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  • Currently attempting this method for that annoying max settlement achievement.

  • There is an even simpler method. Go to red rocket. Clear everybody out. Build two beds. Build a couple of water pumps. Build a level 3 medical clinic. Build enough turrets to get defense to like 40 or 60 ( I think 60 may have been nuts on my part.). Put enough food in the workbench, 40? Plant a few crops if you want to, but your sole settler is going to work the clinic and eat from your stash. Build a chair in front of the clinic. Send one settler. Do not have a sidekick. Assign your lone settler to the clinic. Go build a ton of wood crates. Build them until the size meter goes yellow, then build some more.

    You and the settler alone now just rotate, sleeping, waiting in the chair and starring at each other in workbench mode, across the clinic. Green outline mode, starring at the settler working the clinic. Do not have a dog or a sidekick of any kind. Watch a movie on another channel or read a book, because the gameplay is watching paint dry. You are rotating sleeping, waiting and green starring clinic working. The meter will slowly go up and trigger.
  • Damn. Sounds fun!
  • It is paint drying. One of those last trophy trudges. Not even in my top ten for horrible trophies. Read a book or watch a movie. You do not actually have to watch the paint dry.
  • Meh, already did it in the way of the video :(
  • I am not touching Fallout again until all the DLC is out. I played on PC, steam achievements are nice and all but cba going out of my way to get them. I put a lot of work into the settlements. I heavily disliked most aspects of the game until eventually it just clicked completely in my brain. And I was like yes this is fallout. I would of played through it even if I hated it tbh  being such a fanboy of Bethesda Studios. But nice one for you guys who got the trophy.
  • I played the whole day last weekend,it's interesting!

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  • Fallout 4 was a good game....while I was playing it. Sitting back in hindsight I'm not sure the game is actually that good.

    The pace of the game was off all together
    The main story just isn't that interesting and
    Well glitches. Yeah we are used to it by now but should we be. Should we give them a pass because all bethesda games are buggy. Hell no we shouldn't.
  • @nutta27 I would agree and probably say the pacing is the biggest problem.
  • I'm at the point where I think I'm going to put the game down indefinitely. I've got like four achievements left,but I don't have much desire to keep going back. We'll see what the DLC does but I've been more and more disappointed with this one.

  • @Manio Yeah I am was in a similar situation to you with probably with 10 achievements left a few months ago. I reinstalled to have a look at the latest beta update and found i was level 64. I was planning on starting again after all the DLC is out but, I think I have put too much time in so will probably just keep with my current save when all the DLC is out. But I am extremely unlikely to play again until all the DLC is released.
  • I already sold my game, so.
  • @Manio Haha, PC here dude so no such luxury!
  • DLC is go, and they had to go and ruin it with a nasty sting in the butt. Buy the $30 season pass by March 1st, or pay $50 for it later. Aaaand that pretty much seals the deal for me buying the GOTY edition somewhere down the track, at a drastically reduced price.

  • Pass. Most of the DLC I don't want, and desperately jacking the price UP for more unknown content after Match 1st? Fuck off.
  • Yeah, I was wondering if the DLC plans were going to make me regret selling the game and I'm totally okay.
  • Some of it sounds cheap, however, Fallout DLC for the last two games usually had two that were so so and three that were pretty great. I am still looking forward to this a bunch. I am such a sucker, I will likely enjoy build your own robot way more than I should. Trophies for Fallout is.... so good.

    Said your local Bethesda fanboy. I am aware people. I am aware.
  • @Dr Flibble Give it a year or so and you can probably pick up the game of the year for a tenner. Although I buy games on PC so I imagine PS4 games are a lot more expensive and inflated in price so I can't really comment on that. But definitely wait for the GOTY as you said. Especially when their are some great lengthy games already knocking about and probably on the horizon.

    They are certainly taking their time with the DLC ( I am hoping it is good as I am willing to wait for a better product, but not to the extreme say 6 months.)

