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    Release Date: March 24 2016 (Japan), April 12 2016 (Everywhere else)
    Platforms: PS4, Bone, PC
    Genre: Action RPG / Anger Management Test
    Developer: From Software
    Publisher: From Software (Japan), Bandai Namco (Everywhere else)

    We are less than 3 weeks away from launch in Japan, and I know I will be up at midnight to start playing the minute the game unlocks on my PS4. 

    Who else is getting in on the hype train with this one? What are you expecting? What do you want? What build are you thinking of making for your first run? 

    I will post some impressions of the game and mechanics once it launches and I've played it but I will NOT post anything related to plot or bosses so we can keep this thread a safe place for people in other parts of the world who have to wait the extra weeks.

    Have fun!

    Oh, and "Don't get yourself killed" - Andre
  • Gonna be awesome. I am looking forward to footage of crazy 3 on 3 fights in multiplayer. I think the campaign will set a new standard, but the multiplayer culture could get richer and more interesting. I hope From really let's the community do some wild new shit.
  • Beat me to it Flibs :(

    I'm excited for NT to become the Dark Souls forums again.
  • It's not going to be possible to see any 3v3 fights unless someone hosts a red summons fight club of some sort. The standard system is the same as previous Souls games: 1 host, 2 phantoms, and 1 invader, but there is an item in the game which when used allows the host to summon an extra helper, but it also allows an extra invader, so the best we're going to see is 4v2 in a standard game, which will still be awesome.

    They've also ditched the DS2 system of being invaded anywhere anytime. DS3 will have the standard hollow and human system (ash and ember this time), with no invasions while in ash form. Ash form will reduce your HP something like 25% one time only, not tiny increments each time up to a max of 50% like DS2 used. This system is MUCH better. DS2's system sometimes pissed me off because I'd drop a summon somewhere and go grab a drink or take a piss or whatever, and in the meantime some red asshole would come in and slaughter me.
  • Well that kinda sucks. I think their weird multiplayer could use some spice.
  • 60 fps confirmed for PC version.

    Just 11 days to go now.
  • Approx 200 weapons in DS3, with unique move sets and arts to set them apart more in a similar fashion to the way weapons were in Bloodborne, according to Miyazaki. DS3 is not as big as DS2, but will be much deeper.

    Sounds good to me.

    I think I might go with a pyro character. My very first Dark Souls 1 character was a pyro and I kinda want to bring some nostalgia into what looks like an already nostalgia-filled experience. But a lot can change in a week. A week!!!!
  • Trophy list is out. Looks like a fairly standard Dark Souls trophy list. Lots of covenant joining and item collection. There appears to be 3 different endings similar to Bloodborne.

    Can't wait to get started. Less than 10 hours to go.
  • So I'm guessing the first hour or so sucks?
  • It's 4am here so might go to bed for a bit before tackling the next area.

    About 3 hours in, 2nd major area, 2 bosses down, 1 covenant found. Ended up going with a pyro like I said I would, but itching to try the other character types too.

    The first hour is more like Demon's Souls. You walk through an area with training messages on the ground and then they throw a boss in your face. Once he's beaten you find yourself in the new Nexus and before long propelled into world 1, the castle from all the gameplay footage videos so far. I just finished the castle and opened the town but I'm going to head back in since I missed a few areas.

    The game is fast, feels faster than Bloodborne maybe, and hard as fuck. Demon's style red eye knights are back, and those giant hammer guys from the Bloodborne DLC have been reskinned and included too. There's no dash button but the enemies move quick, and they will swarm you if you aren't careful. Backstabs are DS1 style, none of that silly smacking in the head and kicking the legs intro to the backstab from DS2. You just run up behind them and shank them.

    Maps are littered with side areas and gates teasing you with views of places you have to find a way around to. They are also very well designed and have the classic shortcuts from DS1.

    The co-op is the same as previous Souls games but it has been tweaked. The big difference I noticed is that white phantoms only get 1 use of their Estus flask, so unless someone has miracles they'll have to judge wisely when to chug that golden elixir. Haven't seen an invasion yet, but the co-op is lively.

    I love it. It feels like the ultimate refined Dark Souls experience, and a great way to send off the series. If they can keep this level of awesome up for the rest of the game, it'll be GOTY2016-2020.

    Random tangent, but Miyazaki is apparently working on an open world RPG next. Interested to see how that turns out. Please Lord not another Monster Hunter type game!
  • Faster than Bloodbourne, fuck.
  • Bought the JP version. MS is very light on their region restrictions in the store so I'll be playing this tonight on my Bone.
  • Yesssssss. I love what I'm hearing. Sounds like Division is getting traded in towards this.
  • Had 2 invasions so far, and gave it a go myself. I almost felt bad for the guy. I also located a tree giant which looks like it will drop seeds of giants from DS2 at some point.

