Spoilertastic Force Awakens discussion
  • I figured there were a few of us who wanted to talk about Force Awakens, in all it's glory and spoilers, without wrecking it for others.  So if you have not seen the movie, probably you should click away.

    So I really liked this movie, and it also really tries to get down to the essence of the original trilogy.  This allows for several branches of discussion.  Does it adhere to closely to the original plot and themes?  It also is clearly taking the whole Jedi/Sith lore in some new directions, as we restart, yet again, with the Jedi being nearly extinct.  Do we like the new rules for our savant pseudo padawan and savant pseudo Sith?  Finally, how many tears over Han?  Sweet old Han.
  • Mostly I want to know if Rey is Luke's kid or another Solo kid or what. And who the hell Snoke is (and why he is on the Palpatine skincare regime). And the full backstory behind Kylo Ren's fall. And how did Maz Kanata get Luke's saber.

    I don't really think we needed another trench run, and it glossed over the whole "we just blew up a bunch of planets" even worse than JJ did in Star Trek with the Vulcan homeworld. 

    I felt like Rey got to her force powers too quickly. Like the force persuasion on the trooper. How would she know that? Luke didn't learn force persuasion until episode 6. And then both her and Finn standing up in a ligthsaber duel against Kylo Ren seemed a bit wrong. Ren may not be fully trained in the dark side, as we learn, but he did train under Luke for awhile and probably knows his stuff. But thank goodness the duel felt more heavy and samurai than the over-the-top-ness of the prequels.

    Ren's smarmyness and temper tantrums and immaturity humanize more than pretty much any Sith we've seen besides maybe Palpatine. I liked that.

    Rey is best.

    Boba Fett is alive so I guess that offshoot is definitely happening.

    I hope Rey and Finn doesn't end up a romance because that would be the most dull relationship in how predictable and usual it'd be. They should just be good friends.

    Why is the Resistance so militarily weak if they have the backing of the Galactic Republic? Like really. They should have probably had more than 20 X-Wings or whatever. I'm guessing there isn't a story reason for this so much as JJ just wanted ragtag good guys vs. bad guys again. 

    Having the Solo kid be named Ben was weird. In the original EU, Luke named one of his kids Ben, I'm not sure the Solo's knew Obi-Wan well enough to honor a kid that way but oh well.

    I'm seeing it again today so I'll see how it holds up but it is a lot of fun, even if it does reuse things a bit much. It is refreshing to see Star Wars with good acting and a good script.
  • If this is good acting and good script, then how did bad acting and bad script get 10 of 10? Had to say, done now,sorry.

    First, no more Death Stars, ever. Planet killers are fine, but it cannot be a sphere firing a big gun, ever again.

    Outside of that, I am fine with essence of Star Wars repeating. A savior is found in the dessert. The redemption of family is all consuming. They have mixed up elements of the characters. Luke is now a girl and Leia is a black man, but it's 2015 and I am cool with that.

    Kylo is the focus for me. The two good guy leads we saw a bunch of were great, but the new openly tortured Vader is where this cycle is gonna live and die. I hope they flip the script and lop his head off in the third one. Partly it's because he killed Han. Partly it's because he tries for my pity too hard. Vader never asked for my pity. I like my sociopaths cold. I was rooting for Tony Soprano to get killed at the end of season one, and never watched anymore. I wish Mr. Swerrigen were still on TV.

    That final fight was great, but boy it was not Jedi/Sith. After seeing Kylo stop a blaster, it was weird. I know he is not fully trained, and was also gut shot by a wookie, but it sure seemed like he should just swing through them, vmmm, vmmmm. I love Rey, but that was JJ quick, not Lucas slow. I imagine we will start the next one with both fully trained, ala Luke at the start of Return of the Jedi.
  • If I wasn't so emotionally stunted, I would have balled when Han died. I completely saw it coming and was whispering "No, please don't" through the scene and was gutted when it happened. That's the power of Star Wars; I saw it coming and the moment still resonated.

