World of tanks now available on PS4

    It was already available on xbone but was released on PS4 last week?

    Will try it out this weekend, and it has trophies :P

  • I saw this on PSN. Is it any good? Does it play OK on a regular controller or do I need to spend $200 on a command center?
  • World of Tanks is dope, if you like a semi realistic tank game. IE slow paced and rewards patience. I love it, been playing it on the Bone for some time, and you don't need a special controller at all. It's great. Especially if you legitimately love tanks and war. I do.
  • You can use it with the controller, a little bit fidgety when you want to shoot on the move. i am liking it so far, the free premium tank i got from psn+ german light tank, is total crap, a scout tank that takes ages to accelerate.

    It is very arcady IMHO warthunder is better looking and more realistic. Don't need to spend money yet, if you want to be more competitive than you need gold ammo, which is available with normal currency, but is expensive.
  • No Eject button under a plastic cover, no deal.
  • I've never been into slow moving tank games, but I did see the free PS4 theme, and totally downloaded it. :) not my type of game though.
  • I've always been curious to check this out, just never got around to it. Does it feel pay-to-win?
  • It's not pay to win. In fact, paying really robs you of the great sense of progression. It's not slow. Just very deliberate.
  • It is pay to win on the higher tiers because you need gold ammo to be competitive, and gold ammo costs a lot of in game credits or purchased gold
  • I haven't experienced any situations that I would have made it out of had I bought anything.
  • What is your highest tier tank?

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