NoobToob PC gamers unite?
  • Good morning, good afternoon and good evening NoobToobers. I haven't been on these forums in years and even when I did take part, it was very minimal. I remember the good old days when I would watch the week's episode of NoobToob and fall head first into the forums; reading what everyone else had to say and not really putting in my thoughts. Of course at the time I was a mere child in the beginnings of adolescence and I'm not even sure I fully understood what the internet was back then. However, times change and as do people. So after that tasty bit of context I will progress on to the main body of this discussion. 

    I would love to start or get involved with our NoobToob gaming community. I am currently a student and I only have my PC, no consoles at this point in time. If anyone who reads this is a regular or irregular PC gamer then please leave a post down below. I play a number of different genres and multiple games under these subsections and also have access to a couple of Teamspeak servers. Looking forward to hearing from the community. 

    Wishing you all happiness and good health. 

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  • Sorry brodda, no PC gaming on my side. Welcome back to the forums
  • Thanks bro. It's good to be back. What console/games are you on anyway?

  • I am Purely a Pc Gamer pretty much atm 8drawt on steam.
  • I don't play multiplayer much at all, not organized with others. But if you need a name for leaderboards, I'm your huckleberry. Sunflower4000 on Steam.
  • @jack ty for the add
  • I mostly do PC although not a ton of multiplayer. But I'm not opposed to it. Add me on Steam, same username as here.
  • I offer my services to all those that require it. Add AshGooner on Steam for excellent friendship and numerous benefits. 
  • Awesome! Added everyone so far, let's see if we can keep this going. I'm sure there are plenty of like-minded individuals still trawling through these forums. 

  • Glad to see people linking up

    I'm mostly on PS4 or the Vita for the new stuff, but most of my time is on retro consoles.
  • I am on Steam but my laptop barely can play some of the games
  • Why not set up a group on Steam which is called something along the lines of "NooToob Faithful"  'NoobToob Veterens' . Then we can gauge how large the PC community is, as well as being in touch with NoobToobers who play regularly on PC easily through steam to set up games??
  • I wish I could do more in the Steam group, I wasn't able to set up events or anything.

    I never really play because my PC sucks still. but I do have a Steam account.
  • Yeah ditto. I made a smaller steam group for those that still frequent the forums. I'll be as liberal about moderation there as I am here so we should be able to leverage the group a bit more collaboratively.
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  • Thanks for that Sloth. Hopefully we can get a few regulars.

    Dont forget, there are plenty of low budget well received Steam games that will run on low end PC hardware. 

    Just do your research first! PLEASE DO NOT PRE-ORDER and ideally ignore the greenlight system while acknowledging which games are obvious shovel-ware. Sub par bullshit is knocking around steam everywhere so again be diligent and research. I feel I have patronised everyone enough who has ever used a computer now!

    The main focus of this group is to get a current NoobToob steam base with people who use steam regularly or sub - regularly and want to play together currently. There might not be a big enough PC player base left here - but worth a shot.

    And again shout out to Sloth to keeping these forums alive.
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  • Thanks for the Steam invite. I mostly play single player games on PC, I just have a laptop and its okay for some older games. Unless I'm playing a game thats only on PC, most of my gaming is on console.

    anyway my Steam ID is: vampirelich
  • Hello again everyone! Sorry for the delayed replies as I have been working so much lately and pretty much just sleeping in my spare time. Glad to see more of you joining in with the discussions. I am currently on my first day off in 9 days so time to GAME! Hopefully see some new faces on Steam.

  • I am not a multiplayer Fiend at all, i play most games single player , but it would be great to play something with NoobToobers again after all these years.

    It would be a good opportunity to get people playing together that I don't think we should pass off.

    It would be great if some of you guys want to play a specific game with NoobToob pc owners if you could maybe give a list of games, we can move towards organisation from there? (Its a bit like i will show you my game if you shows me yours, and then seeing if they match.)

    But do not feel restricted to not suggest any different format for Noobtoob PC players to do a bit of MP.( A suggestion in which a game is picked for an amount of time in which as many as is possible to get together for some PC MP.) And yes i have stolen that sort of concept off of another NoobToober.

    Anyway it wou'ld be great if we could have a few lists of MP PC games you want to play; and hopefully some scheduled match ups . (This is all if anybody is interested any of this than the 5 of us or so haha).

    I would/should post my list of MP games i wanna play with PC players from NoobToob. I am too tired atm and ill. But I will submit a list maybe tomorrow.

    PS. If anybody is remotely into CIV 5 I would love to do some team based battles for the planet either against other MP or CPU . Contact me on this thread or however if you are interested.
  • What about the MMO raids from back in the day? Free trial, easy
  • @juic3 Yeah that crossed my mind too. I only ever got around to doing the Tabula Rasa one, it was crazy fun just as there were NoobToobers everywhere. It might be worth putting up as a topic as 'NoobToob MMO Raid Revival?' and a poll perhaps. It's a pretty memorable term found within NoobToob culture, it might strike a chord maybe? But I think the numbers/ time zones etc might be too much of a stonewall. But you never know, like you said free trial, not much too loose but bandwidth ( and of course time lol ) . But i do think we are now just too small a community these days :( .
  • @8drawt The time zone issue would be the biggest obstacle. Getting a party of 4-8 playing together for a week or 2 wouldn't be too difficult though.
  • @Juic3 I think your completely right about the time zones. But like you say if we get a party of 4 - 8 playing concurrently would still be a blast. I am really up for it, if we could maybe organise convenient times for us all to play. But anything 4 or above people could be really fun. I hope it is possible!

    @Juic3 Where are you at, the states? I live in the UK I am very flexible with working around other people's calenders though :) . And any games you got in mind?

    The problem is I have so many massive single player games atm that are awesome 'The Witcher 3' being the primary example Its hard to get pulled away.

  • @8drawt Yeah I live in the US. Same here though, my hours are flexible at the moment considering I am unemployed. I don't have any games in mind since I haven't played MMOs or even looked into them recently.

    Between us, we already have 2. 2-6 more people and we're set.
  • @Juic3 Sorry to hear that the recession has hit you hard lol! I am pretty flexible due to being ill and spending most of my time at home these days too.

    Like you say we only need another couple of people and it will probably worth the effort of organising this.

    I have never really played an MMO properly either. Its one of the genres that doesn't really interest me. But playing with a group I am sure could be really fun.

    My knowledge of MMOs is pretty poor tbh so i wouldn't know where to start.
  • @8drawt It's not easy, but I'm not dead yet! lmao.

    Same, only played FF14 recently and didn't even dive that deep into it. Any MMO will do as long as we're recreating the tradition! I'm surprised this post's OP has vanished in the midst of something actually happening.

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