Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/2/16
  • Nobody posted this so I am stealing it. Bow befre your new WiG overlord. Until next week when egg posts it or whatever. Anyways:

    XCom: Enemy Unknown (PC): Save scummed my way through normal, no shame, first time playing an XCom game and other than Final Fantasy Tactics, a D&D tactics game, and uhhh... actually that's about all I've played in the last like 9-10 years for grid/turn based for strategy. It was fun. I didn't realize it had a whole base building metagame, and that part was surprisingly challenging, although I feel it could have been fleshed out even more. My top killer by the end of the game was Canadian. 

    Warframe (PC): Started playing this to see what it is like. It's like 3rd person Destiny just sped up massively. Super fast movement and combat. Total overuse of made up words and proper nouns, just like Destiny. Doesn't explain the mechanics. Made the mistake of starting with bow. Switched to rifle and that's much better. Game runs well and looks pretty good, particularly the more detailed character models and armor. The game gets challenging in a hurry, which is rare for an online game. Had a fun little 4 player mission where we had to hold 4 points against increasingly hard waves of enemies. Still need to read up on how to handle everything about mods and the market and all the customizing there is to do.
  • Bloodborne - Helping the flying Dutchman with his playthru of the dungeons and main story, and it's a struggle. This game is racist against our clog wearing friends. Other than that helping randoms and did some invasions.

    Toukiden - Still slugging through it. The novelty has worn off and the grind of very repetitive missions to progress the story is starting to bug me.

    Minecraft - Same as always. Digging, building, dying.

    Far Cry 4 - So much stuff to do, or rather, so many of the same mission to do again and again. At least the game lets you take a variety of approaches unlike Toukiden, but tower after fort after tower after fort is already a bit stale and I'm less than halfway through them all. It's basically Far Cry 3 and 1/2.

    Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - Played through the first couple of missions.

    Valkyria: Azure Revolution Demo - Came with Chronicles, it's a battle system demo for the next game in the series.
  • Me and my girlfriend started and finished the Star Wars Clone Wars pack for Disney Infinity 3.0. It's about 4 or 5 hours long. It's pretty fun. The story's a little well dull but the combat is well it's awesome.

    I have also been playing the odd mission of Xcom Enemy Unknown on iOS. This game looks pretty decent and runs great on my iPhone 6s Plus. I am definately gonna play through this again here. I'm looking into building a new PC too. I just need a game to force me to do that. It was nearly Xcom 2 until the reviews came out.
  • Last weekend started up some dusty games i still hadn't played 

    Warriors Orochi 3 PS3 Kinda addicting, like it and a zillion characters to kill the enemy.

    Drag-On Dragoon PS3 I expected a rail shooter but it is a hack and slash with some flying parts intermingled 
    The only thing i don't like is the ancient checkpoint system.

    Borderlands: the pre sequel PS3 so it is just more borderland, first real mission on the moon was not fun even with the extra weapons you get from having saves of the previous games you get swarmed.

    HELLDIVERS PS4 Level 12 now, it gets hard quick, and there are some nasty trolls online

    Nova-111 PS4  seems like a long game, still fun though.

    World of Tanks PS4 Grinding for better tanks.

    Warframe PS4
    Bought some platinum and increase some warframe and weapon slots
    @GoodEnoughForMe make sure to use the free Platinum you get just for warframe slots and/or for weapon slots (although you get a few weapon slots as you increase in mastery rank)

    Freedom Wars Vita droprate of some of the needed parts is realy low

  • PES 2015 (highly modded) Fun as always.

    The Witcher 3
    Wow this is pretty time demanding. I am terrible at it, I have not spent the time to read the tutorials etc. I feel like I am playing it in completely the wrong way in terms of my gear and ignoring alchemy and just general common sense. I think a few youtube videos to set me straight might help ( I am too lazy to read ) although I have won a couple of difficult boss battles through pure persistence ( although maybe the boss battles were easy and my character setup is just terrible) . Anyway I will persist with a little help from the internet with tips etc.
  • Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky FC (PC/Steam) BEAT it! Finally! I feel like I was playing that game for 2+ months now. It took me 52 hours to complete the main story and most of the side missions, I missed a few timed side missions and didn't feel like going back to earlier saves. Very good, fun JRPG. A little long for how short I've been on free time, ... This game kinda ends in a cliffhangger. Leading right into Trails in the Sky SC, but it will be sometime before I get the free time to get into that one.

    Nitro+ Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel (PS4) I only popped this in for 5 mins to make sure I got all the dlc installed while its still free. ;)

    Dariusburst CS (PS4) Still playing the huge mission CS Mode, and having a blast. I may have gotten stuck on a rather difficult mission, but I'm going to power thru it. This is still such a fantastic game. Easily worth the $60 price tag on PS4.

    Thats it from me for last week. Still very short on Vidya game time, and the trend continues into this week, as evidenced by my just now posting this on Thursday. I will try my best to get a little more game time in this week.
  • Age of Empires II: HD Edition: I decided to pick this up again and this game never seems to age for me. I have the same amount of fun with it as I did 10-15 years ago. I've been trying out the multiplayer some more and getting my arse handed to me. The learning curve for advanced strategies is pretty brutal and requires excellent micromanagement - Something I suck at. 
  • @Epke

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how mods work and stuff. Every time I try to Fuse one it says it's too high a level for my gear, so I guess I need to progress more before that becomes a big deal. I just got a new rifle but it really seems like this is a mod driven game way more than gear. The polarity thing is weird. I just have auto-install on all my mods for now.
  • Weapons level up to a max of 30, mods have also a level, so if your weapon is level 4 you can only put in a mod up to rank 4, so if a weapon is maximum level, you can put in mods to a total of 30 points.

    Then there is polarity and orikin catalysts sometimes mod slots have a symbol, that is a polarity sign, polarity halves the cost of a mode with the same polarity symbol, orikin catalyst come in 2 flavors, frame and weapon ones, they basically double the level points of frame and/or weapon but resets it back to zero. 

    And there is forma that lets you change a slots polarity on the frame or weapon this also resets the frame.

    maybe this helps
  • Yeah, it all managed to click for me shortly after posting, and I figured out the whole mod and fusing and all that stuff. I maxed out rifle, pistol, and sword, and juiced up some mods with them, and felt like I was pretty good using them, so I've switched up now to bow and fist weapons. They need to make the group finding for the missions where you have to guard 4 capture points better, starting those with a group of 2 is just murder.

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