Noobtoob's Week in Gaming 1/2/16
  • Date still looks all fucked up like that. Last week, I felt we were all on Mars, with a 25 month year. I hearby by name this month: NoodleBeard. I think it would lighten otherwise dark sentences of Martian history. Think of it. Stuff like: Over five thousand souls were lost in the space elevator collapse of 2298, on the 5th of NoodleBeard.

    So I started The Witness. It is good it is all puzzles. What is the difference between this game and a puzzle book? A puzzle book has instructions! wakawakawaka

    I only had to look up one thing in Braid ( The last guy on the shadow dude double jump puzzle. My brain was never gonna go there. ), so I should be OK. Making good progress. Just about down to the bottom of the temple of light, working on like nine other things. I don't know what I expected, but it was not James Burke! Holy crap blast from the past. Clearly we are going to get some Blow philosophy.

    The Witness is the game that Satan will make Sunny play forever, if he is bad.
  • Still mostly Diablo 3 on PC, I can not get this one drop I am dying to get, other than that, I am continually improving my character slowly but surely. I need to run some rifts again, as I have not in awhile. 
  • Very little time for games this past week. sigh... anyway.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PC/Steam)
    I've been putting all my free time into this lately. I feel like I've been playing it for over a month (off and on) now. I'm starting to get a little burnt out on it, at 20+ hours into it, and I'm still in Chapter 2. I think I'm about half way thru the game now. Hopefully I can plow thru the rest of this game.

    Shadow Warrior (PS4) Beat it. Really cool game. I loved how useful the sword was in the beginning of the game, but once you get more guns unlocked, I really didn't use the sword much again until right near the end of the game. I hope there is more sword stuff in the sequel.

    Thats it. More Trails this week, probably, nothing else til I beat it.
  • Black Ops III (Xbox One)

    More of the Zombies mode. The multiplayer kind of stinks in my opinion, the Campaign was something else, Nightmares Mode was a cool touch but my buddy and I sort of got bored of Nightmares about half-way through. I've put most of my playtime into Zombies, and I really love the Gobblegum aspect they added. I don't own the Season Pass, because I'm not comfortable with season passes and I'm hoping I can snag some of the map packs on their own because I'm already getting bored of the Shadows of Evil map.

  • I'm kickin' the Witness' ass, friend. And I'm loving it.

    Also finally dug back into Darkest Dungeon now that it's complete. GREAT goddamn game.
  • Glad to be wrong. I just remember you describing Layton as matchstick hell.
  • It absolutely is matchstick hell. But Witness is different. Witness is a clinic in game design and how it plays with your preconceptions, especially on purpose. Every area I complete I marvel at its fuckin' genius. It's put together so fucking well. I hate it so much.

  • Bloodborne - 8 characters complete, all DLC and chalices done. Aside from the co-op and invasions, I think I'm done with Bloodborne now. No new characters, just going to sweat it out until Dark Souls 3.

    Lords of the Fallen - I bought the DLC for this ages ago but still haven't gotten around to it, so I started up a new character and plan to do it this time, only you have to complete quite a bit of the game before you can even access the DLC area, so that's what I'm doing.

    Minecraft - Still digging, still haven't found shit. I have dug deeper than Tolkien's dwarves for a fraction of their wealth. Starting to feel a bit cheated.

    Far Cry 4 - Played some online to get the related trophies. Multiplayer was fun in Far Cry 3, but in 4 it's just your standard 5v5 headless chicken crap. I might start the campaign this week.

    Dark Souls 2 - Played a bit of co-op. Seems like people are going back to the older Souls games to prepare for 3. I heard even Demon's Souls has some activity at the moment. Why From don't grab the easy cash and port Demon's and Dark to PS4 is a mystery to me.
  • Bless you for sticking with the date format, @westsw . Working at an American company for years has completely screwed up my ability to read dates at first glance.  Wait, there aren't 23 months in the year...

    (360) FIFA14 The media hubbub around the end of the January transfer window forced (yes, FORCED) me to go back to this and keep building up my little squad of imaginary footballsmen.  Side question: who should I be supporting in the forthcoming Super Bowl?  

    (360) Batman Arkham Asylum Only had one chance to give this a go, but made some good progress.  At least, I think I did - am I right in saying that you don't need 100% to complete the story mode?  Otherwise, I'm bloody miles off.  Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about most of the extended Batman universe, so am having to take wild guesses at most of the Riddler puzzles, but if I miss most of those I won't be too upset.

