Gaming News Sites
  • I'm looking for a decent gaming news site that I can log in every so often and catch the important events, news, and rumors. The obvious Gamespot and IGN are just that, obvious. I want to know if you guys tune in to lesser known sites that might push relevant information instead of just Top 10s or click baits.

    Suggestions? I'm open to Youtube Channels as well.
  • I never really check sites for game news anymore. The big news seems to find it's way to me anyway.
    Reddit has some ok game subreddits, no BS posting rules, which makes it more news and discussion friendly. 
  • Here's one of the subreddits. 

    I just saw a topic about "Sony Files Patent for PlayStation Glove Controller."

    What do you all think of a Sony Glove? 
  • What a coincidence, I just saw The Wizard for the first time yesterday.

    I'm really liking the idea of VR, but a part of me wants to stick with the controller. Maybe I'd change my mind once I get my hands on a Playstation Glove (no pun intended). There is just something about buttons and analog sticks that feels right. Again, maybe opinions change in the future.

    Thanks for the links