Best Boss in the SoulsBorne Series?
  • Who's your daddy? Best, worst, most frustrating, best dressed, anything. Name the bosses that gave you wood, or grief, and why. 

    Playing through Bloodborne as much as I have, I really love Ludwig from the DLC. That transition in the middle, where he stops fighting you as a beast and recovers some of his former glory as a hunter, whipping out his Moonlight Sword for one last hurrah. He was also tough as nails, which I love. 

  • I feel barely able to comment as a Dark Souls-only, sword-and-a-board scrub, but...

    Worst: Capra Demon - I know it's an obvious answer, but I was still figuring out a lot of the mechanics as I got to him (including encumbrance, which was where I was actually having most of my problems).  I butted my head against him for a week on-and-off and then gave up.  It was a few months later that the Souls itch returned and as soon as I loaded up my character I saw where I'd been going wrong and beat him on about the third or fourth try.  Still, fuck that guy.

    Dishonourable mentions to Moonlight Butterfly for being a bit boring and Gaping Dragon for causing me way more problems than I thought he should have for some reason.

    Best:  Smough & Ornstein - My favourite location, the best looking guy in Ornstein and two very distinct challenges happening at the same time.  Trying to take out Ornstein whilst maintaining enough situational awareness to know if you were about to get squished by Smough was really fun.  I've only done one run-through of the game, but if I were to do another one, I'd definitely try to see if I could take out Smough first to get Ornstein's soul thingy.
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  • Looking Glass Knight would be best because it was damn cool for him to summon in other players during the fight to help him kick my arse.

    The worst would have to be the Ruin Sentinels from Dark Souls II because that was really the only fight in a Souls game to really infuriate me to no end.
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  • Easy for the best, Maiden Astraea. Not even a question for me.

    Worst might be the Ruin Sentinels. Just not a fun fight at all. I liked Capra Demon because I'm not a bitch-ass who had problems getting good at the game. Yeah, I'm callin you out, Egg.
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  • Rom, the vacuous spider

    All cheap shot Bitch ass attacks. Also I just plain sucked at this boss. I still hate Rom. Fuck Rom.

    Everybody else fades from memory.

    Gwyn is pretty bad ass. But the final should be.

    Phalanx was a perfect intro to Souls. Totally impossible and breaks every pattern you have been taught, until you discover the magic of fire. Souls lesson: always cheat always.

    Souls bosses vary a lot by player experience. Ruin sentinels were no problem for me. Few tries and done. The electric wolf thing in bloodborne, I beat so fast, I did not think it was a boss. I think I dodged Rom's meteor attack zero times, ever. I tried, I practiced, I sucked.
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  • Call away, Sunshine. Even once I went back to it, I brute-forced my way through that game without taking hardly any time to understand the core mechanics or the story. I am exactly what every true Souls fan hates.

    True story, it took a red phantom invading my game and taking pity on me in Anor Londo for me to learn that I really shouldn't still be using the Drake's Sword. I made it all the way through the whole thing without once referring to the various weapon ratings and scaling stuff. Modern games have made me lazy and From Software (rightly) have no sympathy.
  • Orphan of motherfucking Kos! is my all time favorite Souls boss fight! (from Bloodborne) I will update this post with a vid of my first fight with this beast, after I upload it from my ps4. ;)

    spoiler; I get destroyed pretty quick. :) I love how Bloodborne is just full of the nightmare creatures. ;D

    The Lady Maria fight in Bloodborne was also a fantastic fight, that I beat completely solo, after probably 25 to 30+ tries.

    I liked all the boss fights in Dark Souls, I really don't remember many of the fights in 2 at all, Phalanx in Demons Souls was cool though. ;)
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  • Best(Honorable Mention): Old Hero

    There's really nothing special about this particular encounter other than it was the first time I received help from a player that I did not know. We went up to this boss and while we ended up losing the first encounter I quickly learned by watching the other guy how to manipulate the boss to my advantage. The second go-round I won, and quite handily.

    Best: The Bed of Chaos

    The entire experience of fighting this boss, from sliding down into its chamber and slowly taking it apart piece by piece was one of the most intense and gratifying experiences in the entire game. It wasn't the most challenging boss, but it was probably the most fair and aesthetically "pleasing" of all the boss encounters I had in any of these games(thus far).

    Worst: Seath the Scaleless

    Fuck.This.Boss. I went up against this particular opponent probably more times than any other opponent in all of Dark Souls. Seath was easily the only thing more frustrating than those archers, and both had me come close to rage quitting this game. Glad I didn't.
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  • Lol vamp, rekt. :)  I wish I'd made some Bloodborne or DS2 videos, but I never think to do it. I might do some videos with Dark Souls 3 if I remember. 

    I'd be interested to hear the opinions about the Shadows of Yharnam boss from people choosing the Ruin Sentinels as worst boss. 

    How about joke (ie, easy) bosses? I love how From always put a joke boss or 2 in their games (King Allant, Pinwheel, Prowling Magus and Congregation, Celestial Emissary for example). 

    My vote for best joke boss is also from Bloodborne. In one of the chalice dungeons one of the bosses is a Maneater Pig. 1 pig. I also like Celestial Emissary because his attacks look pretty comical sometimes. 

    Worst boss. I guess it's the Dragonrider Twins from Dark Souls 2 for me. We'd already had a Dragonrider boss, and it was pretty run of the mill the first time around. Plus the Dragonrider himself was just a fairly unimpressive fat dude with a big stick. I remember going through that fog gate the first time and thinking "oh". 

  • I haven't made it to the Shadows of Yharnam boss yet, so, well, we'll see.
  • And I have yet to play Bloodborne :(

    Pinwheel is hilarious. My entire run of Dark Souls was "oh shit" moments and figured Pinwheel was gonna be the same, so I just ran in guns blazing and slashed Pinwheel a few times and that was it. It was pretty great.

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