Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/11/15
  • Never mind Winter Is Coming, as far as I can tell, winter has pretty much bloody well arrived and is kicking us all in the teeth.  As a wise man once said - This day's fucked, it's raining, what beautiful weather for gaming.

    (360) Red Dead Redemption Have fought through the climactic assault on Fort Mercer and then experienced the ride into Mexico with the Jose Gonzales song playing in the background.  Beautiful.  I have heard from several sources that Mexico is where the game starts to feel like it loses its direction.  As a result I approached this part of the game thinking 'I am not going to get distracted, I'm just going to mainline the story missions'.  So what do I spend my first hour or so on Mexican soil doing?  Riding around, discovering locations and speaking to lunatics stranded in the wilderness.  As has previously been established, I don't have the sense I was born with.  See also...

    (360) FIFA 14 I just needed something to take my mind off the fact that I'd been working late most nights last week, OK? It was only a couple of games, I can stop whenever I want.  I don't have a problem.  You're all the ones with the problem!

    Which video game console have you and your families been clustering around, trying to conserve body warmth this week?
  • Fallout 4 (PC): I'm about 12 hours into this, and level 15. So far, the boss fights I have had have been easy, however I believe I might have done one in a way that I wasn't supposed to. As in, before everyone finished talking to me, I threw a molotav cocktail at them, almost killing them all mid-dialogue. Shoot first, ask questions later. Some things are starting to pick up steam. However, I have also found that my main character does not sound terribly convincing when using the word "motherfucker" and trying to sound intimidating, as he did last night.

    Assassin's Creed II (PS3): I fully activated the villa or whatever as my stronghold. Backstabbing is OP in group combat.
  • Borderlands GOTY Edition - I picked up the Japanese version for PS3 and platted it.

    Borderlands 2 PS4 - Playing through this again. Finished the main story and mopping up side quests before I move to playthru 2.

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - Finally got the last of the multiplayer trophies and platted this one too.

    Super Mario Bros Wii - Finished this one too.

    Now at 97 plats.
  • Lots of Fallout 4, I fucking love it. Wandering all over, ignoring the main quest line. Only just got to Fenway. Rescuing settlements I do not want build. Helping the Brotherhood I may not want to join. Sounds like I am spinning my wheels but I love just going places with the dog. I am such a mcspazzatron, that I love running, but then regret having no AP when I run face first into two Yao guai. I got Action boy for the running. I never said I was good at Fallout 4, only happy.

    Probably chug through some more Uncharted 2 remastered. That is about as perfect a single player campaign as possible. Perfect linear counterpoint to Fallout open world unfocused ADHD land.

    Man in the High Tower and Jessica Jones both drop this week. For all the complaining we do, there has literally never been a better time to be a nerd. Probably play my FIFA, which is HoMaM 3 on iPad, while I watch David Tennant enter the pantheon of amazing Marvel villians. It's like huffing gas, only with much less brain damage.
  • Yoshi's Woolly World (WiiU) I beat this game! And I unlocked 55/66 of the different Yarn Yoshi! Super fun game and I'll probably go back to get the remaining Yoshi, sometime after the 1st of the year. :)

    Downwell (PC/Steam) I've only played this game about an hour, but its perfect. :) I really love this game, with its really tight/fun gameplay.

    Transformers Devastation (XbOne) I started this up after beating Yoshi. Its by Platinum Games and it features the Vanquish Slide, the dodging/bullet time of Bayonetta, with an added Parry from Metal Gear Rising. OMG! its so much fun! I'm not to far into it yet.

    Thats it from me for last week. More Transformers this week probably. :) I did install some 360 games on my XbOne this week, including Fallout 3 and all its dlc. No idea when I will play that though. ;p
  • Star Wars Battlefront (Xbone)

    Awful, just awful. I feel like the most hated man over on N4G for my review that I put out yesterday. The game is severly LACKING in content. Only two fun modes I found in Fighter Squadron, and Heroes vs Villains. The game could entertain people for a few months, but after that I dunno.

    You've gotta be a huge Star Wars fan that loves shit, and lazy game design.
  • Superbeat Xonic (PsVita)
    Just reached level 92 and fighting for some spots on the leaderboards.
    Might have difficulty obtaining the plat on this game....

    Yoshis Wooly World (WiiU)
    Made it to world two. Been casually playing this game. Doesn't really have me hooked, just on the occasion I'll play a couple levels. Very cute game.

