What is everybody looking forward to?
  • This can be related to gaming or anything at all, stretching as far in time as the thing you’re looking forward to.
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  • Let’s see… For gaming/movies… I’m looking forward to…

    ? - James Bond Spectre coming out on Blu Ray. I’ve got a little Daniel Craig shrine going on at home.

    ? - Deadpool and Zoolander 2 at the movies. Zoolander 1 is one of my favourite movies.

    23? - Deus Ex 2. I totally asked for this. I finished Deus Ex 1 twice and was half way through a third play through. I loved the ambience and detail in the architecture of the environments. The way the glass lights made this really cool feature and all the little details you find when foraging through people’s things in the most indulgently voyeuristic way.

    Nothing! :(

    5? - Quantum Break. I think this will flop but the whole controlling time gimmick hasn’t been done enough and I’d like a slice of that.

    x? - Pokemon (Gen 1) on iOS. Can’t wait! I know its totally broken but I thought Lavender Town’s chip tune was really spooky. Also, its a lot simpler and in my mind, more approachable with only 150 pokemon. They’re adding in wireless trading so that’ll be a hoot!

    x? - Ratchet and Clank reboot. Might actually pick up a PS4 for this. I love Ratchet and Clank.

    x? - Game of Thrones! I know what happens but I’m still totally hyped!

    x? - Silicon Valley. This is a tv show about tech startups so if you work in this space, it’s a must see. I like this more than Game of Thrones actually.

    And then for not gaming…

    I just moved into a new apartment so I’m looking forward to getting settled in. My couch and internet come next week Friday!

    Otherwise, I’m hoping to have an uneventful handful of months because I’ve been too busy with work stuff. A few weekends of pure gaming would be ace!
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  • Sloth are you sure about Deus Ex 2 in February? I thought it was late 2016. Feb 23rd is Far Cry Primal, which I may get at some point down the road since I haven't finished Far Cry 4 yet.

    This month:
    - Valkyria Chronicles on PS4. It just came out last Thursday and I haven't picked it up yet, but I will. I haven't played it in ages, and remember very little of it.

    - Garden Warfare 2. I rather enjoyed the first one but was late to the party so online was a little dead. But when the community was around it was a lot of fun.

    - Dark Souls 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Star Ocean 5. I will pick this up but I have a feeling it will be seeing a lot of shelf before I get around the playing it, not with DS3 dropping with it.

    - Uncharted 4
    - Dark Souls 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I will buy it twice)

    - DOOM. Please don't let it be shit.

    Not really sure what else is coming after that. I'm sure I'll buy other games too, but these are the ones that stand out for me.

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  • I'm not sure about the months on everything, but here goes.


    Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3: Wasn't sure I'd get around to these because I wasn't in a hurry to get a current gen console, but I finally got a PS4 and can now play these when they come out. I don't think they mean quite as much to me as they once did, but I still liked the XIII trilogy, warts and all, and the fundamental gameplay of KH is still fun to me. Plus, with Marvel and Star Wars now under Disney's banner, the KH games have a massive realm of possibilities for them to use for future games.

    Final Fantasy IX on PC. Now all the PS1 games will be on PC, too. That's nice and means I can be lazy if I want to play them.

    Dark Souls 3. I never beat II and got about 4/5 of the way through 1, but I appreciate what the games do immensely. 

    Titanfall 2: They're adding a single-player campaign. I am so happy. The world of Titanfall, aesthetically and thematically was so interesting but it was so poorly explored. And by poorly I mean hardly at all. If the campaign can be played co-op that will be awesome.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. Dragon Age: Inquisition was huge and had a ton of varied landscapes. Now imagine a Mass Effect game like that but even bigger and with various planets. It's going to happen. Yes.

    The next Elder Scrolls game: Skyrim will be 5 years old this year, which just so happens to be how old Oblivion was when Skyrim came out. I don't expect a release this year but I think we'll finally get some info on it.


    Star Wars! All of them. This year is the first spin-off film, but the director is a generally talented guy (Godzilla was ehhhh but Monsters was great), and it'll be interesting seeing the Star Wars universe get a more gritty, war-time feel.


    My favourite band/artist (Coma Cinema/Elvis Depressedly) has a followup to one of my favourite albums ever coming out this month. I check his Twitter account every day to see if it's hit the web. He just announced the other day in an interview that it would come out hopefully in February, so that's hella cool.

    I bought tickets to Pitchfork Music Fest in Chicago. I went last year. It's a three day festival in July right in one of the larger public parks not far from downtown. I stayed in a hostel last year that was a quick ride on the public trains away. I had an 11/10 time and figured I had to go again. I hope some other people who went last year come back too.

    I'll also be seeing Daughter live in March not far from here. Like them a lot.

    Yeasayer and Explosions in the Sky have new albums this year.


    There's a kickass sushi & grill place about 45 minutes north of here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called Maru. It is super, super tasty. Later this year, they're opening a 2nd restaurant right here in my hometown, downtown about 6-7 minutes away from my house is all. I will be going there a lot.

    I hope to be going to Asia with @AshGooner. I've been kicking this can down the road for about 7 years now so I'd really like to go sooner rather than later.

    There's a new Don DeLillo book this year. Cosmospolis was good and what I've read of White Noise so far is good.
  • Where in Asia? With small kids, I shan't be traveling much in the next decade. So jealous. India, is my favorite.
  • The plan is China --> Vietnam --> Thailand --> Malaysia, about 3 weeks. We want to anger customs on our return as much as possible by appearing to be Muslim communists based on where we visit. I kid.
  • Sounds like a busy three weeks.
  • I am looking forward to tons of comic book stuff in movies and on TV. It is too much to list. This may be a high water mark year for this kind of thing. Daredevil season 2 may be my number one. I also look forward to the new Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie. 2oolander is getting some shitty shitty shitty reviews, which is a shame. I still laugh very hard at: accidental gasoline fight. Game of Thrones is gonna blow my mind.

    Games: DS3, Xcom2, Rachel and Clank, Uncharted 4, Dishonored 2, Horizon, and many other things. I am pissed Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will not be out until May over here. The new Valkyria is on my list, obviously.

    E3 should be good. I want to try PSVR at a mall this year. I want NX to be amazing. I am not holding breath.

    Looking forward to the ongoing republican implosion. Would be enjoying it more if it weren't such a frightening parody come to life.

    I look forward to another high speed Internet provider coming to my area. PSYCH. That is happening never. America lies to itself about market forces, monopoly will continue.

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