Other Communities in Which One May Pursue Discussion of Video Games
  • It stands to reason that, while NooBTooB remains an erstwhile and commendable community with regards to both communal respect and mature conduct, it is also a relatively small community, occasioned by an odd couple dozen of regulars, and now without its main source of fresh blood. To that effect, the current author of this post is curious if anyone here, on this esteemed website, is concurrently participating in any other gaming communities that also display such things as human decency and respect, things that many gaming communities are completely void of, but that NooBTooB somehow managed to stumble upon. The current author of this post wouldn't mind having another place to peddle poorly elucidated and contemptible prose about video games, and trusts the judgments of hereto users to point said author in the right direction.

    tl;dr, are there any other good gaming communities? Or is that a futile question?
  • Nope.
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  • The only other site where i talk about video games is a subforum of the dakkadakka forum a miniature and boardgame website
  • I like /r/games on reddit however with the sea of voices, the discussion is purely on the content of what you say and it's never expected you'll come across another poster again very likely, let alone make any sort of meaningful connection that smaller forums allow you to make.

    Besides NooBTooB, I don't have anywhere else I talk to online people on besides twitter but that's not even much of a consideration with how infrequent I am.
  • I occasionally frequent playstationtrophies.org -
    Has a mixture of crowds and there's always chances of meeting and connecting with other forum members by joining in on gaming hangouts and such.

    Plus - it's great if you're hunting trophies and need assistance with those darn online based trophies for certain games.
  • Everywhere else moves too fast for me and my patchy ability to check in more than once or twice a day.  Also I like to take time to think about things and write/read decent-length posts whereas most forums are one- or two-line posts at most.  Also, like Sloth, I like to make connections and get to know people so I can understand and infer their motivations and interests rather than having to guess them and so you can start to share jokes.

    I used to also frequent the Edge Magazine board as that had quite a small community with a hard core of frequent posters who were mostly a) British and b) about the same age as me.  That place got hosed not long after I had to make a call that I had too many potential distractions and I needed to just focus on one community (this place won in that particular battle!).  Don't go looking for Edge forums now, Future publishing completely stripped them out of their website (losing Edge a source of comment that they would sometimes also post in the print magazine).

    Sunny convinced me to give NeoGAF a try and (once I was 'approved') I found that place pretty cool for such a large, well-known site.  Moved too fast for me though.  I used to like going in to the Dark Souls and the 'Jeff Green Plays Dark Souls' threads (Jeff would often post in there, which was cool!), but I would find that I'd ask a question, go back a little while later and my question and the reply would be buried 3 or 4 pages back.

    Finally, I'm a member over at GiantBomb and occasionally post in their forums.  It's a surprisingly positive place given the size off the community and the fact that they attract all sorts, but short of sharing GB in-jokes and discussing Formula One I don't really find that they often get into interesting, in-depth conversations over there.

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