(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • For those that played Dark Souls 3 how is it for someone who hasn't really played the previous Dark Souls games?

    I played about 5-10 hours of the 1st Dark Souls game but found it too slow and didn't really know where I was going so I gave up and moved onto something else.

    I never played the 2nd Dark Souls or Demon Souls.

    However I got Bloodborne on release and it was my game of the year. I totally loved Bloodborne. I really enjoyed Bloodborne's faster paced combat the lack of a shield was a big thing for me as I like the idea of dodging/rolling and fast quick attacks rather than waiting for the enemy to attack blocking and attempting an attack.
  • If you liked Bloodborne because of the speed you should enjoy DS3. You can play fast and without shield if you want, a good dex build can dual wield and roll through almost anything.

    I was playing with a new character today and it's official: From have reintroduced the low level player killer asshats from DS1. For those who don't know, in DS1 there was a glitch that allowed people to move their inventory to new characters, so people would max out their gear and then port it over to a new character and wreck people in invasions. It was later patched but the damage had been done.

    Then came DS2 which got around this by making high end gear have high stat requirements, so even if you did find a way to get high end gear to low level players they couldn't use it.

    Then came Bloodborne which simply abandoned all forms of trade and item dropping between players.

    But now with DS3, they have allowed password friend co-op play, and item drops, so you know what that means! Chucklehead A beats game with +10 shit and a collection of estus upgrades, then gives the items to Chucklehead B who he summoned. Chucklehead A then starts a new character, re-summons Chucklehead B who then returns all the shit to A's new character. Voila. Chucklehead A is ready to bring the pain to new players in low level areas with his turbo-charged gear.

    I've only experienced this once so far, but I know this type of assholery is going to spread. And still a whole week until the Americans can even get online. Have fun!
    Noobied by 1amardilo
  • Only got a couple hours of play this weekend. Made it to Wintertime Town. That's a cold drink of water there, goddamn. Spent a little time trying to kill the Beast at the entrance,and it looked doable, but I eventually abandoned ship and ran, and I think that was the idea. That is one heck of a little shitty town. Gorgeous though.

    Also tore up the catacombs fully, except for the fire asylum demon hidden in there.
  • Sunflower, you will regret that decision later :p

    And if you didn't enjoy that fight, there's a nice surprise waiting for you after Winter Town if you manage to find it. And that confirms you haven't yet made it to that area with all the invaders. It's after Winter Town.

    And one thing I forgot to mention is trophy glitch confirmed. I have all the gestures, but no trophy popped. It's a sad day.
  • We'll see if I make it through. Went back to the dilapidated bridge bonfire (not the actual wooden bridge I crawled down) to comb the area some more and try to find a way to get into that fire keeper's cell that that one guy is chilling outside of. Never did find a way down, even though it's clear where I need to be, just can't find a way down there yet. Found some other things, though, and other bonfires.

    Thinking I want to fully explore everything again and maybe grab a few more levels before going back to that icy hellscape. Fuck the pontiffs!
  • If you want to access that area you need the key to the door in that little sewer type area with the rat family. The key was giving me trouble too, because it's not actually in the world. You remember that area the giant was lobbing spears into? Near the graves and busted house. In that area is some ash. Take the ash back to the Nexus and give it to your shop hag. She'll have new items for sale, such as a shiny new key.
  • I did pick that ash up, that same visit. Looked to the left on the way to the house and went "oh what, a cobbled path" and found some ash. Just haven't turned it in yet. Awesome, will do that today if I can stay awake after I get home.

    Made some weapons but somehow my Broadsword is still makin' it happen on the reg. I can't FEEL right migrating to anything else. I've bonded with my weapon.
  • What's your style? You like speedy? Heavy slammers? Fancy move sets or special effects?

    I made a lot of weapons, but my old faithful is a weapon I made from Yhorm's boss soul. It seems to have a nice balance of damage, speed, and intimidation factor. People know it's going to hurt them if it hits. I tried using Smough's hammer but the thing is just too big. It blocks too much of my view so I was having trouble judging where enemies were and their distance from me sometimes.

    I also made a sword that is light and fairly fast, and it does faith damage for normal and fire damage for heavy attacks.

    I'll keep experimenting with other weapons, but I'm trying to avoid weapons like the katana or the giant ironing board sword that every 2nd scrub is waving about.
  • Butcher's Knife? It sure looks good.

    I walk like a slower tank, but quicker striking with the broadsword. I don't feel right with a greatsword just yet.

    Considered fuckin' with a rapier, but I'm also not THAT mobile. I'll get in close, and hack away, but I need my shield and stamina because I'm not that accurate or good at the game, really.
  • Yeah it's like a big 2-handle cleaver. The regular butcher knife is also good. You probably already found it.

