• It was a good thing because it gave you tax advantages at least in my country until they added all those punishments when you get a divorce.
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  • Personally I would love to get married one day, but it wouldn't be about bragging to the world about my relationship, or the apparent power and financial gain people can be expected to get out of it, it would be about the person I am marrying, pure and simple.

    In my opinion, if I think my partner is going to divorce me and try to take all of my stuff, then I'm with someone that isn't worth marrying. I wouldn't get married because I need to use legal documents to keep him in check, I'd get married because he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

    Not all marriages have to be expensive either. My priority is having someone worth marrying, and having a killer dress. Past that I'll get married in a McDonalds for all I care - fancy table arrangements and such are just for impressing other people :)

    The statistics that scaremonger us into thinking all marriages are doomed are a result of people getting married too young, or getting married because its the trend, or because they think they should, as opposed to because they really want to and are ready to. Marriage is hard work, the same as anything else worth having, but if you're marrying the right person then its worth it.

    Of course marriage is not for everyone, but that's up to the individual - Marriage is not necessarily some scary pit of doom where your money and happiness go to die :) 
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  • I'm cool with the way @Moley Queen worded her argument, since it didn't personally attack other's posting in the thread ( @westsw ).

    It still very well could be a scary pit of financial ruin and misery, or it could all turn out ok. 

    Personally, I think it's an unnecessary gesture/risk. Those that grew up with the idea of marriage will never divorce themselves from the idea (hehe). It's a case by case basis. It's whatever you feel happy doing.
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  • I want to get married one day, and part of it is because I'm a sap and the other is because (despite not wanting to admit it) I'm a pompous and selfish person.

    Without divulging too much, it really comes down to simultaneously wanting to find a woman who will accept all the love and friendship I'm willing to give and having someone make me feel special and give the family I've always wanted. 
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  • 100% agree with Sloth.

    I can't comment on gay marriage in particular. But I can comment on marriage in general.

    I'm married, yes, but if I had to do it over... I think I'd tell younger me to pull her head out of her ass and stop listening to her mom. You don't need a piece of paper to love someone forever, or to promise that to their face. Which is essentially what marriage is. And weddings are a very, very expensive way to do this. And family pressure, or money, or societal expectations, all of which I had/felt... are wrong reasons.

    Thankfully, I love Mr TC. I think he still loves me too... at least, I haven't seen papers to the contrary yet ;P

    The only real logical reason to marry is exactly what Sloth said, access in the case of emergency to the person (or persons in the case of minor children) and assets of your loved ones. But... that is also what a good legal will is for.

    That said, if it makes you happy, go for it. I have nothing against marriage. Love is great and our wedding day day remains very special as one of the happiest days of my life. I'm not saying ours is the best marriage, but we love eachother. And I think the promise we made to one another in front of our family and friends and our families' God is what has held us together and made us snap out of it and make the effort to improve our relationship in the tougher times. This might not mean much to some folks but it means a lot to us.

    Forever promises are very powerful things... and you really don't know the value of one until you've seen its effects or experienced the vow yourself. I wouldn't ever judge a person who made a solemn vow to their loved one in this way... but I don't think it needs to be legally binding. Because it does complicated things when things get well... complicated. For example: It makes you feel bad for breaking a promise if things aren't working, even if issues between you and your spouse aren't your fault. And that shouldn't ever need to be the case. You should never feel bad about leaving a relationship that truly isn't working.

    Those are my two cents, anyway.
  • Great way of keeping your partner excited.beforehand. All they can think about haha.

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