(Multi) Fallout 4
  • False alarm.
  • Man, raiders packing nukes, super tough super mutants, starting around level 17-18 things jumped up in difficulty. God bless Molotov cocktails and Kremvh's Tooth. And missile launchers. Mmm, explosive.

    Anyone else running into inventory issues? There's so much junk I pass up because of it. I like carrying a bunch of different weapons but I've trimmed that down from like 12 to 8-10. And I got rid of any ancillary armor. Fat Man and Rocket Launcher combined are like 70 pounds of space. Ouch. Don't remember it being this bad in 3 or NV, but then again, I never felt like I had to pick up a bunch of random shit for crafting purposes. A crafting item bag would make a lot of sense.
  • I carry 3 or 4 most of the time. A "critter" gun in 10 or 38, (right now now it is a 38 machine gun with all the mods to reduce kick and just let me spray the quick reload drum. I have two thousand 38 shells, so who gives a fuck?), to conserve better ammo when dealing with vermin, The best rifle I can manage, the best sniper rifle I can manage, and something fun. Fat man, launcher, and all heavies are never worth it if you are serious. I actually cut back to two guns if I think it will be a big haul. Light armor and pocketed armor help. I always put a ton into STR and am big on the strong back perk. With my buddy, I am hovering up close to 400 pounds of shit, on top of gear. 12 guns is ridiculous, but if it makes you happy... You do know there is no perk for shooting all 12 at once?

    I am level 22, and killed my first, non set piece, Deathclaw. I was trying to sneak around him, but my best rifle did a good job with the dog tanking. I also think there was a bug. The dude did close on me with a little bit of health left and picked me up, but did very little damage.
  • Fat Man is sort of cheap but if the AI is going to use it then I won't feel very guilty myself. Ammo is hella rare anyways. 

    And yeah I have like one gun of every type. I dunno I'm being American.
  • I'm closing in on level 30 and did some more of the story, which I feel is nearing its end, or at least the "big shit going down" moment, so I will be looking to do some more sidequests, preferably not more Brotherhood and Minutemen standard ones. At a high enough level now where a lot of my early game uniques are being replaced with standard weapons that have really good mods on them. I have not bothered with crafting, really, as all the drops are already modded to hell and back, how much more can I improve them? I found a bayonetted missile launcher that shoots three missiles at once. I have a sniper rifle that fires like an automatic and is suppressed and has night vision. I have a laser rifle that does more damage than the Brotherhood unique you get, with the same rate and accuracy, and also sets enemies on fire.

    I ran into the usual one questline that is supposed to be fucked up, Bethesda always has one or two every game since Oblivion. It has lost some of its luster since we've seen the similar ideas now for several games. 

    The synths are good enemies, they are nicely creepy and having one run at you without arms trying to blow up in your face is intense. I had a hard boss fight in the last story quest I did, invisible enemy and all, luckily with my laser rifle setting them on fire I could see the flames.

    The sarcastic answers the main character gives feel a bit weaker in acting. The companions are the stars of the show in terms of characters and dialogue. They're all mostly interesting so far. Just met a new one and he's a really neat character, kind of smarmy and exaggerates but he's cool.
  • Man, splitting slim free time between this and Jessica Jones, and falling behind on both. I love crafting guns. Not the most efficient strategy, but I love it. I just want to do too much stuff. Gonna be a long time before I have all the perks I want.
  • I got it cheap, didn't knew there was a N64 version :P
  • Not to sound bitter, as I've put 40 hours into this game, but man. This is... I don't know. It's standard operating procedure for Bethesda to have long, narrative faction quests. See the Houses in Morrowind, Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion, etc. New Vegas certainly had them (Obsidian, but similar idea). This game... just doesn't. The factions give you the equivalent of MMO dailies. Simply clear a building or grab a part. There's no narrative or getting to know characters or anything. In many ways, so many elements of this game feel really, really badly under-developed. The Brotherhood, Minutemen, they're all begging for some large quest arc but there's nothing. The third major faction teased me only to turn out just standard repeat the same quests with no story. Disappointed!

    And yet I still play it to explore and shoot stuff and improve my weapons and armor. So there's that.
  • Finally started doing some of the main story and it is pretty great. The Brotherhood reveal was epic and changes stuff. The Glowing Sea is a definite change of pace. Really liking it and it seems like there is a good bit to go.
  • I wish there were a better system than "Misc. Quests" in the quest log for sidequests. Some of those are the best, while some of them are pointless. Just had a tough slog through numerous underground tunnels including the husband of a particularly difficult enemy from earlier. The Museum of Witchcraft is freaky and I recommend you do that one as early as possible. It's freakiness diminishes quickly depending on how far in the game you are. I am burnt out on the Minutemen/Brotherhood/Railroad repeaters. Still bummed they didn't have more story quests. Goodneighbor has become my main hub, a real cast of characters there. Now that I have tons of mats, all my weapons are pretty decked out. I got some good new unique swords recently. One of them does 61 damage and 50% more to robots, at medium speed. Not amazing otherwise but 91 medium speed damage to robots is alright. My modded to hell and back laser is sort of my go to, along with a Krevh's or whatever. Wish fists were more viable. They are not.
  • The 45 cal rifle with the explosion perk is doing over a hundred a pop, with a fire rate a recoil control that mows things down. Granted I have rifleman and all the mods. I put a 308 reciever in, but that only upped damage by 15 and 308 ammo is rarer, so I just feel free to spray splody 45. Reba 2 is the only other gun I carry much, with the recon scope and 50 cal the Glowing Sea was not an issue. Once I get science 4, one of my star plasma rifles is going to get tricked out.
  • I am Level 46 - 48 not sure. I love how some of the huge intact buildings are incredible and the sense of height and scale is awesome.I rarely use VATS, in fallout 3 it was pretty necessary as the gunplay was shit lets be honest, but playing it just as a manual shooter works great in the diversely layed out areas.

