Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/12/15
  • I'm away at a work conference in Liverpool this week, and the previous week was pretty flat-out in preparation for it.  So no opportunity for significant gaming, and certainly no time for any progress on Red Dead :-[

    (360) FIFA 14 Post-January transfer period is when the fixture congestion really starts to kick in, and I've even had to rest club captain Paul Pogba for a couple of games because he was dragging himself to the final whistle in some of the recent matches.  That still hasn't stopped me beating Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final (through an Anthony Martial hat-trick, all scored in extra time) and coming from behind (fnar) to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in the Champions' League.  Add that to a hat-trick from Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-Junior in a 4-1 demolition of West Ham in the league and things are looking pretty rosy.

    My desire to keep playing this game baffles even me at this stage - it's too easy the way I'm playing at the minute, but the next difficulty level up is too frustrating.  Is that bad game design, or am I just bad at games?  Actually, don't answer that.

    OK, that's it from me.  Help your NT brother out and Come Together to (Paperback) Write(r) your WiG as I need this kind of information In My Life and without it I'd feel like a real Nowhere Man.  Lovely Rita.
  • I am managing to cut down on Fallout 4. Needs to happen. The shakes is bad though, people. Call Doctor Robert. Helter Skelter etc...
  • Fallout 4 (PC): I Googled around at what some people say are some of the best sidequests and am now embarking on one of them, with plans to hit the few others I haven't already done. I have not progressed in the story anymore yet, even though I am very easily able to, maybe because I wanted to see the sidequest's chops of this game. I modded to hell and back a new weapon that is an even bigger upgrade over my previous one, and does a ton of damage to everything in its way.

    The Elder Scrolls Online (PC): I hadn't played in awhile. There have been definite improvements. The early game is faster, you can now steal stuff from anywhere like in any TES game. Their are clearly imbalances in how interesting each faction is at the start. PvP is fun by it gives absolutely woeful XP, and that probably needs to be rectified a bit. The scaling also needs to be cranked up a little bit more, as newbies are mostly useless. I am farther as an elf character than I ever had been previously. It is still a pretty game. Having a horse makes a big difference. I do not care much for the bow though. I should have gone melee. 
  • PS4 Warframe Need to work on some prime parts.

    PS4 Bloodborne Leveled up a little, still waiting for a patch as i still cannot access the DLC :(

    PS4 Far Cry 4 Mostly running around getting collectibles, did a story mission yesterday though ;)

    PSVita Kung Fu Rabbit finished the levels now i have to do it again on hardcore :(

    I tried this months PSN+ games

    PS3 Far Cry 3 Blood dragon I am enjoying, it is very cheesy, but funny, the colors get annoying after a while though.

    PSVita Freedom Wars a game in the same line a monster hunter the story idea is interesting though

    PS4 The Gauntlet it hearkens back to the original series but plays more like a Diablo clone, got my as kicked on hard difficulty

    PSVita Rocketbirds tried this not really my type of game.

    PC world of warships fun little game

  • Working through Dark Souls II on PS3. I'm not far, but I already feel like this game isn't as polished as Demon's Souls or Dark Souls; maybe it's just me.
  • The world is not folded as intricately. Some of the bosses are bullshit. It is easier, which I love. I agree it has a different feel.
  • (Xbox 360)  Dark soul 2: Are a few hours into the game.

    (ps3) Yakuza 3: Started this game yesterday after finish of 1-2.

    (Pc)  Runescape classic: I started on a new character about 4 weeks ago. I Completed dragon slayer quest a couple of day ago and right now,  I'm working on trying to get mining level 70.
    My.combat skills are....50hp/45atk/55str/45def.. My money making skill is mining.
  • Bloodborne - Jolly co-operation.

    Borderlands 2 - Platted it.

    Borderlands Pre-Sequel - Almost platted. I just have to finish up all the side missions and do all the weapon challenges. All the co-op stuff, leveling, and character specific trophies are done.

    Going through the entire Borderlands series back to back has been fun, and the story actually is a lot more coherent and connected than I remember it being. A lot of side quests connect the games in addition to the main plot and characters. For example, in Tales from the Borderlands there is an AI Jack, and in the Pre-Sequel there's a very short and forgettable side mission in which you help Prof Nakayama make the Jack AI. Cool little things like that have made me enjoy this series more than I already did.

    Ratchet & Clank 1-3 HD - Interesting games. I like the 1st and 3rd ones, the 3rd especially, but the 2nd game has a lot of things about it that are just not fun. The 3rd game is clearly what they were aiming for with the 2nd game, but they shot wide of the mark. The vehicles for instance are horrible in 2, but loads of fun in 3. Ditto the side missions. I haven't finished any of the 3 games yet, but that's the impression so far.

