(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • Tell your girlfriend I bought Rachet and Clank at the same time as Souls. A little too jarring to switch. I finally killed the armored doggy. I do suck at this game. Got it down to a third the first try, and then the next six tries in a row. Souls rule 56, if it is a quadreped, just stay under it. Totally stupid and always the right idea.
  • You can stay under most bosses and do fine, but sometimes you'll need to pick your spots.
  • True for almost all Souls 4 legged bosses. Opposite of real life, where the last place you want to be is under the bear. Sif is still the best version of this boss.
  • I just really want a Dark Souls 3 VHS now tbh
  • Just started the game, and of course I go with the Level 1 deprived character class. I haven't beated the armored dog yet, I'm going to wait til I can level up and get an actual sword first, but so far I'm loving the atmosphere and the feel of the combat.

    Its pretty different from Bloodborne.
  • Well then. Now that half my friends list is playing this I thought it would be good to start a new character and play with them. Turns out matchmaking is broken. Good job From! Apparently a patch is in the works, but for people planning jolly co-operation with friends, it might not go as smoothly as you were hoping.

    I have been playing as Darkmoon Blades covenant for the past 3 days and have had a grand total of zero, that's right ZERO auto-summons. Fuck's sake. 
  • Just started this game yesterday and beat the first boss this morning after about 2 hours of trying!

    This might take me a while...
  • 2 hours on the tutorial boss? How many attempts in that 2 hours?

    At least with the other bosses you can summon human and sometimes even NPC helpers. Now that the game has released worldwide every area I go to is lit up like a Christmas tree with summon signs. Hopefully when everyone starts levelling up a bit I'll be able to get some auto-summons.
  • @Dr Flibble sorry 2 hours was a slight exaggeration. So far my total playtime is just over 2 hours. Although all I've done is beat that boss get to the shrine area and level up a little.

    I played Bloodborne without summoning anyone to help me, is Dark Souls 3 that much more difficult that I'm going to have to find someone to help me?
  • I didn't summon for 95% of the game. Never needed to.
    Noobied by 1amardilo
  • Killed the tree on the first try. How long have we been waiting to smash a Souls boss right in the eggs? Then I cheesed my way past the frost knight/cat with heavy soul arrow and lots of running away. Soooooo cheesy. Bravely bold Sir Robbin (shot a guy in the back and) bravely ran away.... over and over. Probably going to have to go back through the undead settlement. I get the feeling there are a lot of things and people I should have found. Found a brigand in the woods and won a little duel. Broadsword is now plus 3. I see the attraction is the simplicity. Close range and five six R1s in a row. Any combos I should be aware of, or just shield up, bash bash bash? What is the best infusion if your stats are all pretty even? I am probably not pushing my INT to 50. There are too many fast bosses and mobs for spell casting to be the main strategy.
  • If your stats are even, unsure what you should go with. I went heavy on STR as I had dreams of giant swords but ended up making the broadsword a Heavy, which had it scale with STR so I was in a good place. Broadsword carried me through the whole damn game, which is disappointing but when something works, it works. Fast attack for how hard it hits. Staggers enemies often enough. It's good.

    If you have even stats, I'm sure there's a better infusion for it. Flibble may be able to advise better because he's the expert.
  • Oh my gods! This is really cool. http://www.shadbase.com/dark-holes-3/

    I kinda want to make a new character with red hair and green eyes now. ;)
  • OK, I've made it to High Wall, and this is really difficult using just the club the Deprived class starts with. I haven't found any better weapons yet. None that I have the stats for anyway.

    I did managed to activate the 2nd bonfire, and open a shortcut to the mimic chest I haven't beaten yet though.
  • Crystal Sage was easy. As a spell caster, I know what they hate, namely relentless aggression. Took a while to find the third fire, if you haven't gotten at least a little lost in a poisonous bog, then are not playing a Souls game. After one failed duel with tha Abyss Wachers, I ate my first ember and got my first jolly cooperation on. My guy knew his shit, I am not certain he needed me, but I got in there. 2 on 3 is way easier than 1 against three. That second phase was no joke. Also killed the fire demon, again Souls greatest hits, always jump off an elevator between floors, because when has that ever led to a bad outcome?
  • I give up. I'm done with auto-summons. I managed to get summoned once from trying both last night and this morning. I guess I'm going to do it the tedious way and kill the same enemy over and over again waiting for that 0.000001% rare drop of a covenant item.

    From's latest patch changed the dropped item rules too. Seems like that's the end of making low level player hunters. You can't drop boss souls, upgrade stones, covenant items, boss weapons, or modded weapons. You can only drop base weapons, embers, regular souls, and other consumables.

