Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/02/16
  • Alas, it is now well into the evening in eggland. One only hopes that he has some time to himself, given a young child and a family. Either way, that means you are stuck with another uninspiring opening post. I invite you, dear reader, to share your last week of gaming with us.

    Warframe (PC)

    It's fun. It's casual shooting that you can co-op as much as you want. I still really like being able to just switch weapons and have how to play feel relatively different. Same with switching suits, which changes the powers/skills you have. I don't have a ton of them because they're hard to come by, and that is, I suspect, where they get you to purchase things, but I've gone through rifles/bows/shotguns and other sidearm weapons, so it's not completely locked out. I will say the game is almost too easy, not because the missions themselves are easy, but because you almost always get paired up with 1-2 really high level people who are clearing out missions they never did or whatever, and they can just blow through things.

    Ragnarok Online (PC)

    Grinding. Got Assassin class activated. Not looking forward to the trials, of which I seem to recall a massive maze being one of the challenges.
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  • Heroes of Might and Magic 2, on my phone. Welcome to super retro land. I shudder to think how overpowered my Note 4 is for this thing you could probably run on a Kindle is. Probably free software probably from Russia is a terrible idea, but it was free in the Google store.
  • Firewatch It's interesting. That is all.
  • Bloodborne - Co-op with randoms.

    Dark Souls 2 - Respec of one of my characters turned into a semi-playthru.

    Far Cry 4 - Platted and done. The DLC was fun enough, but basically the same 3 mission types repeated 5 times each. Also way too easy, just like the main game. Once you have the Buzzsaw unlocked, you have God Mode.

    Valkyria Chronicles - Played a few more missions. Good fun.

    Minecraft - Dig dig dig.

    Ratchet and Clank Nexus - This was surprisingly fun. Enjoying it.

  • Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 Finished the story mode, now onto all the grinding missions

    Borderlands the pre-sequel PS3 Finished some more missions.

    Warframe PS4 trying to max my vauban frame, got lucky in a high level defense mission. lots of levels! ;) @GoodEnoughForMe  don't worry in the endgame the opponents get hard, and only doable if you have a good built frame and weapons.

    Lemmings touch Vita played a few levels, the touch mechanics really helps the game.

    Skylanders Swap force PS3 found a skylanders spyro for the 3ds for only (about)10$ had a different version of spyro and one i didn't have yet and somehow every version of the game comes with a frikkin stealth elf
  • Been super busy lately and have had very little time for games. I've also been jumping back and forth between too many games and making little to no progress in anything. I'm trying to narrow it down.

    Galaga (XbOne) This got added to the BC games on the XbOne so I played it for a few mins. after it finished downloading.

    Raiden IV Overkill (PS3) I'm playing this in preparation of getting my copy of Raiden V from Japan soon! I thought this game was new to me, but according to my trophies I started this game back in September 2015. Now after picking it back up I remember I stopped b/c its a little too hard for my eyes to pick up a lot of the tiny bullets. Anyway, I've pushed past that and I managed to complete the 1st loop! :) Now onto Loop 2 which seems much harder. Also I'm playing on normal difficulty.

    Azure Striker Gunvolt (PC/Steam) I have beat all of the regular stages. And have unlocked the BOSS level stages. I got all the way to the boss rush section typical of all these Mega Man Like games, and I am completely stuck. The boss fights are back to back with no healing in between and I can barely manage to get to the 3rd fight. The order of these fights is whats killing me. The 3 bosses that I had the most trouble with are the 1st 3 fights in this boss lineup. I really think I'm done with this game for right now. I'll try it again when I've got more freetime.

    Space Moth DX (PC/Steam) I saw on Twitter that this was on sale. Its a shmup and I do love these little games. Anyway I went to Steam to buy it and discovered I had bought this already. ;p I played it for a few mins. and its pretty fun.

    Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (XbOne) I started this, it is an arena beat em up, where enemies attack you in progressively harder waves ending in a boss fight after 4 or 5 waves, for the 6 stages in the game. I've just beaten the Stage 1 boss as of the end of last week. Decent fun and I'm playing on HARD. Its so going, I don't know why I force myself to play games like these on hard my first time thru. ;p

    Highschool Romance (PC/Steam) I've been meaning to try this for a while. The premise was just so interesting to me. You play as a highschool guy, in his last year. His parents move around a lot and they just signed him up for a new school, but surprise its an all girls school where no guys are allowed. The principle has a solution so that he can finish his education up on time, dress up and pretend to be a lady. :D I'm not very far yet, and its pretty interesting. I will continue to play this off and on when I'm in the mood for a little reading.

    Ok thats it. Very little progress in any games. I'm going to try and narrow it down to just 2 or 3 this week.
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  • Thanks again, GEFM.  I have lapsed into posting WiG on Tuesdays for the last few months and then the last couple of weeks have been a bit packed so I've not even managed that.  Will do my best to get back into the 'post at Monday Lunchtime' habit next week.  As for me, a couple of quiet weeks to catch up on...

