missions and such though.

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