Games you almost didn't play
  • Space, I know a couple of guys working at Platinum. It's not likely to happen. Not unless a 3rd party comes along as with Bayonetta.

    And if you need a co-op partner for Borderlands I'm always up for some shenanigans in Pandora.

    I can't really think of anything I could add to this list, since I'll give anything a go and usually do. I can think of plenty of games I regret playing, but not regret not playing.
  • I'm the same with sports games, and driving games. Those days are long behind me.

    The Souls games have ruined me for a lot of games these days, especially RPGs or action games. They all pale in comparison imo.

    LEGO games are fun for co-op, but boring as all fuck to play solo, unless you are a massive fanboy of whatever series they are doing I suppose. I can't stand shit like the Avengers movies or 99% of US superhero comics/cartoons/etc, but the LEGO game incarnations are fun to chill with. I don't do Netflix after all.
  • This thread actually seems rather apparent to the game I'm currently playing.

    Assassins Creed Syndicate. I was so sure I wasn't going to get this one. I have bought every other main line assassins creed game and they have always been hit and miss with me. Then last years stinker of a game. Unity. Come on. That was dull. Tedious and well buggy as all hell. I played a few hours. Tried my hardest to get into it and gave up. So that was it I was done with the series.

    I guess not. Syndicate got a decent amount of Game of the year buzz. Add that to the low, low price of £18 in my local supermarket and you have me.

    It's good. So far it's really good. I love the London Industrial Revolution setting. The back and forth between the two characters and I'm not 100% sure but they seem to have streamlined the combat and platforming. So far I'm well chuffed with my purchase.
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  • @8drawt after a little more play time( Currently on sequence 5). I still totally agree.

    My only gripe with the game so far are the side quests. I planned to open up the whole city before I started. I saw that you can't start sequence 8 before at least opening up 3 sectors of London. So I set to my task.

    Then I came up against bounty quest after bounty quest and my lord are they tedious. The first couple were cool. Working out where I need to go. My best path to get to the target. Grab them and get out without being noticed. After 3 it just got tedious. I now have control of the three sectors I need to to move ahead in the game later on and that's all I plan to do.

    The story missions though. The cast of characters. The way the game plays are all amazing. I just did a mission in a insane asylum where a doctor is experimenting on Cadavers that was so much fun. Finding a way into the basement. Hiding on a hospital trolley and popping out and stabbing that dude in the throat was so satisfying. Evie is my go to character when I have a choice too. Smashing fools with my cane/ knife thingy is so satisfying.
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