    @westsw (from one Bethesda Studios fanboy to another) I completely agree with you about the fallout DLC. Some were really well thought out and interesting, some were awful. I mean the Mothership Zeta was absolutely terrible in my opinion. Really bad mechanics of just throwing more and more of the same aliens at you; really crap.

    I am hopeful of the Fallout4 DLC as their are so many places they can take it. Polishing the hell out of settlement building might be one way to go. And definitely missions involving improved dialogue choices that are not purely based on the Charisma skill; I thought that mechanic was really a step down after New Vegas. More RPG please.

    I can only hope most of the Bethesda team are working from the ground up on a new engine. And I mean a completely new engine, not just building on top of an engine that was originally used for Morrowind and improved in iterations with a bit of a rename. I think the gamebyro while it has achieved a lot in terms of improvement over the years just has too many inherent flaws . They just don't want to say goodbye (which is fair enough considering the work involved). Rant over..
  • Mothership Zeta was the DLC that broke me in Fallout 3. The Pit was horrible too with constant freezing (and I don't think I ever finished it either), but Mothership was boring as fuck and crashing every 10 seconds. And then when I discovered I'd missed something for a trophy and would have to go through the whole stuttering crash mess again to get it there was a rage quit. It's also the reason I never touched the Vegas DLC. Once bitten twice shy.
  • Man, that New Vegas DLC was incredible though. Such a big turnaround from FO3's messy DLC. Old World Blues especially was incredible. I know the narrative of "Oh Obsidian the GOAT, they're so good wah wah wah" is pretty old but they did Fallout RIGHT, dammit. 
  • @Dr Flibble Mothership zeta caused me to stop playing after putting more than a number of hours into the game. I was playing on PC and it was perfectly stable. Just shit. It was crappy fetch quests and hordes of pointless enemies, nothing that felt like it belonged in a Fallout RPG. @Sunflower Again I have heard that New Vegas had some decent DLC, but I didn't venture into it bar one which I have forgotten the name of.
  • The Pit was buggy as hell. They should have said the town was called Frameratedrop. Fallout 4 seems to run well on PS4. That is a big part of why I am psyched for DLC. One of them features my man Valentine.
  • @westsw The Pitt always ran great on my PCs even though there was a ridiculous number of NPCs everywhere. Not surprised it gave whatever platform you played framerate issues, it got crazy towards the end. Still I don't know whether I liked it very much maybe a 6/10. Again mothership Zeta (sorry to bring it up) is definitely a 2/10 in my opinion, twice it has made me just forsake a level 30/50 game because I just couldn't be arsed with the awful design.

    I hadn't previously read any articles on Fallout4 DLC. But after reading about the price increase I thought I thought i best read a few articles. I am hopeful they will do something really special jumping up the price of the Season pass to effectively almost the price of a triple A game seems crazy. ( Fortunately I got the season pass already as a present) . Maybe they have finally decided to go with some epic DLC ( I am thinking/hoping) multiple DLC with the same quality and scale as say something like Shivering Isles for Oblivion. Fingers crossed. 

    And if one of a few good things can be taken about the DLC system they are going for is that they have at least forewarned us about the price increase. Imagine Ubisoft of or EA doing that.
  • I was going to wait for the inevitable GOTY edition but managed to get the game for $20 so I took the bait. The DLC doesn't seem like anything I'd want to play anyway tbh so why not? I'll settle for the base game and the plat.

    Speaking of DLC, not much Fallout 4 DLC discussion going on in this thread. Did nobody buy them? Did they suck?
  • Far Harbor was good, not great. It is big, but a little empty. It is actually pretty challenging to get the optimal ending. It runs great, for Bethesda DLC, which is disorienting. Nuka Cola is soon, everything else are pointless toys. Past Fallout DLC was better, but waaaaaay buggier.

    The explosive rifle is the optimal weapon.

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