Oculus Rift 600 dollars
  • So they announced a date and and price and launch games. Anybody buying one? Yuzo bought a dev kit years ago and has been beating the drum for as long as I can remember. If there anything I could imagine Yuzo doing a video on, then this would be it.

    VR looks inevitable but will this be the tipping point? What will be the breakthrough? Looks like Sony will launch later this year. I wonder who will actually have demos and kiosks? PS I love you seems to like the setup on the Sony VR, but worries about the screen. I am not buying anything before a demo. I think Sony will price around 450, but 300ish would be more of a sweet spot. I already have a box of unused Move crap, so clearly I am a sitting duck. Hopefully I can show more judgment and self respect, this time around.
  • I thought it was going to be $300-400. I need to do some research, because I'm not sure why it needs such a demanding system as well. 

  • Couple years back, Oculus head dude said $600 was too much and that $350 or so was really what they wanted to aim for. Whoops.
  • I bought one. I have zero hope for PS VR being anything outside of a very strict gaming space, so that's why I'm happy to cast my lot with Oculus. They're selling at cost, as well, so I wouldn't expect anything very good for less.

    It's their first iteration, so it's expensive. It won't take off yet. I'm mostly curious about the terrible shit that people warn devs NOT to do. Things that will make people sick of crazy. Like "fall down a pit sim 2016" is so up my alley. I want to get upset.
  • Keep us posted. Yeah Oculus looks like the higher quality and will have more stuff. IF Sony can create something compelling, with good games, they could crush it. A 300 dollar VR that runs on a 300 dollar box would appeal to a ton of people. We will see.
  • Games are nice but man, the non-game stuff is friggin FASCINATING to me. I'm pretty excited to just get experiences I can't get anywhere else. I want to vomit in my chair.
  • To me it has all the drawbacks of Move, Kinect, and 3D TV all in one, and I really couldn't give a shit. It'd be fun for a few novelty plays, but I can't imagine spending hours on end with it. The price tag doesn't bother me, if it catches on it'll become more affordable; if it doesn't there won't be any tears shed here. I still have my doubts about the current gen of consoles, let alone this.
  • This seems super interesting for a VR type of thing.

  • I've never used a VR device before so I can't really speak on the value of it but the device has never seemed too interesting to me. 

    I don't like the idea of total emersion as I kind of want to know what is going on in and around me while I'm gaming. I also tend to be doing other things while I'm playing a game. Most of the stuff I do is mundane (like laundry, reading emails, listening to podcasts, drinking some soda/water or getting some stuff together for my next day of work) so being unable to look around at other things in the room doesn't sound too great.

    The other thing that puts me off is the idea of something sitting on my head and requiring me to move constantly. I know it sounds stupid but I'm wondering how much movement is required and how heavy the thing is.

    Anyway it's all a moot point for me as I don't have a PC let alone a PC capable of running a Oculus Rift (or being able to afford a Rift and PC).
  • I wait until pornhub joins in with their version, and it will be more affordable to the masses, this is nice for the tech junkies, but for it to succeed it needs to affordable to the masses and has software that aren't just gimmick games. i'll wait.

    Jim Sterling makes some good points
  • I tried a VR device in Canada and I had a blast. However, it felt more like a novelty than something I would own. Maybe that will change as they get more sophisticated and cheaper. 
  • @Ashgooner Think FIFa 17 with VR  support the visceral experience when you make a schwalbe or when you slide and break an opponent team player's shin bone, it will be glorious! ;)
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  • Never played a VR device. 600$ seems pretty steep. @Epke I tend to agree with Jim that I will let it become more established and mainstream before I drop silly money.
  • Sony just announced PSVR for 399. They seem to have hit the price point sweet spot again. Now they just need compelling offerings. It will have a cinematic mode for watching video on a virtual 225 inch screen. I just don't think the image quality will be good enough to make it the preferred method for watching Netflix and such, but hope springs eternal. Goes on sale in October. I cannot buy this at launch. I have to try it and see if Sony's rig will fit my giant head. If it does not I will go home and cry myself to sleep... on my enormous pillow.

    Oh yeah, and the HTC rig came out at 800 bucks, to go with your three thousand dollar computer, and the two hundred dollar barrel that they bent you over.
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  • You know Sony is going to mess it all up by making it require a Vita memory card or something. ;)
    Maybe their VR glove too. jk :P
  • There are a ton of ways to fuck it all up. If they don't have amazing things to play and do, then it will be Move all over again. I have been surprised that VR has not pushed the giant TV angle more. Poor folks in trailers would love to have the 6 '6" NFL player be 6'6", all for less money than a giant TV.
  • Sony is cheaper? what is the world coming too! :p
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  • My opinion is unchanged. Zero fucks given. If people want to play games with a pair of binoculars strapped to their faces more power to them. I'll take a TV and controller.
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  • @Dr Flibble As for the moment IE current gen tech. I tend to agree.
  • In 2 years when everything is polished, our PC's are ready, the game library is there, & we see price drops, is when the experience will be worth trying.Out the box, you know there will be some issues to be fixed and the games won't be up to par with what we'd expect. Once devs get the hang of creating for this new platform and make innovative experiences is when I would jump. We still don't know what the pricing of the Rift controllers will be (although I'd still be more interested in the Rift + traditional controller). Playstation VR still looks nice, but I'm not sure about anything at this point.

