Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/11/15
  • Well this is a little bit better.  I mean, I'm still playing those hot releases from six years ago, but at least I'm playing SOMETHING, so I think we have to count that as progress.

    (360) Red Dead Redemption That said, I think it all depends on what you mean by 'progress'.  I've been picking up tonnes of side quests and bounties, as well as chewing my way through the main story missions (gathering the support of a whole series of unseemly characters in order to get the guns and gear that I need to assault Fort Mercer).  

    It's been fun on all sides although I made the mistake of looking at a walkthrough for the game last night and was mildly dismayed to see that I'm roughly one third of the way through the main campaign.  I've been playing the game since July!  I know I'm due to leave the starting area soon and head to Mexico, although I have somehow managed to avoid most details of the plot of the game beyond that.  Does the pace of the game pick up once you get there?

    OK, that's it from me.  Anyone else have anything to report from an American-based open world game?  Maybe one that has been released in the last week...?
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  • Currently at 95 plats and with a bit of luck and free time might be able to hit 100 by New Year.

    Murdered Soul Suspect - Went back to grab all the collectibles, of which there were many, and got the plat.

    The Smurfs 2 - It was on sale on PSN so I grabbed it. It's a fairly by the numbers Mario clone for up to 4 players. I played through it co-op and had fun with it, but it was really short.

    LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 - Another one I went back to and platted, and now I'm debating whether I should bother with years 1-4.

    Borderlands - Got the Japanese GOTY version which has a separate trophy list so I'm blasting my way across Pandora again. I still have a soft spot for the first Borderlands.

    I think that's about it this week. I'm planning to spend this week and probably the next in Pandora with the Borderlands series, and then it's Bloodborne DLC and I think I might pick up the Nathan Drake Collection and Fallout 4 (pending further PS4 performance reports) at around the same time.
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  • Egg, if you gave up that FIFA shit you could get a whole lot more new experiences done. Let it go, friend.

    Tried Jazzpunk. The first hour of it is super memorable, but I got bored and shelved it. That first hour though.

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  • Yoshi's Woolly World (WiiU) Still playing this game. I'm onto World 4 now and I'm trying to be less strict about getting 100% in the levels before moving onto the next. But I'm having so much fun, I might go back after I beat it and try for the 100%. The levels at the end of World 3 are finally starting to get a bit more difficult.

    Thats it from me. I've had very little time to play games between work and sleeping this past week, and this week isn't looking much better. I'm still playing Yoshi, which I'm hoping I can beat soon because I haven't turned on my PS4/XbOne in a long while now and I know I'm going to have to update both systems the very next time I turn them on and thats always fun ;p
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  • Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
    Been playing this a fuck-ton since I haven't been able to afford those fancy Halo 5s, or Fallout 4s. I'm digging it. It comes with all of the Darksiders II DLC, so it's perfect for people who missed out on that stuff, or someone like me who loved the first game, but never got to play the sequel.

    I definitely prefer Death as a character over War. The new development studio have mentioned that the HD re-release for this game was meant to pave the way for a Darksiders III if the fans want it bad enough. I'd love a continuation of the story, so I'm in. The only two remaining horseman in the game universe are Strife, and Fury. 
    Also, the backwards compatibility list for Xbox One dropped and I saw Condemned on there, so I'll be going back and finishing that ASAP.
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  • I started the week out by completing the Halo 5 campaign. I also played some of the Warzone game mode. The games pretty good. More than makes up for the lack luster Halo 4. Most of my spare time though. I spent playing Guitar Hero. 

    The new button layout is still throwing me. With games like this I tend to zone out. Get into the track that is playing and play by paying attention to the placement of the on screen markers. Now the markers can be in the same place but be different colours I'm....well I aint doing too well. As soon as a quick black to white button change comes up. I 'm just screwed. I will get it eventually I will. Its just a new learning curve and I need to get used to the game. 

    Finally its been another chapter of Until Dawn. Until Dawn is a great game. A really good fucking game. There are just so many more......I don't want to say better but. Well. Better games out now that I'm preferring to play. When I play it, I play a full chapter and I enjoy my time with it. It just seems to be a chapter a week kind of game for me. Hey this game would have worked pretty well as an episodic thing.
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  • Let's see. Trying to do a selective backlog playthrough. As in, I play through the games I know I like and sell the ones I'll never touch or deal with again. I've reduced my PS3 count, for example, from about 60-70 to about 20. And I've got a list of ~150 games I kind of want to play and blog about as a games experience blog, most of my favourite games and stuff. And speaking of PS3...

    Assassin's Creed II (PS3): Never beat it, even though I liked it. So now I am trying to beat it. Started over with a clean slate. Interesting looking back on the series. Unity, while newer, is way more punishing and challenging than II is. People usually complain about series' getting easier but AC hasn't. They're still not hard games, but yeah. Then again Rogue was a cakewalk so... fuck, theory shot dead.