    (360) The new Hard Drive shuffle So un-impressed do I remain by the Xbox One and PS4 that the most sensible gaming hardware purchase for me lately has been a nearly-new second hand Xbox 360 e to allow me to retire my increasingly-noisy Elite.  It was still fine (I think) but for the last few months, most downloads failed at around 80%.  New one is incredibly quiet in comparison to the old 'box and downloads have been working fine, so hopefully that's that!  

    Also, the transition process was what can only described as utterly painless - a (second-hand, again) Xbox transfer cable, an hour or so of progress bars and you can't tell that I'm not on the original machine.  The only thing that apparently didn't come across were the games installed off-disk, which hardly counts as a hardship.  One issue that tripped me up there was that it was unclear where the second Forza 4 disk had gone.  Turns out, after a deal of shifting Car Packs backwards and forwards between the HDD and a thumb drive then trying to re-install the second disk, they were there all along!  So full game installs don't come over but back-up installs do (I'm sure I've seen the Battlefield 4 second disk on the new hard drive too).

    (360) FIFA14 Alternate-reality Blackpool FC are the new Chelsea - an insane budget (currently sitting on a circa £800 million transfer budget) and there's almost more promising youth players out on loan than there are in the main squad.

    (360) Forza Motorsport 4 Replayed a few races while trying to get the second disk to load.  I still want to play this game more than I actually do, stupidly.

    (360) Batman Arkham Asylum Still a very, very strong game, but it is feeling like it's starting to drag a little. Maybe not helped by me not particularly caring about comic book characters in general, but I'm pretty much ready to get to the end of this now.  Also, I've already largely given up on finding the Riddler trophies and puzzles.  There's some clever stuff in those side challenges, but hunting for hidden items that don't really make much sense to a non-Batman fan in large, heavily detailed environments is starting to lose its appeal.

    I'm up to Croc's lair, which I think might be getting close to the final few chapters...

    That's it from me!
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  • Move to a PC. Consoles are incredibly underpowered now, and the PC is FLYING past them at a dizzying speed. It's pretty pronounced. I just bought a new rig myself, and I'm phasing out console gaming except things I just can't get elsewhere.
  • @Sunflower It is not just about power
  • Bro Force is fun. I am probably playing wrong.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe I can't believe somebody is still playing RO in 2016. The mechanics in my rose tinted glasses are still clunky in my mind, but man, that background music... It's unrivalled in how beautifully stellar it is. The Prontera theme, and even the field outside where you have Porings (that slime things?)... So beautiful. So sweet. So totally entrancing. Oh and then I went to the mage city and it was just badass.

    I miss RO and its bullshit exp lost death penalty. I miss sitting outside of towns with people waiting for your mana bar to refill. I miss the plethora of shitty shops lining the streets of the main city like leaves trying to get to the sun. I miss the mysticism of WOE (the scheduled guild wars / siege mode) and the frantics of it all.

    I hope you're having loads of fun and really enjoying it.

    @nutta27 Firewatch - worth it? I'm very keen to buy. I know its only three hours for $20, but I'm still keen if the creative experience is that well received. I find it very romantic and alluring - the idea that your character has taken this job to disappear from the world. You know, just completely disconnect, go somewhere else and find that life is amazing in another way.

    @Sunflower Flop your dick out and show us? What are your new pc specs? Skylake + mega fast SSD in PCI-E for ultimate bandwidth? Buying a graphics card now seems silly because the next generation is just upon us. I hope you got a great deal on a 970 or took the conservative route of a 960 with intent to go to a 1070 when its released.


    In light of the recent Pokemon hype, I have been playing for the first time...

    Pokemon White 2.
    It is good and I am enjoying going through the motions. It's become the bed time game after a day at work.
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  • @Sloth Pokemon White 2 is a solid game for travelling or watching a bit of TV in bed xD. The best of the DS generation. I am playing through Pokemon : Soul Silver when out and about very very slowly, its very nostalgic. Finally Up to the Elite four. After which I am moving to White 2 as I never completed it and I need to transfer my Pokemon from Soul Silver to it. I had to import a DS lite charger from China as nowhere in the UK sells them anymore so I can eventually trade, nightmare.

    Total War : Atilla I like this game much more than Rome 2 , it is what Rome 2 should have been. But their are too many factions it is Crazy.

    Rome Total War Playing through a few campaigns and experimenting with different unusual tactics/factions which is still incredibly fun for me.

    Elder Scrolls : Oblivion Playing through for the umpteenth time with a few visual mods (looks amazing) .

    @Sunflower My Rig is : i7 4770k Running at 4.6ghz (Thats 4 cores 8 threads at 4.6ghz lol ) , A Factory overclocked GTX 780, 16gb Ram, 2 Samsung 840 pro 250gb SSDs and a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk. Windows 10. The Cpu is water cooled and the whole of my PC is like a glorified wind tunnel haha. I modified the water cooling block with two extra fans and have about 6 120mm fans dotted about. Its around two years old too. Still destroys any current gen game at 60FPS.

    I have a Logitech G502, Razer Blackwidow Chroma and a Logitech G633 7.1 headset. (Dont wanna boast xD)

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