Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 18/01/16
  • Bloodborne - Lots of chalice dungeons.

    Minecraft - Decided to finally give it a go. It's fun, more fun than I expected.

    Toukiden - It was free on PS+ this month. If you like Monster Hunter or God Eater you might want to check this one out.

    Mario 3D - Finished up all the bonus stages and then discovered to get to the true final stage you have to collect all stars and all stamps and all everything really. I can't see myself having the patience to do all that.

    I'm already fantasizing about Dark Souls 3. Might take a week off work when it comes out.
  • Thanks to it coming out on PC, I've been giving Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen another chance. 60fps and no load times honestly make a huge difference in this game. I don't waste time waiting. It's neat. But I'm not enthralled yet. I will give it more of a chance this time.
  • I was under the impression Drag's Dog was released on PC ages ago. That explains why so many people are talking about it again now.

    Dragon's Dogma was one of my faves of whatever year it was that it came out. It had some tedium, but overall it was a great experience. The story and writing were well done too, with one of the cleverest endings I'd seen in a while.

    "I'd never dream of invading m'lord's privacy whilst he's invading m'lady's privates"

    NoobToob at large dropped the ball fucking big time naming it worst game of the year.
  • That wasn't my fault, I just tallied the votes :(
  • Don't worry, no bullets for the messenger. :p
  • We named DD worst of the year? That seems fucking harsh, and misled. Game still makes me taste grit in my teeth. There's something dusty about it, and I'm not talking about the American Dream, daddeh.
  • 244 pounds uh sssolid sssteel!

    I got uh PATENT on disss bodeh!
  • Epke, I've now finished all the dungeons with 6 characters, and just started 2 new characters. I'm playing using the Japanese version and I've noticed a lot of weird shit happening. I didn't realize the confederate leaderboards were segregated either. Looks like each region has their own list. Also enemy spawn bugs all over the place. I had one really freaky glitch in one of the dungeons yesterday in which the spawn locations of old hags and madmen were reversed.

    Warfighter sucks dude. It doesn't get better. It just sputters out like diarrhea without any satisfying conclusion. Just suck it up and kill Amygdala already.

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