Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/01/16
  • Well, well, well -  a whole new year.  It's a leap year too, so a whole extra day for gaming in there somewhere.  That also means it's an Olympics year and the football European Championship too.  That's all jolly exciting, but we're not interested in physical exploits here (at least, not in this thread) we want to know how you've used video games to celebrate the New Year...

    I failed to write anything down over the festive period so here's how I closed out the year vidya gaems-wise.

    (360) FIFA 14 Lots of nights this month when I've been a little tired but not tired enough to go to bed and FIFA remains perfect for a quick bash under those circumstances.  Blackpool continue to roll over anyone and everyone they come across and hoover up the brightest and best talent in Europe.  I keep looking at that difficulty setting and considering a bump up, but...nah.

    (360) Forza Motorsports 4 As above in terms of fun for a quick game at the end of the night.  Have been consuming a bit of car-based media over the holidays and that made me want to do some more races and paint some more race cars.

    (360) Red Dead Redemption Done and dusted on New Year's Eve and I'm glad to have that finished before I put any work into my Game of the Gen list - I've listed my frustrations with the controls and scripting/mission design of this game on here enough times, but I don't think I've ever felt as engaged with the journey of a video game protagonist as I have done with the one of John Marston.  The rise-and-fall of pacing of the game's action, the sense of boundless space that the environments have, the fantastic voice acting and world-building - all of that made me care a great deal about the world of Red Dead and I generally enjoyed my time with it.

    One last gripe from me before I assign Red Dead to the 'completed' shelf (at least until I get in the mood to dive back into Undead Nightmare) - I wish there hadn't been so many major story missions that relied on mini-games that you might not have interacted with since the first time you were introduced to them at the start of the game (some 40-odd hours previously, possibly).  The horse-breaking mission once you return to your ranch near the end of the game might have been the single story mission that took me the most time of all of them and very nearly had me throwing my controller in frustration.  The less said about how important duels are at the end the better, too...

    OK, that's enough from me.  Post your first WiG of MMXVI!
  • Not a whole lot of gaming because of holiday travel and all but...

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (PC)

    Really old Star Wars game that is kind of janky now and badly needs a map function, but has fantastic attention to detail for the time. Rain falls and sizzles and evaporates when it meets your lightsaber, which also burns indents into doors and walls temporarily. I've played a few missions so far and it's retro style lightsaber fun. You can also play it as an FPS as opposed to a TPS melee game, but the shooting is much more meh and less satisfying than slicing and dicing through.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): I hadn't logged on in a long time, so I did, collected my daily reward, and then started but did not complete one whole quest. Dang.

    I have a PS4 now so I am going to be playing stuff on that in the coming era of my life probably.
  • It's a good machine.

    And now we, the people of noobtoob, demand that you play Bloodbourne.

    One of us.
    One of us.
  • I had a whole 2 days off for Christmas and 3 days off for the New Year. I know right how lucky am I? Well with my small amount of free time, I played Forza Motorsport 6, while also listening to game of the year podcasts. This game is pretty awesome and a perfect game to turn the sound down. Listen to podcasts or watch other stuff on a second screen.

    From listening to said podcasts I heard quite a lot about Life is Strange. Therefore, it was in the back of my mind when I saw it on sale on the Xbox one dash. Bought it right away. I am currently part way through Episode 3. It's amazing. The puzzles using the time travel mechanic are really interesting and hey who would have thought a story about a teenage girl at boarding school would be my favourite narrative in gaming all year.

    Another game I picked up on sale was The Nathan Drake Collection. On Sunday I made a start onUncharted: Drake's Fortune for a second time. Uncharted for me is the best series from last gen. This was the first game I played on the PS3 and instantly I was hooked. I love these games and now is a perfect time to revisit the trilogy. Just before the release of 4 (a day after my birthday may I add).
  • I tried Roundabout for about an hour and really enjoyed it. I expected it to be shallow and lacking in depth but it wasn't, it's really great.