    Regarding the co-op potions, it's not 1. I'm not 100% on it but it seems to give you half your Estus flasks (rounded down) when you white phantom.

    This town....fuck in hell. It's huge, has paths branching off everywhere, and packed with powerful baddies. I found the 3rd boss, but there's so much other shit to explore first.

    Sunny, all the audio is in English even in the J-version anyway, so you won't have problems with that. If you don't understand what an item does or something, ask here.

    Manio, fuck the Division. Like srsly girlfriend.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    So it turns out regular enemies can murder your friendly NPCs if you're not careful. Looks like I'll have to wait for playthru #2 to find out what he wanted.

  • Westsw will be happy to know FROM didn't forget about him and included yet another poison swamp to play in.

    10 hours in now. Level 30, 3 covenants found, 3 bosses dead. I have not yet found the next boss but pretty sure I'm closing in on him. Found plenty of NPCs to send back to the Nexus, but still salty about the one that died.
  • They have a build that starts with soul arrow, which is all I ask. Hope casting speed is a bit faster, since the whole thing sounds revved up. So playing offline. I mauled invaders in bloodborne, but they wrecked me in demon souls. Maybe I am getting better at these games, but I doubt it.
  • Casting speed is pretty much the same as previous Souls games. I've been noticing that with my pyromancer, enemies can close the gaps faster than you can cast a lot of the time. And if there's more than one? Good times respawning at the bonfire.

    The swamp I mentioned is rather huge, and the enemies in it can be horrendous.

    Darkwraiths from DS1 have made a comeback. They can't steal your humanity anymore, but they still have a similar attack.

    Oh yeah, and can confirm the potions in co-op mode now. What I wrote above about them halving and rounding down is correct. I tested it.
  • It's completely the English version 100%, even the text. Zero problems or anything even suggesting it is another region. "Import" (or purchase with the jp store) without hesitation.

    It has the flavor. The flavor lacking in Dark Souls 2, while still not being afraid to crib small things here and there from it. I dig it a lot. Going with a melee build, naturally, because I'm simple minded.
  • I tell you jumping into DS3 fit me like a glove. Nothing felt weird. Everything made sense. It's goddamn good.
  • Good day to be a Boner for English Souls fans then!

    I'm glad you're liking it.

    I beat my first Lord of Cinder, and now I'm stumbling around in a place that is kinda like a mix up of Sen's Fortress and the Crypts from DS1, with some crazy fast uber tough enemies tossed in for kicks. I haven't managed to find any bonfire yet, but have watched many hosts die trying.

    Might call it a night. Spending all day slogging through murder swamps and half the evening in a tomb of doom has taken its toll. I hope there are some buildings coming up after this.
  • @Sunflower what were the exact steps you took to download DS3 on the XbOne? Did you just login to xbox.com jp site with your regular MS account and buy the game with the card you already have on file? Or.. did you have to make a JP dummy account and buy Jp MS points in yen to buy the game?

    I'd totally be up to doing the former, if it was that easy. ;)
  • Changing your mind already Lich?

    Logged into JP MS store and bought Yen cards. Redeemed on xbox.com/jp or wherever. I'll find the easy tutorial, I had no problem between the steps and using the "Translate" right-click on Chrome. It was very easy. One sec.

  • I tried. Looks like you cant get to the digital gift cards on the japanese microsoft store to purchase the 8000 yen credit. :/ oh well, I'm fine waiting a few more weeks.
  • I had no problems. Bought a 5k and 3k card.

    Made significant progress today. Slumming around the Undead Settlement. Feels very much like RE4 with the colors in this area.

    The more progress I make the more I feel like this is the last Dark Souls game for a LONG time.
  • First try this morning I got to the catacombs boss. Then died. There is a great Indiana Jones tribute down there. Not sure if it's intentional or not, but it involves rolling balls and rickety bridges collapsing. Real brown trousers moment when you look back and see an army of the dead chasing you.

    This game has gone full anime though. Some of the move sets on these weapons are crazy. Spinning around doing flips and shit. It's cool tho.

    Vamp, go to Play-Asia.com and buy the yen Xbox digital download card. Their prices aren't robbery and they will send you the code usually within 5-10 minutes. That's how I get $US for the US PSN store.

    The link is for the 10,000 yen card but you can also get them in other denominations iirc.


    Or just wait it out.

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