Favourite Horror Series
  • As another installment of this not-so-weekly-not-so-monthly-who-the-fuck-knows poll, I would like you to vote, and explain your vote, for your favourite horror game series. For the purposes of this poll, I have lumped together some groups of games that are aesthetically similar and come from the same dev, simply because I have to keep options broad for such a small community.

    I chose purposely to eschew Castlevania for not really being an authentic horror game in its current form. For that same reason, Bioshock was left off this poll. I also stayed away from simply thinking zombies=horror. Vote and discuss!
    1. What is your favourite horror game series?6 votes
        Resident Evil
      1. Silent Hills
      2. Fatal Frame
      3. Penumbra/Amnesia/Soma (Frictional Games)
      4. F.E.A.R
      5. Dead Space
      6. Clock Tower
      7. Manhunt
      8. Dino Crisis
      9. Doom
      10. Other (explain in post)
  • FIFA 16.
    Noobied by 2Juic3 Manio
  • I've felt no fear like when I played the first Bioshock. But I understand, one game doesn't make a series. Only other games that made me feel this way were Dead Space and Eternal Darkness. 

    Not a series either, since it had only one game, but I vote Eternal Darkness.


    RE and Dino Crisis are much better in terms of combat, but we're not here for an action game. We want to be legitimately frightened and this game did so. You'll see it hasn't aged well though.
    Noobied by 1Juic3
  • Silent Hill. There were other horror games I liked but most of them never made it to become a series. I love Resident Evil and Doom but for spooky shit done well the first 2 Silent Hill games are hard to match. Pity the series is pretty garbage now.
  • P.T. Demo before it got killed that one was creepy. And i have a soft spot for Kagero Deception although technically not a horror game, I liked the first Dead space
  • Shit.

    i forgot about Dead Space. That's my favorite modern series, and yeah even 3. Outlast as well. Excited for that sequel.
  • I'm bumping this because its OCTOBER and everyone is playing spooky games. I kind of want to replay Resident Evil 5, which is simultaneously awful and totally a blast at the same time.

    Anyone else playing any horror games this month? 
  • Dead Space, but it is not really pure horror. More like super creepy Bioshock.
  • I'm playing the Outlast 2 demo if that counts.
  • Resident Evil is the free psn+ game this month and maybe i should pop in the re-make of Splatterhouse
  • I'm stupid and used up all of my ink ribbons and can't find anymore, so I'm basically stuck at the Yawn boss fight.

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