    Keep in mind, the bundle for Playstation VR with the Playstation Camera&Move is $499.99.
  • First gen is always wonky. That being said, if I demo PSVR, and it's fun and comfortable, then I am probably dunfor. I hope Samsung continues to try to make my giant phone my VR. Hopefully next gen, they will get it to talk to my PC.
  • It'll be interesting to see how the PS4.5 and Xbox1.5 are utilized with VR.
  • But but Dr Flibble  but all the eroge possibilities with VR :P
  • I personally quite like VR as someone with the Oculus.

    I think technically they're shitty gen 1 products and I think they need to reach >144fps, (preferably as that's about how fast fighter pilots can go up to) as well as having a pixel density that I can't notice. As it stands, I can still see the blocks and light bleed in between, with there still being blurring when I move my head quickly.

    This causes headaches with anything prolonged.


    My experience with VR is a lot more quiet and subdued.

    I used it in Minecraft 1.6 and it was quite nice looking about, however the movement not matching my ear drums made me sick after a while. And then when you have that drop because you're digging down or didn't hold left shift hard enough - that and the frame rate blur was just gross.

    That journey around the solar system (the 10 minute one) was quite pleasant because you were in an anti-grav ship that sort of scuttled about. The illusion of it synced with my ear drums and was very pleasant. However, when you try and squint and see further and all you see are the blocky pixels of the Oculus; you are snapped back into realising you're just some douchebag with a pair of shitty binoculars on. The sense of scale you get with that was wonderful and very zen. This is one of those VR experiences that I recommend to everybody. I wish that you didn't have to hover click to initiate the ride and that it could be kept in auto mode for non-technical people as I found the UI to be the greatest encumbrance.

    I think because I love cars and motorcycles in real life so much, my brain went into overtime with Project Cars to fall for the illusion. When I played Formula 1 for the first time on the PS3 with the rain on; it felt amazing and like the insane thing I'd ever played. You know when the PS3 just came out there was nothing to play but a handful of demos on the store (including that rubber ducky one!). Project Cars felt like that. It's new technology, the graphical fidelity with the shading and lighting was amazing, and it was such a new experience that I liked it a lot. You know that feeling of vertigo you get in platformers or that sense of speed you get in some racing games? That high of "oh my, this is a bit fast"? If you can feel it with a screen, I'd like to reason that you can feel it with VR - shitty frame rate and pixel density included. I really liked this but I don't feel a sense of achievement in Project Cars so I have more beef with the game. Its sort of like everything is unlocked and you get this play ground. I wish it was tiered and progressional like Forza or Gran Turismo. You know, I just want to have a narrative and earn my way up and have a reason to drive some of the cars so that I get to know them because on my own accord, I have the attention span of a cat.

    Elite Dangerous was an entirely pleasant play actually.
    Because you are seated in the cock pit and can assume your gravity is constant because its futuristic and whatnot; the ear drum thing gets a pass.
    I liked being able to look around and have that intuitive plane to see things. In a firefight without VR, you kind of can but can't really pivot your head while still flying the ship. But with VR, its seamless and not even a thought. Anybody who has toggled right for the menus in Elite will know what I'm talking about.
    I liked this game with VR a lot and played it enough that I feel I would want to continue with VR. The quiet time I get and extra plane of intuitive pivoting is nice.

    I don't think its worth it for the average consumer at this price but I am excited that people have this new blip in gaming where they want to play and visit games again.

    I'm going to buy the HTC Vive VR set when I can rut out some time for myself. I'm also going to use this as extra incentive to upgrade my otherwise old graphics card that can't even play Assassin's Creed Syndicate (which I was very hyped about punching Englishman in the face).

    The first when I do when I get back to Sydney from London though is get a PS4 for Ratchet and Clank and also the the playstation VR or morpheus or whatever its called now. It'll be shitty compared to the other VR headsets but the gameboy was shitty compared to the home consoles and I still had a blast with Pokemon and Tetris. I'd like to play some immersive titles from Sony and what they have in the pipeline given how big of a fan I am with their studios.
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  • This thread has been on the back of my mind.

    We don't motion sick from playing games now even though the accelerometers in our ears don't feel the motion because we're used to it.

    I mentioned that I wished my ears were onboard too but in hindsight, I think that was all folly in that VR's illusion will probably, eventually be as accepted as screens. I feel stupid for even mentioning that as a critical point now.


    I spent tonight replacing my old 680 with a Titan so I've pretty much committed to VR on PC first now.

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