(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • As an aside, a pro tip some people might not have realized. If you hold down the down direction on your D-pad, you will immediately jump to the first slot of your equipped items list, so I'd recommend putting your Estus there. If you're like me and tend to load up that item belt, this may save your life as you frantically backpedal from an enemy trying to locate your flask.

    westsw, that's the area I meant. If you play there online you will be invaded by 2 phantoms at once, and most likely die.
  • I can't find a single weapon i like in Dark Souls 3 :( my Broadsword still feels like the best option 
  • Darkmoon Blades are broken as fuck. This is going to get ranty.

    I spent all last evening, about 4 hours total, sitting around various bonfires waiting for an auto-summon. The fruits of this labor were nil, but I did get to watch a lot of YouTube while waiting. I also had a lot of time to think about this covenant system and what has gone wrong with it. I figured at first I was over-levelled and would get summons when people caught up, but I'm only SL 145 and every area I go to is littered with red summon signs, so plenty of people are at my level. I also checked the Roster of Blue Knights which is basically the Darkmoon Blades' scorecard and checked out the top 10. The people on that list are mostly around my level, some even higher, and they have over 400 recorded victories. So how in the Hell are these guys getting so many summons?

    My original theory was that the system is broken much as it was in DS2. From could fix this problem in a number of ways.

    #1. Offer covenant rewards for the Way of Blue, this would encourage people to actually use the covenant.
    #2. Don't have 2 covenants share the duty of protector. What is the point of the Blue Sentinels and the Darkmoon Blades? They both do the exact same thing, only the Blue Sentinels have no covenant items to collect, so nobody plays as them.
    #3. Allow protectors to enter games of other people being invaded regardless of covenant, in other words do away with the Way of Blue covenant completely.
    #4. Increase the drop rate on silver knights to make farming them more viable.
    #5. Allow the host to get rewards for defeating invaders in his own game if he is a member of the DBs.
    #6. Allow the reward to be given if you're a member of the DBs and just a regular summon in someone else's game, and you help defeat an invader.
    #7. Allow the covenant reward to drop if invading as a DB and you kill the host.
    #8. Allow the covenant items to be bought from a vendor using souls in NG++ like DS2 permitted.

    Any one or combination of these things would make things infinitely better than they are now.

    Every time I drop my summon sign it's picked up within a minute or 2. Every time I use my red orb I get an invasion in about the same time. But if I wait for an auto-summon? Hours and hours go by and I still get nothing. From, you need to unfuck this.

    In other news the R1 impossible to parry attack is back from DS1. It works well with any weapon that has horizontal swings such as greatswords. It's great for fucking up these parry spamming schmucks. Also, parries now work in a 360 degree arc, so even if the dude is swinging at you from behind, you can parry him. I watched a host and his other phantom get destroyed by an invader doing this. He'd just run away and bait them into attacking his back, parry, turn around and destroy them. He got the phantom first and then the stupid host did the exact same thing. I tried to give the invader a round of applause but the idiot tried to kill me before the game ended.
  • Got the Dancer and Aldrich. Pontiff still the toughest boss so far. The garden seems way too toxic, so I am working the castle. Never saw a titinanite chunk before and now it's raining chunks. Killed the first demon but the smoldering lake boss is too tough right now. Can't seem to find another exit off the lake although I feel like there should be one.
  • No forward moving as of yet. Put another hour in today. I think I have pretty much learnt the first area now. Opened up the shortcut with the lift. Time to move on a feel a boss coming soon.
  • I started a Pyromancer, and I seem to be doing much better. I should be able to get back to the Undead Settlement pretty quick now that I know where to go and junk.

    Still really enjoying the Claymore. :) I like this moveset much better than the Claymore in Dark Souls 2. ;)

    Currently heading down to the Frost Beast in High Wall. I just got the Board Sword.
  • Pyromancer would probably be what I would choose if I had it to do over again. All the cheese, with lower stat requirements. That traversal from the dragon barracks is like four dickhead areas in a row. On the plus side, I started to do some white phatoming. Not as jolly as might be hoped. I know how to do Aldrich, but my hosts keep dying in arrow volleys. I wanted to help out with the dancer, but my spells no worky in sunbro form.
  • After untold hours grinding, I managed to get all the rings, and thus 1 trophy closer to the platinum. I even managed to get summoned once as Darkmoon Blade. Only 19 more covenant items to go, and the final miracle and platinum will be done. I did a bit of a shake up with my equipment and now have an item discovery rating of over 400. About 420-470 depending on which coin I use, and I still only get 1 or 2 drops per hour of the item I need.

    Pyromancy is good for beginners, but it's slow. It works really well on anything with that black abyss stuff on them, but it's pretty useless against other fire-based enemies, of which there are a few later in the game.

