(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • Finally bought the last expansion. I really love the new PvP arenas, really cool that they let everyone use the arenas as long as they own the first expansion.
  • Boss room invasions are back!

  • On the last boss of the DLC now. He's kicking my butt, but I blame myself for tackling the DLC at NG+3 at SL170. He one hits my summons and me. It's great.
  • For those of us still around and playing this. Would anyone be interested in an Ironman Competition? Or this case, Ironsouls Competition?

    Characters deaths are permanent, meaning if said characters dies you delete them from your HDD. The person who gets the furthest with proof of said character wins. As many attempts as you desire.
  • How would you prove that? The only way I can imagine is uploading a video of the entire playthrough which is a big bag of no thanks for me. A SL1 solo run might be easier, since you could just take a screenshot after each boss, or upload a video of the boss fight in its entirety. Or a speed run? Start a fresh character, race through all bosses, and compare times at the end.

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