Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 22/02/16
  • Once again we are eggless. In our mourning, I ask that you post what you played over the last week.

    Warframe (PC): I made a lot of progress over the weekend and capped out several weapon types and my first warframe. So I switched to some new weapons to level them and try them out. It's a fun game, really does feel a bit like Destiny except fast as hell. Like how you're never committed to a build or weapon or anything really. Dislike how hard it seems to be to acquire a lot of good equipment through anything but the store.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC): This will always be a bread and butter game for me, and I will always come back to it. Mostly going town by town on a character and doing quests.

    Ragnarok Online Classic Server (PC): Babby's first grind. Man. This was a weird MMO back in the day. No quests. Just endless killing of enemies but fun builds and cute graphics. I started a thief on classic server. Will probably start a monk too. Lots of grinding. A fun game to chill and listen to music to.
  • Bloodborne - Coop with randoms.

    Lords of the Fallen - Slowly going through. Almost at the DLC I think.

    Far Cry 4 - Almost done. Pretty easy plat on the way. Just have to finish the story and get a few easy trophies like kill dudes while riding an elephant and the like. The online and coop stuff is done so all the most irritating things are out of the way.

    Minecraft - Still scouring the bowels of the planet to find diamonds and other treasures. This game is stingy as fuck though.
  • Thanks for covering the last couple of weeks!  Was ill last week and away with the kids for half term this week.  Will be back on schedule next week.

    WiG update to follow, although given how last week went it will mostly be *BLEEEEURGH* Be very careful when you eat the food from cafes at children's soft play centres...
  • Dariusburst CS (PS4) Still playing this game. I made a little bit of progress in the CS mode after being stuck on a certain set of levels for several days, I managed to get past it. This is the level that gave me so much trouble.

    Oh and Hungry Gluttons is fucking evil!

    The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns (PC/Steam) I started and finished this last week, it only took about 2 hours. This is a short/free VN that was made during Yuri Jam. It was very cute, except [spoilers]my skin was crawling during the murder scene. [/spoilers] Its just the way it was described and my imagination, made it a bit hard to get thru that one. Overall I liked this game a lot and this was the very 1st visual novel I completed.

    I also started Azure Striker Gunvolt on Steam on Sunday, but I haven't put enough time into it to see how I like it yet. That is it for me from last week. Not nearly enough game time, and this week isn't looking any better. Hopefully I have a little more free time by the time Dark Souls III releases. ;p
  • Well life's taken over my gaming time lately. God damned job and girlfriend (if you ever so happen to see this, I'm sorry baby I love you really) I did manage to get 1 afternoon to myself and in that I played about an hour of The Division:Beta and....well. I do not like this game. It plays well and it looks good but it's just not sticking with me. I'm not sure why but my entire time with the game was met with boredom. The same with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 I played a similar amount of time with that and I dunno it's a basic third person shooter at its core. It looks pretty and all but not for me.

    I'm also sad to say I have joined the world of mobile casual "gaming" with Pirate Kings There's no skill involved. You spin a wheel get money then use money to level up. So on and so forth. You can attack friends islands therefore halting their attempts at levelling up. You can defend your island and well it's all shit. Yet I'm still playing. Every hour I get 5 spins and every hour I load up the app. I'm a sucker. I think I'm getting to the point where you "pay to win" because I can't for the life of me upgrade this island. And I keep getting attacked and my money stolen. Oh yeah this game has mictotransactions. I wonder how long I'll keep up with this. My bets about a couple days.
  • Mostly played Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 last week, very addicting. Don't know why.

    Bloodborne PS4 Killed the big hurdle with herr Flibble, only to get screwed by the game yet again. Needed the living string, went there with Flibble killed the big brain and the string didn't drop. Played until i got to the upper cathedral lantern, haven't continued yet.

    Borderlands the pre-sequel PS3 played this some more forgot the terrible driving mechanics, got the car and drove into the chasm the first few times :(

    Played a few games of Helldivers and world of tanks, and warframe off course got an Ember and Vauban frame built  and wanted to go after Rhino prime only to find out that it has been vaulted, damn.

    Download Lemmings touch Vita yesterday, Nostalgia! ;)

    Flibble still need the 2 co-op farcy 4 trophies helpies please? ;) 

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