    The combat is really starting to click and although I still kind of approach most fights with a 'well, let's just get through this' mentality, there is at least the chance to try different tactics and combos.

    ...And that's it from me.  Well, one other thing (which I've already posted over on that Twitter): This article on a crazy thing that is possible in Elite Dangerous has added another game to my 'Reasons to buy an Xbox One' list.  Admittedly it's still a very short list, but it's building.  Of course, a gaming PC would be an even better option, but is there a Forza/Gran Turismo equivalent on PC?  Get the impression iRacing might be a bit more hardcore than those and the other options are made by Codemasters, and I bloody hate the way cars handle in their games...
  • Support the Panthers in the Super Bowl because it will anger tons of white people if they win.
  • Here you go GEFM. These blokes have a club you can join.

  • Cam has gotten so much shit, for being a happy successful black man. It has been bizarre.
  • Yeah, Manziel got doted upon by America for years when the stuff he's done has been much more damaging to his team and organization then dancing in the endzone after a touchdown. And apparently America is cool with Tom Brady endorsing Trump. Being a confident, celebratory black person in America is seen very poorly.
  • The best has been the Charlotte Observer publishing letters giving him a hard time... for taking them to the Super Bowl apparently.

    Just wait, when he signs with another team, to no one's rational surprise, they will call him a traitor. He will not sign with Detroit. I am sorry. I mentioned he was into success. Condolences on Megatron.
  • XCOM2 prepurchased and ready to go. American Truck Simulator bought and ready to go. I have a good weekend ahead, I hope.
  • God I want Xcom2, but I want to wait for PS4, or at least a price drop.

    Finished the ruins. That recording on the ship is creepy.
  • From what I heard, the console versions sold like shit to the point where it wasn't financially worth the effort to port it. Hope that changes, because the console versions of XCOM were very good. I wouldn't get my hopes up. The mod stuff they're doing too is incredible on this second one, and there's no way that works out on console short of a miracle.
  • Xcom did not run great on my Mac, which is weird, they got it to run on my phone for goodness sake. Luxury problems
  • Bloodborne PS4
    Played it a little still unable to kill amagyldynesomething :(

    Warframe PS4
    Yas, still doing the daily thing and jumping in some alert missions

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3 Got quite far until a fucked up checkpoint where for some reason the checpoint is not at the breached door but way back in the level wtf

    Freedom Wars Vits Still farming stuff to upgrade my weapons.

    Littlebigplanet 3 PS3 played this a little, not a fan of the maze like hub to get to new levels, and controls seem even twitchier than before.

    Flibbie need to do those Farcry 4 online trophies too, liberate a camp as hurk and something with shooting from the passengers seat?
  • I really enjoyed playing XCOM on the 360, shame it didn't do well enough on consoles to come out on the Xbox One and PS4. Hopefully it will come out on consoles so I can get a chance to play it.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Rainbow Six: Siege - Starting to get back into this but I'm doing really badly at the moment. I played 4 games (all best of 3 round matches) and only got 2 kills and died in every round.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Gone back to my old favourite game, not doing great but finding it easier than Siege.
  • @amardilo

    The new map is excellent. Dunno how I feel about the new Operators though.
  • I just finished up the first game in the Nathan Drake collection. But as for gaming that's about it for me.
  • @Manio out of the 2 new operators I've only played as Buck so far. I didn't do very well and I wasn't sure what advantage to using him was.

    However I just saw this video seems like a good idea to make a hole in a wall with the underbarrel.
  • Not much but Pro Evolution Soccer and a small amount of The Witcher i had some first impressions:

    Just got around to playing The Witcher. It feels and plays great even with hairworks on full on my PC. Say it averages 50fps with pretty much ultra settings. But Damn this game is F****ing gorgeous, especially the environments the way the hair moves and is individualy anti-aliased it looks stella.. I will need to get my head around the menu options such as repairing weapons alchemy. So far great. It already feels like a huge game.

    I don't seem to be very good at the game or saving. I keep running into high level areas.

    Only complaint is the pathfinding of the horse, (only a minor gripe). But the Navigation on the map is really helpful. I look forward to improving my combat. Nice nice game,

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