After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down
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    We're sorry
    , this came as a slight shock. Thought never GT would be closed. Now I have not been hanging there since Geoff Keighley left. Have always had a soft spot for him and dered. E3 broadcasts along with Spike was always really good.

    What are your thoughts on this news?

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  • I'm surprised. Did people know this was coming, or was it a bombshell?

    I didn't think they were in trouble, though I've always avoided their site and videos because it never would load right for me.
  • It's a shame they are gone as I really liked their content like The Final Bossman, Huber Hype, GT Time, Mandatory Update and Mandatory Update Nights. Also their reviews were pretty useful too.

    The only video site I now go to for game stuff is

    @NewAgeRed I think one of their staff members posted on NeoGAF and said they only found out the day the site shutdown. I also had the odd problem with their video player too but they had been uploading most of their videos and shows to YouTube over the last few years and I watched most of their stuff there.

  • That's crazy. It reminds me of a Hastings that closed in TX years ago, they didn't tell anyone. Employees showed up for work to find a sign saying it was closed.

    Edit: We should snatch up the URL if it slips up and redirect it to here. ;) jk
  • Video killed the radio star, and YouTube got the rest.
  • I never watched much of Gametrailers, but before the popularity of youtube i did regularly watch their programs on UK cable, from what i can remember they were the only people putting out video reviews etc on the TV.

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