Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 30/11/15
  • If you could see the things that I have seen with these android eyes.  Stagecoaches on fire off the track of Rio Bravo...

    (360) Red Dead Redemption Bloody hell, the people in this game are all DICKS.  Drug-dealing, raping, murdering, lying, back-stabbing dicks.  Continuing my initial impression of John Marston as a well-meaning but clumsy idiot, it seems that everyone in the West and Mexico is willing to take advantage of his good nature.  Well, I say good nature, he's still consistently gunning down scores of men, but with generally fair intentions.  Might be getting towards the end of my time in Mexico. Via con dios, mother effers!

    (360) FIFA14 Foot. Ball.

    Quick, post your Week in Gaming before you hit your engineered-in termination date and shut down forever!
  • (Xbox One) Fallout 4 - Still wondering the wasteland and doing quests. I'm 4 quests into the main storyline but so far I've spent over 50 hours in the game doing mainly side quests.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Rainbow Six: Siege - I've been playing the beta a lot and now have the retail game and hopefully I'll get some online games in.
  • All Fallout 4 every night. I want to watch Man in the High Castle, but so many super mutants need to be shot in the head in slomo. A polymer-clad asshole's work is never done. Not the greatest game ever, but there is a shit ton of world to explore, which is my favorite thing. You can play an RPG inside an RPG. I do not recommend that, but the number of options the game provides are rather mind boggling.

    @littleg All of Rockstar's worlds are sociopathic. Marston is at least better than Niko. I got so tired of the cut scenes in GTA4, where Niko would whine endlessly about wanting to be a good man, and then the game would make you murder 50 people for breakfast. I understand it is a shooter, somebody tell Niko.
  • Been playing a lot of Guitar Hero Live. This is a huge step forward for the plastic baby instrument game. They have the base game which is whatever, it's actually kinda charming to play with other bands there doing covers (but using the original recordings) on stage. It's...surprisingly fun to just watch while you play, too. Really well directed and conveys the energy of being there. But that's such an afterthought compared to the two (and sometimes more) live channels.

    So, the live channels are free. Think of it like the WWE Network, but there's 2 of them - and they play strictly music videos with the tab at the bottom that you play along with. It groups you in shuffling groups of ten, so you're always playing with a ranking, which is neat. It never feels like you're the shittiest one there. Can't fail songs, but you do rack up a score. Can join in anytime. It has hundreds of songs on these channels that play, and you don't know what you're getting next beyond the theme of the current block of programming. So, Channel 1 might be doing a Metal Power Hour but Channel 2 has nothing but Pop Hits for a half hour, then moves to Indie Shit. You can switch between the two whenever you like, and it's exposed me to a lot of good shit I normally wouldn't have bothered with. And honestly, having two channels streaming that show music videos? I feel like it's the early 90s again, and that alone is fucking great.

    Now, the way they're monetizing this is if you want to play a specific song, you have to spend a "play" which you earn in gameplay OR by purchasing outright. Ok. That's completely fine to me, because I just go on a channel and play for a half hour or so and have a good time and spend nothing, and I imagine a LOT of people will do the same. The microtransactions don't bother me, and they did a smart thing by selling subscriptions (short term) to their ENTIRE music video/gameplay library for a fee. Like, 24 hours for $5, or something like that - where you can play any song whenever you want out of their hundreds. This is good if you have a group of people over and just want to play what you want. Honestly, the live channels are so good I wouldn't bother with that, but the option is there for others.

    There's also "premium channels" which have newer music that will be coming to the existing channel programming but you can unlock by achieving certain scores and tasks - like some artist's 3-song youtube live set will be unlocked once you 3-star X song, hit a 100 streak in Y song, and make 4 stars in Z. It really incentivizes just playing everything. 

    So that's a lot of words about another music game, but the TV channels completely change things in a great way and move the genre WAY forward. I can't even imagine going back to my old RB library now. I'm completely happy with this game and it focuses on the guitar (but also vocals if you like) and it pays dividends in that respect.

    HIGHLY recommended if you ever liked a music game but got tired of it.

