Explain the Fine Bros Furor
  • I saw people in various parts of the interwebs going nuts the past few days about the Fine Bros and something about them being greedy scumbags for wanting to copyright the words "Let's Play" or something like that. I'm not familiar with the Fine Bros but after checking their page on YouTube I know what they're about (Reaction videos....shudder). One of the articles I read linked to their announcement on YouTube and their subsequent backpedaling after all the outrage, but after watching the initial video I'm left scratching my head. What is all the fuss about? All I see is a couple of dudes trying to turn part of their channel into a franchise. What piece of the puzzle am I missing here? 
  • Boogie explains it nicely
  • I think because they want to copyright reaction videos or something? I dunno.
  • So basically a bunch of mouth-breathers who don't understand how business works got their pants in a twist for nothing? The idea that you can copyright a genre is preposterous (not that they ever even said that in their video). It's like thinking McDonald's can copyright hamburgers or Apple can copyright mobile phones. I can understand the fear of abuse as others have done with unwarranted copyright strikes or takedowns, but this is a problem with YouTube. Oh no, someone might abuse the rules for their own selfish gains??? Welcome to the real world, children.
  • "So basically a bunch of mouth-breathers who don't understand how business works got their pants in a twist for nothing"  Is actually the sub-title of my forthcoming book Fall of Civilisation - The Internet Years.
  • Pffft, books! Who needs a book when you can just log in over at Twitch TV and watch civilisation die in real time?
  • The wildest shit for me was defend your base on youtube. The last four idiots on the Malheur refuge were posting live feeds of them threatening the FBI. The FBI finally shut down their access, I think. Watching ammosexuals get ready for the final shootout in real time was beyond strange.
  • Excellent point, Flib. I'm going to pitch it as a Netflix Original series.
  • Just Netflix and chill ok :)

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