Neptune's Pride 2, 64 player game? ;)
  • So the PC gamers unite topic got me looking on Steam for free low spec MMOs.. not as many as I remember there being. meh.

    But then I started thinking of Neptune's Pride 2, it's not an MMO, and it's not on Steam.. BUT it's free, and interesting. 
    I think it was Richie D that told me about this game a few years ago.
    Anyways, I went to see if I could make a custom game for us and couldn't. but there's a 64 player mode they're testing. maybe we can jump on that.

    You should join the map I joined. :D
    Not sure how fast these fill up, but here it is.
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  • Pretty cool. Made an account and joined into your game. My name is Juice 21

    The tutorial video they provided was helpful. It's like Risk if y'all have ever played that.
  • I'm not sure how long it's going to take to fill up a 64 player game. Not very long I hope. 
    If it takes too long, and we can get a few of us interested, we could all try to join a normal 8 player game at the same time. Though they'll fill up faster. We'd need to synchronize. 

    Juice21 huh? I'm going to stay anonymous so I can pick on you. jk ;) 
    I'm Hooshna Bluk.. first alien name I thought of. lol
  • We need to have an alliance between Noobtoobers and eliminate the outsiders first!
  • Maybe. but I feel like that would be a bit unfair for some. also I doubt we'll have enough people to do it. :P

    Man where is everyone? 
  • Lets not forget the betrayal between us all at the end haha

    & forreal. There's 51 spots open in the game so we have time.
  • Okay so I joined. Seems pretty neat.
  • I joined, could you give me the hours you are likely to be playing in GMT?

    And nice one @NewAgeRed for sorting this out. Would love to play with noobtoobers for the first time in years!
  • Too tires to check it out now, but I will tomorrow.
  • @8drawt Once the game starts it'll run 24/7 until it ends. This won't be the MMO experience some of us wanted. There's trading and you can make loose alliances, but in the end only one winner. it can be a bit cut-throat.

    It'll start slow at first, just sending your ships to take free stars and setting what you want to research. You can just check in on your stuff a few times a day.
    Late game is when I found my self checking every few hours, because everything is so close and you want to be ready and catch people sending ships at your stars.

    You can set up your first moves now, before the game starts. I bought carriers and set their course to nearby stars, so when the game starts they'll take off.
    Also set what you want to research, and buy upgrades on stars.

    Maybe I can cover a few things here.
    Natural Resources. This determines how cheap it is to upgrade the star. Terraforming tech helps.
    Economy is how much money a star makes you, Banking tech helps.
    Industry. Star builds ships faster. Manufacturing tech helps.
    Science. Faster research of tech. 

    We could figure out who will researching what, right now, for trading purposes. ;)
    Also, it cost to send tech to people. 
  • 22/64 Spots still available in our game. I've been checking every time I log on NoobToob, so I'd say it will be full within 2 days. Secure your spot!

  • 15 spots left. it may start sometime today.
    I've never played with this many people. it's new. even the page warned it was in testing. 
    Anyway, I bought 3 science and set Banking to be researched when the game starts. 
  • I spent on 2 Science and 1 Industry. I was going with Terraforming, but Banking does seem like a smarter option to get funds early on.

    I also considered Experimentation. It's "luck" based from my understanding, but having extra points go to a random study apart from what you choose to dev seems like a win to me. Thoughts?

    9 spots as of this post.
  • If we all pick different techs we can all trade. 
    In a normal game it's a huge advantage to trade with 1-2 people and keep that groups techs up (Until they turn on you). This is going to be crazy with 64 people. XD
  • Game has begun! Noobtoob Army in full effect.

    Edit: You 3 are grouped together on the top left. If we're calling truce for the start, mind your friendly fire lol.
  • It's a tiny bit more cramped than an 8 person game, yet awesome to see so many players..
    I'm excited and a bit worried. :o

    Is that our AshGooner? :P

  • ok, first off, it looks like AshGooner may be stuck... The way the map loaded, he may not be able to reach new stars with level 1 Hyperspace Range. :\
    Second, HOLY CRAP we can't trade like normal, you have to be within scanning range to trade. :o
    We're going to have to work with our random neighbors for tech trading. :O

    Edit: Better put your diplomacy hats on. 
  • Dudes what are your aliases?
  • I am lost as all hell. I am the pink circles just left of centre.
  • Gonna be honest I'm looking at the map now and I have no clue what I'm doing. I haven't got much time to look into it properly yet.

    I'm gonna set Sunday aside to learn the game and what the hell I have to do. Fingers crossed that doesn't leave me too far behind.
  • Yes, that is and me, and yes I am stuck. RIP.
  • @AshGooner It sucks, but I wouldn't say you are unable to pull off something. Without Lv2 Hyperspace people also can't reach you. Once you get Lv2 Hyperspace you can start taking those kind of far stars to your left.

    @8drawt and @nutta27, If you click on one of your stars and then click [view] you'll see that star's info. (You can also click the menu button in the corner of the screen, and [Galaxy] for an overview.)
    You should both have some carriers flying ships around to claim stars. Try not to run into someone's star. 
    Also buy some Infrastructure. (Economy, Industry, Science.) 

    Here's what I've got going on. I'm going to take that star, but light blue is going to run into it too. and take it (I didn't send enough ships to defend it), it could be an accident on his part, can't stop ships en route.

    Here's the map now. I circled everyone I know of.

  • Question Red, how does claiming a star work? Is it a dice roll like risk? Or does the carrier with the most ship automatically take the star? I would imagine "weapon" research takes effect as well.

    I need to find a neighbor to alliance with. Power in numbers & all that. I'm pretty far off from y'all and won't encounter you for over a week most likely.

    Edit: Made a friend with the purple triangle next to me. 
  • "Made a friend with the purple triangle next to me." That's funny out of context. XD
    I just looked, it seems like you could get 6-7 of those stars SW of you, while the other person is gone, or can't reach em.

    If a carrier with ships runs into a star with ships on it, a battle automatically happens.
    When a battle happens it destroys ships in rounds based on Weapons level. defender get's +1 weapons. 
    I've been attacked twice now, sense I was defending I had weapons level 1 +1.which means I killed 2 ships for every 1 ship they killed.
    There's a combat calculator. When you look at your star, there's a page icon at the top. 

    That Blue Cross guy is about to make a move on me with 100 ships. and the guy south of me quit. I may be able to meet 8drawt in a few day.

    Sorry we couldn't all work together NT style like I thought we would. That trade rule is new to me.

    Edit: Map for today, 
    Nutta27 lost a star. >:(
    AshGooner is still still at home base. (With a stack of ships btw)
    8drawt has people taking stars around him,
    Juic3 is taken him some galaxy! 
    I'd like to say, none of you seem to be too far gone, from what I see.

    Noobied by 1Juic3
  • LMAO I knew it sounded silly as I typed it.

    Thanks for that Combat Calc tip by the way. Helps with planning my next couple moves. 

    If we all last toward the end, we could eliminate the remaining groups together.
  • Conspiring. The SouthEast looks cluttered, trying to cement myself down here.

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