(Multi) Far Cry Primal

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    Released: Feb 23rd 2016
    Platforms: PS4, Bone, PC
    Publisher: Ubisoft

    The latest Far Cry is here, and sees us sent back to 10,000BC to fight the woolly mammoth and other cavemen. No guns or quad-bikes this time around. You get machine gun esque thrown clubs and all your mounts are animals. 

    Has anyone played it? Any thoughts?  

    I watched a few videos and a stream or 2 on Twitch. I only recently finished Far Cry 4 so I wasn't in any hurry to jump into another one, but from what I've seen, I'm hesitant to ever jump into this one. It looks like Far Cry, only with all the things that made Far Cry fun removed. The plot and characters all looked a bit boring to me, and the silly machinegun throwing club or axe was pretty ridiculous. Calling in air strikes with a bird also struck me more as dumb rather than cool. On the bright side there didn't seem to be any radio towers to climb! 

    Maybe next year when it hits the $10-20 bin, with a season pass included. 
  • Wow this is so unappealing to me. Jim Sterling seemed to enjoy it though, who on the whole I tend to enjoy the games that he does . I don't think I am going to play this ever though unfortunately.
  • Maybe this will lead down the path of something dinosaur related.
  • They already did Blood Dragon. That was kind of dinosaurs...sort of.
  • Does it come with old fashioned courting (hit her over the head with a club and drag her back to your cave), they also did clubbing then :P
  • Far Cry has had one of the most remarkable declines in hype and interest. People loved 3 but now people are just tired already.
  • Far Cry 3 was my favourite of the series, and 4 just felt so overwhelmingly boring to me. Haven't checked out Primal, but I kind of want to because I like the Ice Age, and stuff like that, but from stuff I've heard I'm super reluctant at the moment.
  • Far Cry 4 was OK, but it was too much like 3. The PvP and Arena stuff were both unnecessary and shitty too. Primal might be OK if you had a co-op partner to go through everything with, but as a single player game it looks really dull.

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