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  • Not the typical topic we'd have here, but I'm curious as to what kind of food you all consume and why. For those who even remotely follow the "Gaming and Fitness" thread know that I've become a pescatarian and have completely removed all beef, pork, poultry, egg, and dairy products from my diet. I've done this for a varying number of reasons and as time goes on I'm leaning more and more towards potentially becoming a full on vegan. Yet again, what do you all eat and why?
  • I've been living off of soylent for nearly 3 years now.

    Doctors cite my blood work has never been so healthy and I feel immensely better from my previous programmer diet of tuna, crackers, instant noodles and take away.

    My mental/physical energy levels are much more consistent rather than spiking with whatever sugar I consume, and not having to cook or have sit down 'eating time' with a knife and fork gives me back an hour a day. Instead, I've been running during my lunch breaks and consequently my lungs have really improved.
    The cost savings has also been great in that I spend $9 a day on 3 meals where I used to spend at least $15 for lunch, $20 for dinner and $10 for breakfast.

    Its weird and a lot of people will try to talk you out of it with unfounded but genuine concerns so I've learnt to keep this mostly to myself and eat whatever when in the company of other people.
  • I eat pretty much anything, and don't pay much attention to calories and things like that. There's quite a bit of variety in my diet, because Japan is a nation of foodies and culinary geniuses imo, but I do eat Vegemite toast at breakfast almost daily, as it's one of the few Ozzy foods I can get here, or want. I'd kill a vagrant for a box of Weet-Bix sometimes though....

    Other than that I eat sushi maybe once or twice a week because it gives my mouth an orgasm. Anything else is fair game as I come across it. I rarely eat McD's or KFC or shit like that and I don't drink Coke or other soft drinks except on the odd occasion. It's not an active avoidance coming from a desire to eat healthy it's simply that Japan has so many local fast foods that are cheaper and a million times tastier that I just don't think to go there.
  • @sloth how many meals do you replace with Soylent? Is it all meals in a day everyday or just lunch breaks? 

    My diet hasn't been great this year. 

    Last few years I was on a strict calorie intake which was great as I could track everything and monitor my weight and set targets for what I needed to do. But it's getting harder to stick to now due to working longer hours, living further from work and having family commitments so preparing my meals and weighing everything isn't possible. 

    I now no longer calorie count and what I eat at weekends I don't really control as I spend most of my weekend with my relatives and it's not great if I don't eat their food which isn't great as I somehow end up going up 7lbs in 2 days and feeling like crud and then have to spend the next 5 days trying to get it off instead of focusing in on a goal (which isn't going well as I'm up 6lb of fat this year). I should say the food I eat at the weekends is great but it's not good for what it ends up doing to me.

    My current diet consist of: 
    Weekday Mornings
    2 Slices of wholemeal bread with some dark chocolate peanut butter
    40g of rolled oats mixed with 10g of Flax Seeds, 10g of Pea Protein Powder all mixed in water (about 300ml water)
    2 cups of coffee with a little almond milk (35-40ml combined)
    1 multivitamin

    Weekday Lunch
    1 Pear
    1 Apple
    400ml Chocolate Protien Shake (more as a way to fill me up than anything)
    2 cups of coffee (I drink this during my entire work day but I count this as part of my lunch)

    Weekday Evening
    90g (uncooked) Brown Basmati Rice (I eat it cooked though)
    1 serving of meat with a load of vegetables and spices (whatever I have I can mix together and is enough to eat with the rice) 
    1 330ml can of Diet Coke

    I also have about 8 total glasses of water during the day.
  • The blood of the innocent.
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  • Salads, oatmeal, microwavable rice things, microwavable canned things, cereal, pop-tarts, try to keep it to about 1400-1500 calories a day. Not a lot of nutrition in my diet because I mostly buy only super cheap and super easy.
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  • I'm on the same boat as @GoodEnoughForMe. @Dr Flibble I'd eat sushi twice or more a week if it wasn't so expensive around here.

    Lots of fast food and take out, usually have eggs, bread and whole milk for breakfast. Dinner is white rice and chicken/steak/pork chops.

    Being Cuban means delicious greasy unhealthy food all day every day. But my taste buds are satisfied.
  • Lots of sushi when I can.

    Lots of homemade goodies too. I've taken a decent amount of small little culinary courses in me lifetime, and it's an awesome hobby for me. Nothing too fancy though, I'm not one of those people. However, I'm doing a huge Christmas dinner for a few family members and myself. A big ole turkey, and then I take the little organ bag they give with it, and cook those little organs in with the stuffing. It's to die for, honest.

    I do enjoy the extremely unhealthy greasy food item from time to time. There's a wonderful pizza place in my city, and one of the pies is like 5 pounds, and is an insane deep-dish. It's won like numerous awards and stuff. It's excellent, but so damn expensive.

    I have recently been on a huge sushi craze though, as mentioned high above in this ole post. There's an excellent sushi place about a block away from my apartment, and it's $15 per person for all you can eat. The dude brings in fresh fish daily from the local market about a few blocks away, and prepares it right in front of my face. Since it's all you can eat and there's a wide selection I aim to try new things every-time I go.

    I always have to get these amazing fried crab sushi with a spicy sauce on the top of it. I could pound back servings of those rolls for days, they're so damn good. That, and there's another amazing roll there that's eel, and teriyaki sauce. So good. I can't remember their actual names, so excuse that.
  • Mainly just quorn products. I am a fussy bastard lifelong vegetarian. 
  • For breakfast or lunch, I like to make a toasted bread roll.  Here is how to make it:  Use a swiss army knife to cut a slit into one side of the roll almost all the way through without cutting all the way through, 1cm away from each end.  Open it up and stuff it evenly with chopped onions, crushed garlic, tuna and two small cheese slices and some sliced green jalapenos in a brine jar.  Put it into a George Foreman grill and toast it.  It's delicious and cleaner on the grill than putting the same ingredients into a sandwich.

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