Why i like Warframe
  • Total biscuit says it like it is
  • 45 minutes!?! Totalbiscuit's voice is one that grates on my nerves so I won't be watching. Perhaps a few bullet points or a summary? 
  • Tripple a visual quality game, great battle mechanics, it is all about the loot and dressing up your doll, the game doesn't lie that it is about grinding and that you can buy everything if you don't want to, that the game is not perfect it has some bugs, grinding for specific parts can be annoying. Great game if you like blowing up stuff.
  • The grinding sucks. Really really sucks. And even when you get all the parts you have to wait a day for the forge to build it. The dolls are all crappy looking. Silvery blobby things of various sizes. Sure I can dress up my doll, but I hate all my dolls. The battle mechanics are decent, nothing to rave about. The melee combat is downright lame. Lets not even get into the 1001 menu screens and total lack of direction or instruction provided by the game. That weird mechanic where you qualify to rank up, but then have to do some shitty VR mission to actually level up, is annoying and tedious. That sums up the game really, anything you set out to accomplish will be a tedious multi-step process.

    It's good for a free to play game I suppose. And if you do choose to pay, you will pay through the nose. Warframe's pricing system is in the realm of highway robbery imo.
  • I agree with some points, but the main reason that i like this better than Destiny is that it is all there, you don't have to pay, and yes grinding is annoying, but if you join high level players on missions it is a breeze.
    It took me a while to figure, and i spent almost no money. (only warframe and weapon slots) the rest in my opinion is window dressing but a lot of people like that.
    I like games like Warframe. Warthunder and World of warships, you can make it as expensive as you want, youcan pay nothing and still be competitive.
    And i like how you can tailor your warframe to your own playstyle.
  • I like Kantai Collection online game,do you know? 
  • Never heard of that anime game, It doesn't look like my cup of tea.

    I watched this video when the topic was new, and thought I replied. but I guess I forgot.
    It reminds me of a way cooler Phantasy Star Universe. but with nothing but CASTs. 
  • They're the Android race in Phantasy Star Online/Universe. 


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