    Animal crossing Amiibo festival (WiiU)
    This game has received too much hate for what it is.
    It's not a bad game, but it's not a good game either.
    This should've just been a board game.
    It's pretty much Mario party without the mini games.
    Earn happy points, and whoever can get the most happy points at the end of a specific amount of turns, wins.
    For animal crossing fans - they'll enjoy some of the text provided with every step in the game, but I would've much enjoyed a full animal crossing game on the Wii U.

  • @Dr Flibble think you'll manage the 100 Plats before year end?  We're all pulling for you!

    @vampirelich Interesting you're digging Transformers Devastation, that's just about the only new release in the last 6 months that I'd be genuinely interested in getting.  It's on PS3 too, so even luddites like me can enjoy it...
  • @Littleg Maybe. There's a lot of games on my shelf that are almost platted, and I have some that are untouched but probably easy plats. I can probably get it done, but Bloodborne DLC comes out in 6 days which might throw a spanner in the works.
  • I had plans to start Rise of the Tomb Raider and get some more time with FIFA 16 but Fallout 4 has pretty much taken most of my gaming time. Also another week without Battlefield 4.

    (Xbox One) Fallout 4 - I've put in 30 hours mostly doing side quests and still not done much of the main quest.

    (Xbox One) Titanfall - Played a few online matches with friends but I'm still in the mid 30s for my level and most of the people I play against have prestiged/gen'ed up a few levels. 

    @Manio wow! I hear nothing but hype for that game and everyone saying it will sell like mad. I'm not a Star Wars fan so I've no interest in that game but it would be good to read find out about how it plays. Got a link to your review?

  • Even with all of the Fallout 4 (more on that later) I have been playing. I still managed to find time to clean up the last 4 chapters of Until Dawn. I lost one character in chapter 8 and all but 2 in the final chapter. I actually feel I could have saved everyone if it wasn't for 2 or 3 mistakes in judgement in chapter 8 and 10. This game is amazing. It kind of took a back seat because of all the other big releases but my god what a game. I really hope we see more games along this vein from the same developer. Not a direct sequel but a similar premise. Definitely a highlight game of this year for me.

    Anyway back to Fallout. I'm probably 20 hours in. Barely done any story stuff. I have just ventured into the Brootherhood of steel quest line. The game has its flaws yeah but it's still one incredible game.

    I have chosen to upgrade the pistol perk. I now get 60% extra damage with non automatic pistols and my 10mm is wrecking shit. One shot on ghouls in the abdomen and they are screwed.
  • @nutta27 Apparently there's some DLC coming for Until Dawn, although I think it will be a more directed experience with less potential outcomes.  I suppose that stands to reason as, aside from the overall quality of the visuals in the game, the thing that must've taken the most development time must be the amount of material that needed to be generated to fit all the possible combinations together, repeating that exercise for some DLC doesn't sound particularly feasible...
  • Skyrim (PS3) Got to level 50, "freed" sungard fort almost done with the Thief missions, got most of my shouts filled with dragon souls, my conjuration is so strong that i can conjure a Dremeara lord and sit back :)

    Warframe (PS4) Finally got to mastery level 10 got a new free weapon slot what to fill it with ;)

    Destiny (PS4) Got 50 ghosts, tried the crucible multiplayer and i hate it is totally unbalanced, not fun for new players.

    Tried some of the games from PSN+ 
    • The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PlayStation 4) Haven't finished season 1 yet
    • Magicka 2 (PlayStation 4) - lees ook onze Magicka 2 review Started it up and it asks an email address? WTF
    • Dragon Fin Soup (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 en PlayStation Vita) real time turn based strategy RPG? not played it enough to form an opinion.
    • Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3) Already have it
    • Beyond Good and Evil (PlayStation 3) Already have it
    • inviZimals (PlayStation Vita) when i downloaded it was only for PSP?
  • Littleg, that's not the extra chapter DLC that originally came with pre-orders is it? Because if it is, don't get excited. It was 1 short and highly forgettable chapter early in the game in which nothing of any import occurred. If you mean another DLC, then that's news to me, and I might be interested in it.

  • Hmmm, actually turns out it's something else entirely.  I must've misheard something on a podcast somewhere...

  • Oh yeah I heard about the on rails tech demo turned game thing. Looks like a haunted house tech demo that they turned until dawn themed when they realised how crazy people were going for the game.

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