Steam Winter Sale
  • According to this article:

    The Steam winter sale will start on the 22nd and finish on the 30th. So keep your eyes open as there are normally some ridiculously good deals with regular changes in game prices over the period.
    Do you use Steam?
    1. Do you use Steam?7 votes
        A little, but I am mainly console based.
      1. Reasonably frequently.
      2. All the time it is my primary platform.
  • Unfortunately my PC can not handle games anymore. I picked up life is strange in the last sale. Still need to check that out.
  • @nutta27 There is bound to be a load of low spec titles like indies and older games that your pc can manage.. But i have gotta admit i haven't tried all the games I have picked up in the Sales. I am not a big indie game player myself tbh.
  • I have bought about 150 games or so via Steam, and played maybe 10 of them. I keep deluding myself into believing that I'll get around to them someday, but that day never comes.
  • I gor 'Witcher 3'  for 25 quid/ 

    Go steamI can pick up gta5 or 25 pounds!.I am sure i will get it too soon!
  • Not Steam but I just got LBP3 for 8 bucks. I love LBP, hope this ain't as buggy as I have heard. Edge put LBP3 in its top 50 all time, so here's hoping. LBP tends to be like YouTube for me. You check in every couple of weeks and it's mostly crap with a couple of gems.
  • I got a bunch of Star Wars games I didn't have for super cheap, plus Telltale's GoT and Borderlands games.

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