Advice: Moving to London
  • I'm moving to London next year for about two years in March 2016~

    Any advice on big sea changes and/or living in London specifically?
    Like what bank and telco are best?

    With Australia, the answer is ING/NAB (bank) and Telstra/Optus (telco).

    The game plan so far is pack about a week's worth of clothes, take my laptop, work gear and just show up after I've secured somewhere to live. The first things to do then is get some sort of local bank account and get a mobile phone plan going with as much data as possible (for immediate tethering). I have no idea what I'm going to do with home internet and that's something super important to me. Then spend a day buying a sleeping bag, bed (which'll take however long to deliver), some furniture and more clothes.

    With all my stuff in Australia, I'm just putting it into storage that I've prepaid for five years.

    Part of me is a little bit scared with all the change but the other part of me is very keen on this for my work sake and also, I want to travel Europe in the weekends because it'll be a lot more affordable just hopping on a train.

    Any advice would be super appreciated.
    In terms of stuff, I'm not really too bothered because I live minimalistically and in terms of visa, work has that covered.

    Oh and recommendations on suburbs? Work's new offices are on Great Marlborough St. I work back late most nights so I'm hoping for a short commute to even just a studio apartment to keep costs down.

    - Sloth
  • So I've been looking online at telcos and it seems like Tescos is a good way to go? The plans are basically parallel to what I get here in Sydney and its month to month which is great.

    Do English mobile phones work all over Europe or does that constitute roaming fees?


    For banking, it seems like HSBC and Barclays are the two picks with Lloyds trailing behind. HSBC is worldwide and I've had an account with them in Australia however I'm compelled to go Barclays because they have an awesome, iconic brand. This is the dumbest reason to pick a bank and I'll sit down with a comparison site soon but the novelty of it all is amazingly amusing.


    Broadband internet seems to be 12 months at a time and actually cheaper than what's available in Australia however I'm unable to discern which ones are worth getting or not yet.

    I've been mainly getting my figures from this website and building a hypothetical London budget and its painfully more expensive than my Australian one.
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  • 3 mobile have introduced a new thing where their service can be used in a list of 32 I think other countries with no roaming fees but for all others yes unfortunately there will be fees.

    London in general is fairly expensive to live a friend of mine works in investment banking down there and he can only just afford to flat share with someone. The underground runs till late no matter where you live in and around London and I know there are plans for it to run 24hr soon.

    As for traveling Europe by train. That may still be fairly expensive and a train to Paris under the channel tunnel is a good 2 hour journey. You might be able to get a bit of sight seeing done in a couple of weeks maybe even a 4 day weekend but for just a weekend i would stick to our beautiful country. Believe it or not there are some nice places to visit in England. Look into Newquay when you get here it's a lovely seaside location.
  • I don't know what your budget is like, but living in London is so expensive. Do you have to live in London, or could you live nearby? You'd be better off commuting to London every day and living some where cheaper.
  • Cool Sloth, have fun on your adventure.

    Living in London is tough and very expensive (both in terms of cost for everyday stuff like food and rent/rates). I grew up in a OK...ish area of London but since I moved out of there I can't afford to live there now. Has anyone at your work giving you advice on places to live?

    After checking the street you mentioned on Google Maps that is right next to Regent Street and Leicester Square. That's a very expensive area of London (if it's an indicator it's in the Green section of a UK Monopoly board and all those location on that entire board are expensive areas). I don't know how much you are getting paid but it would be very expensive to live near there but if you are getting paid the big bucks then it might not be an issue.

    Getting anywhere in London within a short commute is difficult unless you are walking distance from it as there are a lot of traffic jams (it might be different in the area you are working in but I find it hard getting around in a car or on a bus). Although the tube might be an option.

    As for broadband it varies what's on offer in each area, some ISPs don't provide services to certain network exchanges. Also there are a load of different ways to get the net in the UK (fibre to the home, fibre to the cabinet, ADSL and in some areas cable). Might be better waiting until you have an idea of what area you are going to live in before checking the broadband coverage. Although before you do go online and check to see what services are in that area.

    Also a lot of ISP's differ greatly (bandwidth caps, fair usage policies or traffic shaping) and have many packages with bundles for phones lines and TV packages.

    Might be worth finding out areas in which your co-workers live in to see how they get to work (a lot of people I know that work in London but can't afford to live there spend a few hours commuting each day) and if the pay covers living expenses in certain areas.
  • Advice: take a photo of the sun to put on your desk next to any other photos of loved ones, because it'll be a while before you ever see it again :p

    I can't give you any advice on living in London, as I never have, but if you are heading to Europe on vacation there are plenty of more reasonably priced places you can go, with sunlight too! When I lived in Berlin it was cheap as chips, and a stone's throw from a bunch of cool places.
  • My advice is to sell drugs because you're wallet is going to be routinely destroyed by living in London.
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  • Sounds like fun. I was always a cheap bastard when travelling, but this sounds like a real gig in one of the most urbane and diverse spots on Earth. I hope it is a great time.

    8 million in London, with how many more nearby? 53 million on the island, so that would like if New York had 50 million and were the capital of the US. London is very unique.

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