    What about a scythe? Nice sweeping attacks, and pretty quick too.

    I'm currently using a rapier with my sorcerer. It's one of the few weapons I can wield.
  • Got the gesture trophy! Turns out the Wiki doesn't have the full list. Some of these gestures are very easy to miss.

  • I had an invasion today, one of many. The guy was using the Fume Greatsword (an ironing board on a stick) and we started going at each other. My Yhorm chopper can dispatch anyone with its 3 chop combo...or so I thought. Long story short this guy beat me with 2mm of health left.

    But it made me rage, and in my rage I found a build that is basically a wrecking ball. I also loaded up with the Fume Greatsword, and with my 70 STR it scales for insane damage. But that's not all, I also discovered its R2 2H attack cannot be parried, and then I remembered a little trick I learned earlier about a shield with an infusion that slowly regenerates FP (used for weapon arts).

    The shield works strapped to my back while I 2H the Fume. The result? Unlimited weapon arts, and a beast that can 2 shot anyone.

    Batter up!
  • Lord, I may unplug my ether net cord now, and avoid the wait till Tuesday. Souls rules are: always cheat when you can, always check the guide for any reason, never allow outsiders except when you need help, always farm and cheese the game whenever possible, never give a shit about trophies, always feel free to quit forever when you beat the end boss. Strangely, I have next week off and Rachet and Clank will be a perfect counterpoint. Good times good times.

  • Don't know if anyone saw this, but Man At Arms made the Artorias Greatsword and it's cooooool. Only a few more days before DS3 slides into my Xbone.
  • Got the 3rd and final ending. That ending was possibly my favorite, but all 3 were interesting. Only 4 trophies to platinum now, and I believe all 4 will involve covenants and doing invasions. Excellent game.
  • Covenants are a pain in the ass. I spent over 30 minutes waiting around for an automatic summon and got not a single one. I did manage to get all the sorcery spells at last after finishing off another covenant, and now I'm working on these last two, but they may take a while. I found some regular enemies that have a very slim chance of dropping the covenant items so I may be able to farm them, but I need 30 for each covenant. Yikes.

    I think I need 1 more pyromancy, 1 or 2 more miracles, and about 16 rings to complete everything. The rings are also a pain in the ass, as you don't need just 1 of each type of ring, but 1 of each variant of each type of ring. So you need the base ring, the +1 variant, the +2 variant, and the +3 variant if one exists. I already know I need a 4th playthru to get some of these.
  • Damn. This sounds to be the most grind heavy of the recent Souls/Borne games. ;/
  • A fairly productive evening. To platinum the game I now need just 1 miracle. 1 pyromancy, and 2 rings. The bad news is they are all covenant related. Sigh.

    Yes vamp, this game is going to be a grind-fest if you plan to plat it.
  • I definitely don't plan to platinum it. I'll be happy to get through the story once. I have dropped out of every should game early. I finished bloodborne but I put that down to the new combat style in that game it just clicked with me.

    Is the any way to get close to that in DS3 Flib?
  • Nutta, the big differences with Bloodborne are there is no dash, and you can't rally (attack to regain health). You can still play a fast character, and you don't necessarily need to use a shield (but most people will probably want to). There are also plenty of weapons in the game so there's bound to be something you like. It's a lot harder than Bloodborne imo, but NG+ and NG++ felt pretty tame. I'm going through NG+++ now and it's starting to feel tough again.
  • You were right about me not taking care of the beast outside the town. He sure fucked me good. Once.

    Ended up missing out on Rosaria's Bedchamber so I did some work and found it, very anticlimactic. Plodding through the winter town that I can never remember how to spell properly. It's manageable. Still working with my Heavy Broadsword +6. I hate that I got it at the beginning of the game and it's still more than viable, but my best weapon. Not wanting to cheese the game with FUGS, I don't have it anyway as it were.
  • Almost done with the dungeon of dungeons. Branding jailers, when there's 8 of them...motherfuckin wild.
  • Those branding jailers are shitheads.

    Don't give up on Rosaria. There's more to her than you first see. She has a little side quest involving that dude in the Nexus who gives you the cracked red orbs and the key to go fight the Darkwraith. If you do all that and do some teleporting back and forth from Rosaria's room you will get a special item for use later, provided you can find the actual place to use it in. It's a side quest we've already done in DS1 and DS2.

    Very strange today. The game keeps asking me to install the latest update but when I check for updates I get the message that there are none and I'm on the latest version.
  • Nevermind, the patch just went live. Downloading now, version 1.03.
  • Spent about 5 hours trolling about last night doing co-op and invasions, and didn't get one single auto-summon for the Darkmoon Blades covenant. I think it's the same problem as DS2, nobody is using the Blue covenant.

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