    Tried Warhammer: Vermintide. Really, REALLY enjoyed that. Can't wait to play more. A differently balanced Left 4 Dead style game in the Warhammer (not 40k) universe. Very fucking grim, which is great.

    Tried Galak-Z and didn't really like it, but I want to try it again to be sure.

    Went BACK to Dawn of War II, the vanilla and Chaos Rising expansion, to play through the story with someone who has no familiarity with 40k. Pretty great game still, very enjoyable, and Davian Thule showing up near the end as a Dreadnaught was such a sad but righteous thing. Great co-op story modes.

  • Uncharted 2

    It is still great, but I hit a point where I could not figure out how to climb up to the window in question. I felt like Sunny.
  • I will surely play Bloodbourne some day, although I feel I owe more time to its precursors, still, sadly. I never cleared out all of Dark Souls 1 or 2, only Demon's.
  • DS2 on PS4 is spose to be pretty sweet.
  • Fallout 4
    Not much to talk about here. Collected all the bobble-heads, now just tracking down the rest of the achievements. The more time I put into this game, the more it doesn't feel as good as previous Fallout titles. There's still something missing I can't quite put my finger on for this one. A disappointment in many ways, but good in others.

    I still like the settlement stuff.

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack The Ripper
    Finally got around to playing this after having it sitting on my console for a month or so. It's great. The new changes to combat are neat, but it feels like it's going to be a pretty short experience. The whole aspect of playing with fear and scaring your enemies is a nice touch. 

    Not only that, but the Frye twins seem to have aged like normal people should as the DLC takes place about twenty years after the core game. The whole aspect with Jack The Ripper adds a somewhat 'horror' touch which is a nice thing for the Assassin's Creed franchise.

  • What have i been playing over the holidays?

    Shadows of mordor PS4
    I kind of like it the open world, sneaking and such, map is too small though, and button input seems to be laggy sometimes and when you are chasing some enemy and your character decides to stick to some wall :(

    Bloodborne PS4
    Played this a lot with Herr Flibble, got killed a lot of course, doing the chalice dungeons which are a good way to level up, but like always my timing sucks and i have some times trouble reading the bosses moves.

    Warframe PS4
    Stuck at a story mission, you need a stealthy warframe or a helpfull team to get trough a spy mission 

    Freedom wars Vita
    Finished the main story just playing for resources and  getting years of my sentence, the net code kind of sucks. It doesn't seem to understand that i live in Japan. so other people hosted games net speeds are often off.

    Alien Isolation PS4
    Stopped playing this. Like the setting, like the creepiness, but the alien mechanics are completely random IMHO after the fith time i scanned and the alien dropped in front of my nose i had enough.

    Bladestorm PS4
    Borrowed this, liked it on the PS3 but only played it only a little because i have to reacquaint myself with the mechanics. 

    Xcom the bureau PS3
    Dis a few story missions

    Rocketbirds Vita
    Got to the second level, not really jiving with me ;)

  • Congrats on finishing Red Dead Redemption @Littleg guess you finally now get to play Skyrim ;)

    (Xbox One) Fallout 4 - Starting to play this less and less now. I've gone past 5 days of game time and I'm liking the main quest even less now. Think I might give it a rest for a bit until the DLC comes out.

    Think I want to move onto a different game but I'm not too sure what I want to play.
  • So I put about an hour into Assassin's Creed Rogue and it's a lot better than expected.
  • Thanks, @amardilo although I don't know if congratulations seem entirely appropriate given it's taken me nearly 5 months to haul myself through that game.  Also - Ha! Skyrim!  I think I need to have an open-world break before I give that a go.  I've been scanning my backlog to see if there's anything short that jumps out at me as a post-Red Dead refresher.

    In fact, I posted it over on Twitter yesterday asking for suggestions, but let's see what everyone here has to say...

