(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • Beat the Crypt Keeper and remembered a path I skipped earlier. Went back and it took me to a whole other new area. So much hidden shit.

    The area after the tomb of doom was worth it. A beautiful area.
  • Beat 8 bosses in total now. This shit is getting hard. The area I'm in now is absolutely batshit crazy. It's like they made a list of everything that pissed off people in the past Souls games and thought "fuck 'em, lets put all that shit into 1 single area".

    Did you enjoy those sniper knights and traversing across narrow walkways inches from doom in Anor Londo? Great!
    Did you enjoy the random and endless invasions of the Forest of Invasions around Sif? Wunderbar!
    Does fighting a giant, a couple of his hero-hunter buddies, and up to 2 summoned human "protectors" all at once while being shot at by 3-4 fireballers sound awesome? Fantastic!
    All while being non-stop invaded by red phantoms because the area is such an easy kill zone for them? Brilliant!

    From Software has a level for you!

    I'm going to have to think about how to approach this one. Might have to do it in Ash form to avoid the invasions, and run like hell through the worst parts. 

    There have also been a few areas that caused dramatic slowdown for a few seconds due to their size and the number of enemies on screen. Not as bad as Blight Town, but it's there. 
  • The eternal offline vs jolly cooperation problem. Sounds like I will be farming my face off and going at this over leveled and offline.
  • I have been playing mostly in Ember form, and until this area I'd been pretty satisfied with my performance. I have died a lot, but as with all the Souls games, each time has been my fault. PvP had also been pretty well balanced. I have sent a lot of invaders home. But this area is taking the piss.

    Invaders can heal in DS3 too, which means the one advantage the host had over them is gone. The way the scenario typically plays out is 2 invaders come, then if I manage to get one of them to low health he just runs off into the enemies and pops a flask, while his buddy keeps me occupied. They just keep rinsing and repeating this tactic, grinding me down. Even if I do manage to kill one a replacement is summoned in no time.

    One strat I was thinking might work would be to seed them so the enemies become hostile to them too. But every time I visit the tree there is no seed there so I don't know what gives. I know they exist, because I was in a game where the host used one. Failing that, Ash form is looking the way to go. Doing it any other way looks like a good way to burn through all your embers (an ember is basically humanity in this game).
  • Sunflower, how are the enemies in your version of the game? I've been reading reports that people playing the English version have nerfed enemies that won't be patched until the official release date next month.
  • I'm tempted to observe this may be the first time you have felt Souls is being unfair, but I know all of this will only make the eventual victory all the sweeter.
  • Played it in Ash form and got through on my 3rd attempt. So much easier without being constantly dogged by 2 human invaders. Cleared out the lower level which had a lot of fortunately 1 spawn enemies so without them reappearing that area is now a piece of cake. Then onto the archer run and got through that pretty well too, but there were an unholy shit ton of knights to duck and weave through. I saw a few items on the ground but ignored them all in a desperate search for a bonfire figuring I could always come back later. And yay was I rewarded. Found a bonfire and a fucking awesome surprise waiting along with it, which sealed the deal on a lot of things regarding plot. I so want to talk about it, but I won't. Needless to say the boss waiting at the end of all this was another Lord of Cinder, and he is both grotesque and awesome.

    Yes, as it stands, that area is unfair in my opinion. A constant stream of human invaders 2 at a time along with all the other crap in that area is bullshit. If the invaders were limited to one at a time (unless the host is doing co-op), and had some decent delay before another could invade, it would at least be doable. Done now anyway. Let's see what the future holds!
  • Holy shit. It looks like Demon's Souls is officially part of the Dark Souls canon.

    I beat the 2nd Lord of Cinder, and then couldn't figure out where I was meant to go, so went backtracking. Found a few new areas, a hidden boss, and covenants hiding, and then I stumbled upon a place that is very Tower of Latria in design and concept.

    Having a lot of trouble with the network and logging in the past 2 days, then I read an article today about some of the more pathetic elements of our species doing DDOS attacks on the servers.
  • Attacking From servers must rank down there with war crimes.
  • So, I hear the 1.00 build is for reviewers, and on Xbox One. And apparently you do about 30% more damage with it. I'm on 1.01. I believe 1.02 is here and is the current XBO and PS4 version in JP. I believe my playing of the English region keeps it from asking for the 1.02 patch.

    That said, it would explain why I feel it ain't too terribly tough, but I believe that's just 1.00 and I'm on 1.01, so...difficulty should be normal.

    Just dealt with the Crystal Sage. I'm not as far in as I'd like, I wish I had more time for the game. Talked to a guy on a throne and now it's time to make boss souls decisions, and I think I already fucked up.

    Hearing that a DEX build with Uchigatana is super broken OP right now.
  • 3 Lords of Cinder down. I managed to screw up a covenant for myself so I'll have to get it on my 2nd playthru. The final covenant I have located but it's a bitch to get to.

    I'm still in the Demon's Souls area of the game. I have no idea if I'm heading towards the final Lord or just jacking off.

    Thanks for the info Sunny.

    One of the covenants will let you respec if you want to redo your build later. I think it's limited to 5 times per playthru though.