    I have ignored most of the main quest completely as to of yet. The supermutants with nukes are a bitch, any good tactics for them? Or just VATS it?
  • Anybody with a Fatman is a huge problem. VATS, power armor, psychojet, the works.

    If we are talking suicide bombers, VATS in the right arm works great. Legs also good first choice. Also the dog often intercedes, so running like hell from the beep beep beep is something that has worked for me. I am not proud. Good dog.

    In other news, the jet pack is awesome.
  • If you're really feeling cheap, send in your companion to the place where you think a suicide nuker might be, and revel in your cruel world.
  • Finished the story for the first time. A little disappointing. The factions don't give a shit what you do for a while. I literally ran through a three way pitch battle, shooting and looting at will, and nobody shot at me much. Then, on a dime, missions start telling you if you start this, you are now enemies with one group or another. And you have to pick a blood feud with everybody but your chosen boy. Vegas made you pick a horse, but things made sense. Here the resolution feels rather rushed. Don't get me wrong, I still love just exploring and crafting stuff, but yeah there are valid criticisms of this game.

    Other than a frame rate drop in one big battle, the thing ran really smooth. I am really looking forward to the DLC. Fallout has some seriously great DLC, and a couple or seriously mediocre ones, but the bugs got crazy in big saves. This time around, I think DLC will run well and I think most of it will kick ass. I love this game, it is pretty far from perfect.
  • @westsw Yeah i completely agree with the faction issues, who's idea was that? ! On the brightside it made it very clear when you get to a point in the story that you are going all out against and against a faction( or not ) . It does give you this choice at least..

    Completed yesterday, over a hundred hours. I only ever wore power armor once and that was for the scripted first mission. Maybe my game would have been easier if i had bothered with the power armor ( the first few hours ) . Not gonna dive back in until all dlc is released.

    I had no framerate issues at all constant 60. I am on PC though. But i can see why big battles with explosions etc could kill your framerate completely.
  • Bethesda needs to build a fresh engine from the grounds up now I think. I know the way it feels is charming etc and i like a lot. This is just an evolution still of the engine from morrowind getting progressively more features Oblivion, Fallout 3 Skyrim and Fallout 4 .

    Just the whole pathfinding AI and clunky animations make even great looking games like fallout feel and behave in the same old way.

    I hope bethesda has got a team working on a ground roots engine somewhere. Please. I think this engine (as many times as you rename it) has a limited shelf life even with improvements.
  • I've put in just over 3 and a half days worth of game time now and I'm now feeling like I really should stop doing side stories/quests and really get on with the main game quest.

    I also just found out if I don't do the side quests for certain settlements they expire and I fail that mission I knew some miscellaneous would fail but I had 1 standard mission (in the pip-boy with it's own title) that just failed because I didn't get round to it.
  • @amardilo The minuteman stuff is irritating, especially when you get a fail to protect the settlement. It pissed me off a little/ a lot. I was in the same position as you in terms of over 3 days playthrough, thought maybe I should follow the main quest after playing for days haha.

    (SPOILER) Who have you formed an alliance with if you have gone for the end of the main mission?

    I am probably gonna jump back in after all the dlc is released. Fabulous game.
  • The whole "defend a settlement" is annoying. I had it come up when I was well into the

    Glowing Sea

    once, and it was like, nah I am not leaving. But there's no gameplay repercussions for not defending them and it honestly just feels more like busy work than anything, so I generally ignore it.
  • I have a strange urge to to do the side missions just incase they help me out in the long run even though that seems very unlikely for the settlement stuff. Also I wish they would have given me some sort of indicator earlier on that some of the non-Miscellaneous quests were on a timer (even if the time allotted is huge).

    @8drawt ... [SPOILER]I haven't got to the point of picking yet. I know it's coming up at some point as I heard it mentioned online but I don't really know how far I am from that point. I think I've done about 6/7 main quest missions and I've just joined The Railroad. I think my next main storyline quest involves going to the Glowing Sea[/SPOILER]
  • Glowing Sea is a nice change of pace. Hazmat suit if yah got one. Also, snipers paradise.
  • Just started playing today. Something is missing for me. Like, it's not hooking me as well as the previous games did.
  • [hide]Spoilers: Just got the Railway Rifle from The Railroad folks. That thing packs a bunch and drops Brotherhood fools like bags of shit.[/hide]

    In other news, it's getting a little more enjoyable. The Settlement stuff is neat, and some of the story quests have gotten more interesting. I find myself either travelling with Piper, or Nick Valentine. Don't really dig the other companions.

  • What are people's favorite high end guns? What do you wander around using, once you are done? Fatman is stupid, and who wants to farm suiciders for ammo? But anyone rolling with a mini gun or missile launcher for everyday use? I was dissapointed in the alien gun.

    The Gauss Gun is a beast. Do folks prefer relentless or violent or some other perk? Compensator vs naked?

    I am still going with my explosive rifle, full auto 45 ammo. With commando and demolitions, it is just spraying bombs. The French shotgun and a Gauss Gun usually round out my heavy load.

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