    Currently at 99 plats, should be able to get my 100.

    Oh, and I bought a WiiU with Mario 3D and LEGO City too. Maybe I'll set it up and buy some more games for it over the Xmas/New Year vacation.

  • WiiU?Nintendo Fanboy! :P
  • It was cheap and well tis the season to be jolly and consume after all. :)
  • Tales has managed to retroactively make Borderlands a better series. I can't say enough good about that game. What a great thing.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege (Xbox One)
    So, this game is also one of those full-price multiplayer only releases that we've been seeing lately. I've actually been highly enjoying this much more than the recent Battlefront. It's super challenging, and they plan on releasing all future maps, guns, game-modes, and operators (the characters) for free. Atleast they're doing that sort of model with it, instead of charging people the full price for just a multiplayer component, and then doing a ridiculously priced season pass with content locked behind said pay wall.

    And the first update comes out in January, so I'm super excited to see the new modes, operators and stuff we'll be getting.

    I got the Season Pass automatically for being in the press, and it's not really worth it since you'll still get all the future content for free without it. The Season Pass just gives me a slight Renown boost (in-game currency for buying Operators, Skins, Attachments) and from what I believe it gives us the new Operators instantly without having to save up the 20k renown that each of them will cost.

    It's a great game, but I can see why people aren't buying it because of the multiplayer only aspect to it. I think it's worth the $60 price tag, since it hasn't lost it's appeal to me yet like Evolve and Battlefront did. Such a fun game, but I recommend you make sure you've got people to play with. Communication is key here.

    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (Xbox One)
    Just getting those final achievements for the core-game before the Jack The Ripper DLC drops next week. I only need to get the 100% Story Synchronization, and find all of the Secrets Of London and I'll be golden. Luckily, going back and selecting certain chapters makes this so much easier instead of having to replay the entire damn game.

    I'm still really digging this one.

  • Sunny, it's true. I like how Borderlands shows the death of Atlas, then hints at Hyperion. Borderlands Pre-Sequel shows the Hyperion-Dahl war and rise of Jack. Borderlands 2 shows Hyperion hegemony and the end of Jack. And then Tales shows the end of Hyperion and rebirth of Atlas. It all works so well now. I also like how the various vault hunters connect throughout the series.
  • I am getting into some pen & paper action lately.

    D&D 5E
    Had a chance to create a character and join a group in playing the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons! Been a lot of fun. I really got into the Character creation aspect. It was a tough choice but I eventually went with a Dwarf Fighter, a chick named Red Vixen (Red for short..... hehe, for 'short'... heh.... sorry). We had a tiefling wizard and a human paladin at the first session. We started on a fetch quest for an alchemist. The identification of items is something I miss from a really OLLLLLD dos RPG called Aethra Chronicles which I used to play a lot of as a teenager. Anyway, we misidentified a mushroom. Fast forward to the dwarf being the only one able to withstand the poison soup the alchemist made us for dinner because he thought that morel was harmless. Next we had to defend our circled wagons from a zombie / hand horde. After we killed everything off, a particularly dextrous hand monster (think Thing from the Addams Family) was trapped in my iron pot for later study by the wizard. I intend to keep it as a pet. We shall see. All in all, great fun, I only had to use my foot to pry my battleax out of a zombie once. 10/10 would chop again

    Dungeon World
    So, I'm GMing a game of Dungeon world, first session in January. Right now I'm using Roll20 to build a campaign with tokens and game boards and trying to use the whole business that's available for Roll20.

    It's my first-ever time GMing. I'm really glad it's not D&D because Dungeon World seems like a very free and uncomplicated system, which is what I want. I want something we can pick up and play drop-in/episodically in style. Been watching the Games Only Dungeon World eps since they started, and I think it's something I can handle. The major play points are posted free and the book is something like $10 USD. So it's very accessible and very freewheeling and I love that. We're looking for players, if you're into trying something a little different, please sign up!

  • Borderlands Pre-Sequel platted. 100 plat mission accomplished.
  • Dragon age origins - awesome, completed it twice now. I would have overlooked it had it not been for the noobtoob podcast. Thanyou Tobin and Yuzo.

    Trying to play inquisition but cannot get into it. I think there is a way to play it and i am going about it the wrong way, Or maybe it is a crap game i dunno. Gonna check it out again at the weekend.

    A heavily modded PES 2015 , really enjoying it.

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