    I gave up on crafting Havels ring for my guy in favor of a new pyromancy spell requiring the same boss soul and immediately regretted my decision. The spell sucks.

    Here is some PVP from that area I was talking about earlier. There's no spoilers unless you consider a random courtyard a spoiler. The guy is a red invading a world which consists of himself, another hostile covenant, a protector of the area summon, the host, his sun bro summon, and a covenant of blue summon called in to deal with the red. It's chaos. And as you will see, no sooner is a phantom killed than another asshole gets summoned into the game. The host has basically no chance, and he's fighting in the area before aggroing most of the NPC bad guys. Check it out.

  • Also hearing any sort of Faith build absolutely sucks asses. I won't say that's a shame, but at least they can rebalance.

    Itching to get off work and put more time in. I heard you can find Gilligan in what sounds like the place you're in. Can't freaking wait.
  • Can you hit him with your hat?
  • Night of the living DDOS attacks continues. Fuck these guys. Build gulags for these clowns.

    Anyway, there's this:

  • Jim doesn't like DS3's release dates.

    One thing Jim, Namco has NOTHING to do with the Japanese release date. I know people would generally expect a high level of communication and efficiency between Japanese corporations and business partners but sadly this is rarely the case. There was no malice intended, just incompetence. What annoyed me though was the Twitchers and YouTubers getting copies waaaaay in advance. 

    After the Tower of Latria the game went even more full Demon's Souls with another castle that is so so cool. I enjoyed every second in there, and the boss fight is great. I'm really liking the way the game is mashing up some of the bosses to feel like 2 Dark Souls 1 bosses combined into one new boss. 

    If you haven't played the previous 2 games, you do yourself a disservice. DS3 is awesome, but it's made even more so when you can appreciate it fully.

    I also like how the white phantoms have started to communicate to their hosts that they are out of Estus by running up and shaking their empty bottles in the host's face. 

    It's also a nice new mechanic where if you kill an invader you get an Estus point back.
  • At a boss now that reminds me of the brothers from Dragonlance. This section of the castle, called the great library, is a hive of invasions.

    I did a respec on my character and ditched all the pyro stuff so I could play with some of the big axes and hammers instead. Did a lot of co-op and rock farming for upgrades too. After I did a respec one of my NPCs back in the Nexus said we could no longer be friends, so I introduced her to my new hammer.

    I still haven't gotten to that last covenant so that might be on tonight's to do list too. I think I'm closing in on end game now. SL 97 and about 48 hours on the clock.
  • Yeah, I really don't recommend this game as a jumping in point for anyone. Go back to Dark Souls 1 and take your lumps. It pays off in the biggest ways in DS3. So far.

    Wrapped up the Deacons of the Deep. That was a neat idea, but it wasn't THAT neat. I liked it though. Kind of wandering aimlessly now, people keep talkin' about a poison swamp, which I haven't actually found yet. So I'll keep traveling. Plus, yknow, it never hurts to do that anyway. You find a lot of shit.

    Again though if anyone is reading this and getting excited for it without playing a Souls game before, go do it. Dark Souls is backcompat on Xbox One so you can buy and play it there if you must, or on last gen. Or PC. DS1 is probably the pinnacle, still.
  • Sunflower, the swamp access point is not far from the Crystal Sage. You went the other way if you met the Deacons. Get ready to clench though, the boss at the end of the swamps is no joke.
  • Good, I hope so! Crystal Sage wasn't too bad, died once before I understood the clones.

    I don't know if PS4 does this but on Xbox One you can see your friends and how many cooperations they've done, invasions, and more. They track a ton of fun stuff in the Xbox UI. I always forget its there, but it's nice having leaderboards for different things.
  • I was just thinking Souls camera lock would be pretty great in VR. Let you be in there but not have spin around to keep track of folks. Keep third person, I dunno, but VR Souls would be intense.
  • Very cool things have happened. 4 Lords of Cinder dead, and a whole bunch of new shit has opened up. I can't stress enough how vital it is you play DS1 before this. You can skip Demons or DS2, but if you haven't played DS1, so much of this will go over your head.
  • When you were complaining about the multiple archers and mansters killing you in that Anor Londo-esque area early, Flibble, was it on top of the Cathedral? Those archers were a pain in the ass but weren't showstoppers for me. Hoping those are the ones, because I don't want Anor Londo Archers II.
  • It wasn't the archers, it was the endless invasions that made that area hard. Without any invaders it's not too challenging. The area was full of dead giants and pyromancers, and the archers were silver knights. If that's where you are, that's the place I meant.

    I found and killed a hidden boss tonight, and also beat the last boss. At least I'm pretty sure it was the last boss. I'm too scared to light the bonfire because I fear it will send me into playthru #2 which I'm not ready for yet. No trophy popped when I killed the boss, which means it's going to pop when I light that bonfire. I feel it in me bones.
  • Apparently NG+ doesn't do anything like DS2 did, so I wouldn't worry too much. 
  • Soooo, how would ya'll rank the DS series now with this badboy in the mix? I still have to wait the few weeks for release over here before dipping in.

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