    My caster is using a kind of magic rapier I made from one of the boss souls. It scales with magic and adds magic damage. It'll do until I can get the Moonlight Greatsword. I also finally decided what I'm going to do with my 3rd character, a Strength and Faith build that will wield that huge cleric club with the Wrath of the Gods special attack. My 1st character is still getting decent returns on STR investment. I have it up to 70 now and with one of my rings it goes to 75. Doing around 800 on damage rating, and it 2 shots pretty much anyone unless they are Havel monsters who have put every spare point into their health bar. As for regular PVE I'm at NG+4 now and finally need more than 1 hit to kill some enemies.
  • Put in about another hour of game time and haven't got to the 2nd boss yet but I did manage to get the Uchigatana... in the flukiest way in that the enemy with it fell off a ledge when they tried lunging at me.

    Now I need to up my stamina a bit so I can fit in a few more hits with it.
  • Hopefully picking this up today. Sounds like it's good things.
  • The Deacons were no problem. That is one fight the broadsword was made for. Crowd control ahoy. Getting to the Deacons took a long time. Had to look at a guide once I got up in the rafters and had no idea where to go. Usual Souls bullshit. I do not need an invader while I try to figure out how to get down from the ceiling. I totally cheesed the Giants with my pal, heavy soul arrow. I also handed in two pale tongues without reading what they were for. Stupid. Looking at a guide, I kind of wonder how I missed Patches. Did I kill him? Oh well. The game does not feel new at all, but holy God, nobody does architecture like Souls. The cathedral was a master class in level design, with kind of a weak ass boss.
  • Aye, siwmae. My copy is in the mail, I look forward to trying and failing to get back into the swing of things. I did magic heavily in Demon's and Dark Souls, while I tried going melee only in DS2 and didn't get very far, I think I like how magic leaves a wider door open to cheese things if necessary.
  • Worked my through the catacombs. Judging by how many titanite shards I have now, I clearly suck. Having the Indiana Jones ball roll both ways is a very Souls dick move. That boss should have been easier. Simple enough, it was just one of those Souls boss fights where nothing goes right. I glitch died one time. No hit, no black mist, but suddenly a full health bar becomes instantly empty. Could be worse. Could be Rom. Fuck Rom. It seems like they are setting a new standard for hidden levels and fake walls. That dark Narnia skyline after the catacombs looks new, glad to see the art department got to draw some new things. The game is totally getting harder, after the catacombs. That Croc/wolf was no joke and took several tries. I may need a break from this game and may need to consider a strength rebuild.
  • 1 more covenant to rank up in and I'll have everything for the plat. And of course the last covenant is the Darkmoon Blades. It's damn near impossible to get auto-summoned, and then you have to fulfill your duty 30 times to get the covenant rewards. Or you can farm silver knights, which so far hasn't been going well. The drop rate is insanely shit. The other covenants were rare drops, but didn't feel quite this rare. I have the +2 item discovery ring equipped, the mimic chest head, and I pop a gold luck coin before every encounter, and so far sweet fuck all.
  • I seem to be about as far as armadillo. I also have the Uchigatana spent about bloody 20 minutes fighting that dude to get that sword.

    As usual for some reason. Without plan I have leaned towards a Dex build. Levelling up that. Vitality and stamina mainly. I put 1 level into strength to use the Uchigatana.

    Levelled that up to +2

    My game timer is clicking in at just over 2 hours. Those enemies that turn Into the big black blobs when you approach them are fucking pains. I'm just trying to get my head around this area at the minute. Learn the layout. Farm some souls before I move forward in the story.
  • OK, I am well into the Undead Settlement, and I've located the Great Tree Demon or whatever it is. Went in unprepared and got killed. I did find the Pyromancer and I can do pyromancies now! :)

    Also I found my fav weapon from Dark Souls 1, The claymore, and I've got it to +3 now and its working pretty well. ;) I have not found a shield I like yet or armor, but there are a ton of goodies laying around the Settlement, so I'm going to do some looting there. ;)
  • The Pontiff was ridiculous. I had two helpers, we were all doing the right things, and one died anyway. I know the future bosses will be even worse. I think I am in Anor Lando now. Tired of working your way through an endless line of flaming guided missile launching deacons? Just wait, archers so far away you cannot possibly even see them will soon be launching arrows bigger than you with pinpoint accuracy. Now run up the narrow buttresses you remember so well, and please do not forget to go fuck yourself. The scale of the architecture is getting stupid. I feel like an ant, fight other ants on a picnic table. I bet the part that annoyed Flibble is up there somewhere. Not doing more of this shit tonight. Maybe I will farm tomorrow and get strength up to where I can see if the Profaned Greatsword can woo me away from my broadsword.

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