    Current Backlog:
    •  Assasin's Creed II
    •  Asura's Wrath (Epilogue)
    •  Batman: Arkham Asylum
    •  Battleblock Theatre
    •  Battlefield 3/4
    •  Bayonetta
    •  Bionic Commando Re-armed
    •  Bioshock Infinite
    •  Borderlands 2
    •  Crackdown
    •  Darksiders
    •  Dive:Kick
    •  Dishonoured
    •  Dragon Age: Origins
    •  Dust: An Elysian Tale
    •  Fable II
    •  Far Cry 2
    •  Fez
    •  Final Fantasy XIII
    •  Forza Horizon
    •  Half Life 2 (incl Ep 1&2)
    •  Halo 4
    •  Hell Divers
    •  Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    •  Iron Brigade
    •  Kane & Lynch 2
    •  LA Noire
    •  Lost Odyssey
    •  Luftrausers
    •  Mark of the Ninja
    •  Metro 2033
    •  Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
    •  Outland
    •  Payday 2
    •  Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
    •  Red Faction Guerilla
    •  Resident Evil 4
    •  Saints Row 3
    •  Skyrim
    •  Spec Ops: The Line
    •  Spelunky
    •  The Last of Us
    •  The Walking Dead S1
    •  The Witcher 2
    •  Titanfall
    •  Tomb Raider: Underworld
    •  Tomb Raider (reboot)

  • I told you to play Divekick since it's complete trash and you'll be done with it in 5 mins, if not less. I would actually recommend:

    K&L 2
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Forza Horizon

    All are not long games - but ones you can easily get through. If anyone calls out a long-ass game, say no. You need to maintain your sanity and actually make progress.

    Quick games you can get the essence of in a day:
    Battleblock Theatre

    Under no circumstances play these:
    Walking Dead S1
    Monaco (zero fun without friends)
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Halo 4
    LA Noire
    Payday 2
    The Last of Us
    Witcher 2

    Not because they're bad, but because they will not fit in your life or be a colossal misuse of your time.
  • Batman jumps off that list to me. All humans like that game. Dishonered would be next. Very Bioshocky, more than infinite, which is weird. Helldivers if you want some fast stupid twin stick fun. Helldivers is great and you will know in two minutes if this will be a regular evening appointment or not. Get the mech, it is cheap and fun. Last of Us is amazing, but it is emotional, especially if you have kids, and is best played in long chunks. It ain't fast or casual.
  • For what it's worth, I err on the side of the oldest games first in a backlog, as for most people, stuff doesn't always age well, and each year divorced from release may see another bunch of features of modern games you wished you had while playing it. If you're relatively immune to that kind of thing, and/or willing to put up with anachronisms (because you have no life, such as me), then ignore this suggestion.
  • Batman jumps out at me too from that list dude. It's an amazing game. Some would say (me) the best in the series.
  • @Epke

    Finish Isolation! There's ways to deal with the randomness of the alien. I found myself more scared/wary of the androids.
  • @Manio  really? the androids always have their pattern, when my annoynment level has decreased a certain level i will try again. 
  • Does anyone play Titanfall these days?

    My week was pretty straightforward:

    Bloodborne - Every night. Going through the chalice dungeons with Epke. I finished all of them on my 2nd character and now caught up to him with a 3rd character.

    Mario 3D - Going through the post-story star missions.

    That's about all.
  • I sold Titanfall like two weeks after buying it.
  • I keep looking at it wondering. They released a horde mode and I own the season pass. I should jump back in I finished in level 48. If not just to finish the last 2 levels prestige or whatever they call it.
  • I still like Titanfall. After all, it's basically free.
  • It was fun for awhile, the game modes they have since added were fun. It tried to make multiplayer FPS gameplay more accessible in several ways, and I think that deserves credit, even if it didn't necessarily do enough to matter much in the end. It was a very fluid fun shooter for the most part, just not enough legs.
  • I played Titanfall recently and didn't have any problems getting into a game.

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