Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 08/02/16
  • Bloodborne - Surprise surprise, I played this again. Trying to wean myself off it now.

    Toukiden - Made some progress, killed a couple of bosses. It's fun in short spurts.

    Minecraft - Finally found enough diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, so I could mine some obsidian, which allowed me to make a nether portal and enter the nether realm, where I was promptly murdered by a horde of beasts and fireballs as soon as I materialized, losing everything. And since nether rocks burn (forever) every time I go through the portal I'm instantly set ablaze and set upon by assholes.

    LEGO City Undercover - Did a few more missions. It's fun, but the lack of freakish characters and mundane setting don't help the game. I'm planning on picking up the recently released Avengers once this is done.

  • Just playing more of The Witness. Falling out of love with it a little. Not always as fair as I would like. Getting more grindy.

    Trying to hold off on Xcom2 until a price drop. Next couple weeks are a little dry. In April, the floodgates open with a ton of stuff. If I can make it to then, I am golden.
  • Glad I am holding off on Xcom2 till it gets fixed. I can't imagine how buggy it would be on my old Mac. I look forward to the stupid hard. I love turn based strategy that stoves your head in until you know every single goddamn rule and meta rule. Maybe like Flibble is with souls, only I do not enjoy the time pressure, just learning every chess move and upgrade makes me very happy.
  • I played bouncer a lot isn't it a square game?
  • Ignore, I wrote in the wrong week section.

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