    Regarding the final fight: it's a stretch that those two could remotely hold their own. Had their been a bit of dialogue about how he wanted to take them in and not kill them, then I could see how they'd manage to get away. Considering it was clearly a fight for survival, I don't completely buy it but I am willing to accept it with hope that future films do a better job.

    I really liked how they paralleled The First Order with the Jedi in that both take young children and indoctrinate them into their worlds. I hope they really build off of that and tackle those quasi religious and political doctrines in this film series.

  • And what is it with Star Wars and man made shafts? Anybody significant dies, or has a part cut off, and it has to fall down a shaft lit with airway lights. Can you imagine how expensive health care is in this particular galaxy? Every time you remove an appendix, you gotta chuck in down a hugely costly metal shaft. Maybe Obi One was just trying to lead by example and lower costs by disappearing. Nobody seems to have paid attention, other than master Yoda. And yes, after they cremated Vader, I am certain that they threw the ashes down a shaft.
  • I loved the final fight. It was dirty, non-choreographed, and something we haven't really seen in Star Wars yet. I loved it.

    The build-up to Han getting killed by Kylo Ren was killing me in the theater last night. I saw it coming when he stepped out onto that platform, and was saying "No, god no" to myself the entire time. My buddy complained about Kylo Ren coming off too "whiny" and not as bad ass as Vader, but it was part of his build-up. Vader was a bad dude for a long time compared to Kylo.

    Kylo has conflict inside himself which is a nice change of pace from all the previous baddies we've seen. I liked it.

  • I loved it.

    I loved that it all moved to so fast.
    I loved that they built Fin up to be like a Jedi and it was Rey instead.
    I loved Fin's "just use the force" line with Han.
    I loved that Rey is a badass. Is she Luke's spawn or love child?
    I loved that Han finally died like he wanted to. It was a great ending and his movie.
    I loved all the damn in jokes and nostalgia tugs like Han using Chewy's cross bow and how over powered it was.
    I loved Kylo Ren's uncertain, fear/insecurity-driven antagonist character. You want to hate on him for being whiny John Snow but I feel that having a bad guy that isn't so far gone evil and actually kind of vulnerable is super cool.
    I loved BB-8 (especially the thumbs up) and was so sad when he was sidelined by R2D2 at the end.
    I loved when Death Star #3 started sucking up that star - now that's bad ass. But I kind of hope we never see another Death Star again. (How many times guys? Seriously?)

    I love that I'm getting a Star Wars movie every year now. I don't care if its Disney milking this franchise for every dollar that it is. If they're all as passable as this, they can take my money and bukkake that milk all over my face.

    Yes. All the yes.
  • Several people have mentioned it, but I will mention it again. The film didn't need to go down the planet destroying weapon yet again. It was done twice in the originals and that was one too many even then. The First Order can be a threat to the galaxy without a weapon that can destroy planets. It's a shame because the film handled it's 'nods' to the originals really well. 

    Great to see a strong female lead in Rey. My only gripe with her character's development is how quickly she went from no knowledge of the force to force persuasion and beating Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel. We didn't see Luke fighting Vader until Episode 5 and beating him until Episode 6. 

    Definitely the funniest Star Wars by a long way. Some have criticised it for having too much, but I didn't really have that issue.

    The use of lighting in Solo's death scene was fantastic. Huge props to JJ for that.

    BB-8 for me has outdone R2-D2 and C-3PO after just one film. The droid's design allows it to express far more emotion than R2.    
  • @GoodEnoughForMe  Rey is clearly Luke and Leiya's forbidden love child :P
    When Vader's grandchild was sucking the info out of Rey, she turned it back on him and sucked info out of him, it was uncontrolled so i think she sucked out some if not all his knowledge/skills on the force.

    Why where the rebellion called the rebellion aren't they the Senate's forces?

    Yeah no more deathstars, we put all our resources in one basket and it blew in our face 3 times, lets do it again!

    Fin is out of it for a while, enough time for chewie and rey to get it on ;)

  • Yeah, I'm starting to think she has to be Luke's kid, and Luke banged an inner rim/upper status person, thus Rey's accent, which is not a native Jakku accent.
  • Did anyone else notice Daniel Craig's voice cameo? He's the Stormtrooper that Rey uses the Mind Tricks on!

    Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan from the prequels) has a voice cameo in there too when Rey has the force visions.
  • Spolier

    I did not like
    this film, the film felt like episode four all over again. But unlike that movie, this was done really really bad.

    1. Rey:

    I have nothing against a strong  female  lead. I mean two of my favorite films have strong female lead ..Star wars (Leia) Alien (Ripley) What I bothered me that JJ abhram way to emphasize this character, "See, see female are strong, "see, see she dont need an male"

    I understand why  He chose to make the movie like this. he wanted to make a film target toward women(Femininsm accept movie) ...
    there are better ways to do this  (Ripley) For now, the film was nothing more than how will Rey handle this situation ... ABC ..
    which took away  the tension, due of she could do anything. Since she is a strong woman who have nothing to fear.

    2. Finn
      Overpower Janitor that shoot better then most of his fellow stormtropper.
    His reason from stepping away from the new order.
    I dont wanna kill anymore.. But i don't mind shooting my own fellow stormtrooper friends.

    3. Kyle
    Whiny guy that got beaten by a janitor and a scavage hunter. And he is an almost an sith

    4. Han solo death.

    WHY NOT HAVE ANY FORM OF CEREMONY TO HIM???? To honor all the things that he have done, I mean he's a war hero....

    5. Deathstar part 3

    6.Luke zero moment.

  • My only gripe with the film was Kylo with his mask off... But since he has a big ass scar across his face now, hopefully we won't be seeing much of that in the future haha
  • I went to watch it with my girlfriend last night. I loved it. Yeah it's not perfect but it is by far the easiest Star Wars film for a new comer to jump into.

    My girlfriend loved it too. She fully got behind Rey and had millions of questions about the universe and the lore for me after the film, which led to a pretty fun post film meal sharing that interest with her.

    I have to say Kylo does not look like a dark side leader to me. I suppose it fits with the spoilt child image they are going for. Angry at Han Solo. His look and whole attitude when something doesn't go his way.

    Rey. Luke's daughter. Surely right? She responded to Luke's lightsaber. But then Ben said it was "his" when he saw it for the first time. Her being Han and Leia's daughter would fit the sibling theme from the original trilogy I suppose.

    Finn as a character interests me the most of all the cast. He brought a sense of comedy to the film. Also the lack of knowledge of his skill set and how he will become useful is kinda fresh.
  • You can always tell a Milford man.
  • A couple elements of the film bothered me a little bit, even though I was thoroughly impressed overall. I really wanted to see more of Poe Dameron. Oscar Isaac is wonderful and the new Han Solo of these films (<3 you Han, RIP). I was disappointed when he disappeared shortly after starring in the best opening scene of any Star Wars film yet. There was no real explanation when he suddenly reappeared on Takodana. Hopefully he'll have a bigger role in the next film (along with Phasma).
  • Saw it again. It holds up well. I had less problem with the final duel. Good stuff, but Star Wars will not be Star Wars for this generation. Nothing will be that be that ubiquitous at this point.
  • I deduced that the riot trooper who attacked fin was another Latrine buddy using his toilet un-clogger as a weapon.
  • jesus CHRIST the sexual tension with Ren and Hux. That shit was off the charts.

    I feel Phasma is a droid. Seemed like one.
  • Phasma was woefully underutilized, sadly. Hopefully she has a bigger role in 8 and 9.
  • I'm not worried. We'll have a bunch of Phasmas! Or at least another one, since DROIDS IS DROIDS. There's plenty of reason to think so, too.
  • If she is a droid why did she give up the shield codes, a first order droid would be programmed to give its life for the greater good.
  • Self-preservation protocol
  • Ren had sexual tension with everyone, and some objects. Tortured being seeking acceptance from the dead. I hope she lops his head off in 9. He can have a tortured expression frozen on his face..... as the head drops down a huge metal shaft.

    I may start referring to Hux as Stimpy. I am old.
  • I think Snoke is over compensating and is really the size of yoda ;)

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