    I've also been putting more time into Battlefront and Fallout 4. FO4 is still disappointing, but at the same time it's got a lot more story depth than I initially gave it credit for. Still stinky though, just LESS stinky.
  • Fallout 4 (PC): Mostly sidequests, I am at level 38 or something. Unfortunately, I ran out of actual narrative driven sidequests after doing a fair bit of questing in Goodneighbor and Diamond City. One of the quests involved the radio dude for Diamond City and it was just dumb with how on rails and rushed it was narratively. The whole time as it was going I was frustrated with my lack of any control over it. Anyways, I went to Covenant to hopefully find myself a quest hub but I've only gotten one quest out of it so far and it's a really small place. Hopefully the place turns out weird and creepy like it feels at first.  I went back to...

    TES IV: Oblivion (PC): and it's kind of remarkable how much more flavour the sidequests have, in general.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): I leveled my character a bit to make the next story area a bit easier to swallow.
  • Bloodborne The Old Hunters (PS4) I started up the dlc as soon as it dropped and I'm loving it. I'm stuck on the 1st boss Ludwig, and the Servers are undergoing maintenance right now so I'm waiting a bit before I go back to this. I did manage to go back to the vanilla game and join the League but I haven't ranked up with them yet.

    Eschatos (PC/Steam) I beat the game! Original mode on easy but I beat it. I'll come back to this later after Bloodborne to complete the other modes/difficulties. Its fun.

    I really didn't have much time to play games last week, and this week isn't looking any better. There are so many different games I want to be playing but I know if I don't focus on just 1 or 2 at a time, I'll never beat any of them. I'm not even sure what I want to try out next.
  • Really interesting to read about Guitar Hero - that thing of just constantly streaming whatever has seemed like the endgame for music games for quite a while now.  Cool that they've got it to work.

    @westsw - my clever-er than thou gaming critique senses tell me I have to say something about 'ludonarrative dissonance' now (as if I had the first idea what that means).
  • I dunno about that but one reason I never bought GTA5 was all the sick thoughts GTA4 made commonplace.

    "Driving on the sidewalk is a real time saver!"

    "I am going to the strip club. I better buy some grenades."

    "How many cops can I kill?"

    "You bumped into me. Now I gotta shoot you in the head."
  • To be fair, I was in Covenant in F4 and a cat walked by and I was curious if they made it a Key NPC so I sliced it with my sword and it meow'd into the afterlife.

    I swear I did it out of scientific curiosity.
  • How dare you!
  • Vamp, I was watching a guy on Twitch do a solo DLC run with a level 4 character and he spent 3 days and died about 380 times to Ludwig, but he eventually won.

    I played Bloodborne's Old Hunters DLC pretty much all day every day the past week.

    I also played some Borderlands 2 and am closing in on plat #99.
  • Bloodborne (PS4) Killed Vicar Amellia with Der Flibble, only to find out that the DLC is somehow not activated bummer, waiting for a patch.

    Warframe (PS4) Recently have login issues when i try to play game, screws up my login bonuses

    Broken age (Vita) Like a classic point and click adventure with a very quirky story.

    Far cry 4 (PS4) Still liking the game but the random events occurrence is too high IMHO. Was looting a dead body just to get attacked by an eagle, dogs and a leopard right after each other, or getting run over by an ally AI when i a looting a body, vehicle lethality is strangely done, the underside of a vehicle is almost instant death, had a truck perched against a tree, fixed it, tried to get in died. WTF?

    Skylanders Swapforce (PS3) About halfway done going through the levels on nightmare difficulty 

    Littlebigplanet 3 (PS3) Fun game, until you go for the no dead in a level play through, the controls are still twitchy as hell. 
  • @sunflower Never understood the appeal of playing on plastic instruments, i did it a few times in the game halls here in Japan. I bought Rock smith where i can use my real guitar and it is great, but it shows me, i still suck at playing guitar ;)
  • Epke, there will be a patch waiting for you next time you turn on the PS4. Hopefully that resolves your Bloodborne DLC troubles.
  • I will check it tonight and hope there will be a bloody old hunter eye waiting for me on the stairs ;)

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