Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 08/02/16
  • Sumfink sumfink sumfink


    Not that I've had much chance to play any this week, but don't let that bother you.

  • Bloodborne - Surprise surprise, I played this again. Trying to wean myself off it now.

    Toukiden - Made some progress, killed a couple of bosses. It's fun in short spurts.

    Minecraft - Finally found enough diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, so I could mine some obsidian, which allowed me to make a nether portal and enter the nether realm, where I was promptly murdered by a horde of beasts and fireballs as soon as I materialized, losing everything. And since nether rocks burn (forever) every time I go through the portal I'm instantly set ablaze and set upon by assholes.

    LEGO City Undercover - Did a few more missions. It's fun, but the lack of freakish characters and mundane setting don't help the game. I'm planning on picking up the recently released Avengers once this is done.

  • New week and new PSN+ games tried them all

    HELLDIVERS PS4 isometric style shooty game, not a fan of some of the mechanics, getting killed spawning or manual reload. But otherwise it is fun.

    Nova-111 PS4 action game that is turn based but well done, liking it sofar

    Nom Nom Galaxy PS4 I normally like their stuff the concept is interesting but after a small tutorial you got suddenly a zillion stuff to do. 

    World of Tanks PS4 Tried it and it is fun, had some fun matches and ones were i got wrecked. it is free, more arcady than war thunder

    Walking Dead season 2 PS4 finished it, i wonder how people survive in this world when people die off so quickly and somehow you cannot save 2 people at the same time. Clementine was with her friend for years, she joins a group and people start dying like flies. And i really don't care, you safe one person and they die anyway in the next scene.

    Warframe PS4
    Still doing the daily thing and jumping in some alert missions, need to find some of the parts i need :(

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3 Got quite far until a fucked up checkpoint where for some reason the checpoint is not at the breached door but way back in the level wtf

    Freedom Wars Vits To get to 100 percent in need more parts :(.

    Littlebigplanet 3 PS3 Finished another section slowly going through the game.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 I picked up the Star Wars starter pack. It's good. Like really good. The combat has gotten a hell of a lot better. I hear ninja theory worked on it and it shows. I also picked up a few characters and the Toybox takeover packs (they actually allow you to take any character into the game). I seem to be maiming Ahsoka in the Star Wars sets and Sam Flynn from Tron in general gameplay.
  • Just playing more of The Witness. Falling out of love with it a little. Not always as fair as I would like. Getting more grindy.

    Trying to hold off on Xcom2 until a price drop. Next couple weeks are a little dry. In April, the floodgates open with a ton of stuff. If I can make it to then, I am golden.
  • The Witcher 3 Been putting it off for a while, i might need to put a little time into what all the alchemical stuff does etc. Good fun so far! And i get nearly constant 60fps with hairworks on full which is nice :) .

    PES 2015 Heavily modded a couple of games a night before sleep playing as a single player. Fun, chills me out most of the time :) . 
  • Diablo 3 (PC): Shortly after complaining about not getting a drop in last week's version of this thread (and by shortly, I mean in the first 15 minutes or so of playing) I got the drop. Anyways, got to Paragon 206, mostly a lot of fine tuning of gear left, so I might be done until next season starts up in April. Who knows!

    XCom (PC): The first one, since I own but never played. Did the tutorial. Haven't had much chance since, but tonight I have a free and clear evening to play it. Excited to see what the fuss is about.
  • Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PC/Steam) A butt ton of this game got played! I am in the Final Chapter so I can see the home stretch. It was a bit dull in the middle, but the excitement has picked up a whole lot and I tend to lose track of time whenever I start playing this. Currently at 40+ hours. Gods if this game ends in a cliff hanger I'm going to have trouble not diving into the Trails in the Sky SC, but damnit I don't have the time right now.

    Not much else was played, my Laptop with Windows 10 freaked out on me for a few days last week so I went back to a console game that I started in 2015 and never finished.

    Dariusburst CS (PS4) Gods! I had forgotten how much I love the soundtrack to this game. Also fighting Giant fish shaped Space Ships is pretty fucking cool! I have currently beaten all of the stages in the Original mode. Now I am starting up Original Mode EX. After that all that will be left is the CS mode. :) Really awesome shmup, that not enough people played b/c it was $60 on PSN.

    Thats it from me for last week. My laptop is working okay for right now (I researched my issue and there isn't much I can do but wait for a fix from MS.) yuck! I'm hoping I can beat Trails this week, I just really hope it wraps up nicely, since I don't have time for another huge JRPG right now.
  • Alright let's get ugly.

    XCOM2 - I want to love it but I don't. It performs terribly seemingly no matter what power of PC you have, which sucks. It's very hard, which kinda sucks. I like hard games but it toed the line where it felt unfair, then it crossed over. Thankfully you can adjust difficulty at any time. I'm on easy. Because seriously. I wiped during the tutorial. It adds a lot but it's a sequel to a game that didn't really need one yet - the first XCOM is so fucking dope. It almost feels bloated. It's GOOD, don't get me wrong. It's's a mixed bag.

    I played Hand of Fate. It's free on the Bone this month and I think usually $25 on Steam, don't know if it released on PS4. It's really cool! You're basically a dude speaking with a card reader sage type guy who pulls cards from a deck and it's a roguelike, and you "play" each card, whether it's monsters, or bonuses, or merchants, or events, or temples, or other shit, and you have to actually play through them. It's great because once you meet the boss, it adds a bunch of new cards to the pool and you play again. I dig it a lot, I'm having a ton of fun with it. It has a good sense of progression, and you can see it WILL get crazy, but the run you're on just might be THE run. I like it a lot.

    Played Huniepop. It doesn't seem obscene at all, just a mild dating sim with some foul-ass language. People say it's this terrible thing but I'm maybe an hour in and it's all very simple. The match-3 part of the game, which is most of it, is one of the best match-3 games I've played ever, so I'm enjoying the gameplay. 

    Played a buncha Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. This is the last one in the series and they're giving it a very good sendoff. Presentation of the whole thing is RIDICULOUS. I'd heartily recommend this over the animu, it moves a lot quicker and you can play it. Looks friggin' gorgeous, as expected.
  • Glad I am holding off on Xcom2 till it gets fixed. I can't imagine how buggy it would be on my old Mac. I look forward to the stupid hard. I love turn based strategy that stoves your head in until you know every single goddamn rule and meta rule. Maybe like Flibble is with souls, only I do not enjoy the time pressure, just learning every chess move and upgrade makes me very happy.
  • Jingles loves it!
  • Hello Noobtoob

    I haven't played as much as I usually do, but 2 games still kept my attention during this drought.

    The Bouncer (PS2): I don't know if anyone remembers this gem for the PS2. Beat em' up style game with short story, but fun characters. Playing through the story takes about 1:30 to 2 hours, so I was able to bang it out in one sitting. I haven't touched the game in a decade so it was a nice feeling of nostalgia.

    Fifa Street 2 (PS2): Another oldie for the PS2. Didn't play this for nearly as long, I just had a couple games with the friend I usually run Fifa with on the PS4. It was nice to have an arcade soccer (football, whatever) game that wasn't Fifa and something to joke around with. @AshGooner ?
  • I played bouncer a lot isn't it a square game?
  • Ignore, I wrote in the wrong week section.
  • @epke Yes it is a square game! Very fun back in the day and still playable. Great music too.
  • @Juic3 FIFA Street is a nice change of pace to the regular FIFA instalments. 10/10 game choice.  

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