  • Went ahead and jumped into NG+. Fuck it. Did some cleanup at Untended Graves. I can't help but think as good as they wanted the lore to be, they stretched too far and fucked up some things.

    All said and done, it's good and the final boss is neat.
  • I intend to start this game eventually, but I've gotten comfortable just watching others play. Less aggravating that way. B)
  • @Dr Flibble, NICE!

    I'm doing much better with my Pyromancer this time around. I just got to the Undead Settlement. I completely missed the Sunlight Bros Covenant last time, but I got it this time. I'm using the Claymore still and I like the Kite Shield since its got 100% physical protection. I'm trying to be more thorough in the Settlement this time. Pyromancy is really helping out.

  • Thanks vamp. I ended up with about 60 full sets of silver knight armor and about 600 titanite shards after that ordeal, but I got it done. Grand total of 4 auto-summons in all that time, and only 1 was successful. The host died in 2, and the host pulled his internet connection in another.

    Btw, I'm wondering how many people managed to find the Avelyn?

    I've also heard that Dark Souls 1 servers are now gone for good, so if you had not gotten around to playing the game, you're now shit out of luck with jolly co-operation.

    I'm moving on to a new character now. Trying to decide on a build. Thinking of maxing it out at SL100 and making a 3rd character maxed out at SL40 or so for low level co-op and red hunting.
  • I made my way past the 2nd boss (1st real boss) last night. Pretty simple. Get behind it wail away. Roll it's dash. Rinse repeat.

    Then I planted the summon sign to help a few fellas out with it. Moved forward to the next bonfire and did a little scout of the next area. About 5 hours playtime now.
  • Dragonslayer Armor was not as hard as getting to him. Also cheesed another frost kitty. Man fuck those frost kittys. Soul arrow cheese for you. Now I want to respec for a strength build and swing the dragon slayer ax, but I flushed my pale tongues. Man I do not want to be an invader, but I want get a dozen points out of dex. Problems problems.
  • Told the Thief guy to go out and steal more shit for me to buy! Really glad I did, because I bought the Zwhiehander! :) Now I just got to level up my Str to be able to use it. Oh, and up the equipment load on my little Pyromancer, since I'm still just wearing the torn gear from the Katana guy outside Firelink.

    I messed up Siegward's questline. I talked to him and befriended the giant, but I didn't roll off the lift and talk to him before killing that flame demon. ;(

    Also I'm dying a lot less with this character, so I've not gone full Hallow yet.
  • Saw some great baiting today. Was blue summoned into a world of a host and his white summon to kill a red. They were in the area around the giants in the Cathedral. The host ran off to fight one of the giants while the summon and I were hanging back to watch for the red, who came in no time at all. We exchanged a few blows and the host ran back to join the fight, but then the white summon ran off to finish the giant. So the host and I fought the red. The red was valiantly trying to slay that host, but he went down in the end. As he died the host suddenly turned into a Sun Bro. The white summon was actually the host all along.

    I've also seen reds invade using the white ring, and I saw one trick a blue using the host ring, and all sorts of combinations of phantoms wearing host rings, and hosts wearing phantom rings. Anytime I enter a game now I test the lock on function on everyone, just to be sure.
  • Killed the giant. My helper had a sword that did a massive air burst that really damaged Yhom. Worked my way up through the archive. Now I have to negotiate that epic approach to the princes.
  • I just hauled ass past everything. Works well. If you're trying to summon help, though...

    Well. Cleanup sucks. However, I had no problem with the Princes. First try and all that, which really shocked me because I heard they were one of the harder fights.
  • The sword you use on Yhorm is right next to his chair in the boss room. The sword is Storm Ruler, which links to Demon's Souls.

    The twins are not all that tough imo either. The area before them is fraught with perils however. If you have the pyro charm you can make the area a lot easier by turning some of the heavies into allies and letting them kill each other.

    My 2nd character has turned into a combat sorcerer. I've been doing loads of pvp with it and it's still a work in progress, but I like where it's headed. It's a nice change from just swinging an ironing board at people like my 1st character. Might do some more development on my faith build character tonight.

    Btw, the hackers are apparently out in force on the PC version. Ah, those PC gaming Gods with their hacks. Just another reason I'll take the PS4 over the PC every time. 
  • Donesky

    Sweet freedom
  • Pretty good last boss no?
  • Kinda like the finals from DS or Bloodborne. Normal size, fast, nasty, gets nastier. Just like DS, I cannot see a bonfire and not light it.

    Maybe I will noodle around, maybe not, always good to be free.
  • 20 hours in, still can't find a weapon i really like :/
  • Did a little trophy hunting. Probably going to take a break.

    And as always, fuck Rom.

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