    Resident Evil 5 (PS3): I've played every main RE game besides 6 now! I want to beat 5. It's pretty dumb! I can understand the controversy it created with regards to racism! There are things here that are really cool. The aesthetic of the whole hover-boat section and the openness and marsh setting and oppressiveness is great but then aaaaahhhh cutscenes.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): It's still cute and fun and a great pickup and play game. Even though it's an MMO and I've played dozens and dozens I still have no idea wtf the PvP is if there is any and what the endgame situation is like, it's a game that really, really regiments its stuff and cordons it off per level.

    Morrowind (PC): I got the Bitter Cup and turned it in and I am a master thief hell yeah. Also, my "using only fists" run ran into some trouble in that dungeon. Too many enemies. Once I start "staggering" them it's game over for them, but god it can take a long ass time just punching away. I probably should have just whipped out my glass dagger. Oh well.

    Civilization 5 (PC): I finished my first AI game and won a resounding victory against a difficulty level that was way too fucking easy. Hooray.
  • Superbeat XONiC -
    Love, love looooove this game.
    Definitely much better than the disappointment Persona 4 DAN. 
    I ended up getting my copy 7 days earlier than the release date - so i've been lucky enough to snag my spot in the leaderboard rankings. Managed to get 6th in the Local US rankings for largest combo. 
    A tad unfair since the freestyle mode caps at 99,999 for combo. so the leaderboards for freestyle fall under a "Who can get 99,999 combo first?" 
    Haven't unlocked all the songs yet - but i'm having a blast.
    probably one of the best titles to own on vita when it comes to rhythm games.

    Binding of Isaac Rebirth/Afterbirth - 
    Been playing this during my breaks of Super Beat XONiC. 
    did about 6 or 7 runs this week.

    Kung Fu Rabbit - 
    Decided to try this out since it was a PS+ freebie... my god.... what a horribly addicting platformer. 
    The only drive I had in completing the game was to obtain the trophies. 
    One trophy is left - and I don't feel like redoing all 60 levels again.... 

  • You're not wrong, Sunny.  I'm honestly trying my best to wean myself of that FIFA drug.  Will also need to make sure I don't have a Forza/Gran Turismo relapse.  I made such good progress on my backlog last year, it's funny how this year has been a complete bust...
  • Really odd week for me as I haven't played Battlefield 4.

    (Xbox One) Fallout 4 - Just hit level 6, so far so good, only done 2 or 3 missions but looking to put more time in.

    (Xbox One) Halo 5 - I'm starting to get the hang of the multiplayer. I'm still rubbish but it's a lot of fun.

    (Xbox One) Titanfall - I haven't played this in a year and it was nice to get back into. The movement is very quick and the controls are responsive although I think the controls in Halo 5 might feel a little better to me. 

    (Xbox One) FIFA 16 - Still struggling on the professional difficulty so I am mostly playing semi-pro until I can remember how to defend and shoot.
  • Last week not Much

    Skyrim (PS3) finished the Dark Brotherhood mission, only in this game you can be leader of the Dark brotherhood, Thie guild, the werewolves and thane to all the holds, and oh yeah dragonborn ;)

    Growing Home (PS4) fun game but the annoying controls can be frustrated, got the radar and when you find all the crystals you get unlimited boost which makes it a lot easier.

    Warframe (PS4) new story mission, killed my first Juggernaut alone, they are hard to kill.

    Destiny (PS4) Trying to get some more trophies before i chuck into the bin. Was getting some dead ghosts but one is impossible to get to with my titan class so i made the other character and hopefully one of those 2 has better jump qualities, there is an achievement for getting them to max level anyway. 
  • Say hi to mother for me.
  • Yakuza series:
    I decided to buy the whole yakuza series now that the fifth is on the way :)
     all parts of the series 1-2-3-4 and spin-off game for 20bucks on ebay, So far I'm on the first game in the serie :) Which I currently am making a little side quest.
  • I'm playing the Battlefront game early, thanks to EA Access. It's the full game for 10 hours. That's enough for me to formulate an opinion and write a review, so keep them peepers peeled.
  • Zebure, Yakuza 1 is getting a PS4 remake early next year in Japan, and Yakuza 6 after that. If you speak Japanese there are actually 3 more games besides Yakuza 5 unavailable to the US at this time: Yakuza 0, Yakuza Ishin, and Yakuza Kenzan. If you speak Japanese and/or want to get some cheap imports, message me.

    Manio, are you a drooling Star Wars fanboy? I feel this is something every reviewer is going to have to put on the table with any review they write. I've heard far too many people saying stupid shit like "I didn't like the beta but I love Star Wars so I'm going to buy it anyway". Misery loves company, and my face is raw from all the face palming.
  • @Dr Flibble

    I love the original films, and most Star Wars stuff aside from the prequels. The beta was dog shit, and I'm expecting this to be the same. The only thing I've enjoyed from my entire experience with the game is the pre-install minigame where you can kill endless streams of Rebels as Darth Vader. Since it's EA Access I won't have to spend a single penny on the game itself, so win win.

    But yeah, I'm not one of those people who needs to buy it because of the Star Wars name on it. If it's shit, I'll leave it alone. And let's be honest, it most likely is.
  • @Dr Flibble
    Oh .. More yakuza :)
    It would have been nice. But my Japanese is extremely bad.

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