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      Fallout 4 is an upcoming open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.
    Initial release dateNovember 10, 2015
    PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

    All pilfered from Wiki.

    A week to go now. I will be waiting for some feedback from players before I decide whether to buy now or later. 

    Hype it up until release, and then post your thoughts and stories.

  • I've never heard of this title, is it indie?
  • It's more simplified, some would say streamlined, based on what we've seen. Fewer RPG choices. Dialogue is simplified. Stats and perks are streamlined. I will miss the choice that we had in previous games, but that's the route Bethesda has been going since Oblivion, and at the end of the day, the games are still fun. Is base building the new "it" thing? MGS V had it, now Fallout 4. Then again Assassin's Creed has been tweaking it since the 2nd one.

    I don't have it on preorder, but barring a barrage of "it's not stable!!!!" at launch, I will probably be getting it very close to release day. I'm a sucker for Bethesda's open worlds.
  • westsw, it could be indie. I've heard the guys who write the code are hacks and the graphics look pretty ass for this gen, but it's getting good press regardless.

    I'm with GEFM. I'll probably pick it up near release unless it turns out to be a pile of bugs and errors masquerading as a game.
  • I'll wait until the English version with all the DLC is available on Amazon

  • edit: there is a German dude currently streaming Fallout 4 on Twitch. 
  • I haven't been following the build up to this game closely, which is almost refreshing in a way. I'm not really going in with any expectations, other than I enjoyed the previous two Fallouts.

    I'll be picking it up on PC at launch as long as it works. 
  • Yeah, really bad glitches are about the only thing that could really bum me out. Some crap is gonna happen cuz... Bethesda. I am not too worried cuz Skyrim certainly ran better than either Fallout. I still remember getting trapped on flat ground in the Vegas game.
  • I watched some of the stream last night, and while it was early in the game and he was mainly just running about the wasteland killing things, it was running fast and smooth. Granted Fallout usually waits until later in the game before it starts messing with your sanity but it still looked promising. Hopefully we can have a half decent story this time too.
  • I'll be picking it up at midnight, so I will be sure to drop my first impressions of the game! It's looking good so far, haven't heard anything super negative from all these leaks.  I do hope the dialogue choices have some variation that leads to interesting shenanigans haha.
  • I don't understand this


    Am I one of the few people in the world who doesn't want to run Forrest run Gump my way around a gigantic open world full of vast expanses of nothing or bloody radio towers? People are whining about how small this is compared to games like Just Cause 2 but did anyone actually enjoy walking all over that huge ass map? One of the main turn offs for me with these sandbox games these days is how huge the maps are getting and how full of irrelevant repetitive shitty mini-quests they are becoming (Just Cause, Far Cry, Ass Creed, etc etc). A more reasonable size with more closely packed things to do sounds good to me.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • I can't wait for Fallout 4 and I've got some time booked off to play it too.
  • Cohh Carnage is streaming the main story (with permission from Bethesda) right now and yeah, the game looks pretty friggin awesome. He is playing on PC though so I'm still going to wait for performance reports for the PS4, but everything I've seen in the stream (after 4 hours or so) looks excellent. There've been a few bugs, like sudden dumps to the desktop and subtitles not working, but hey, it's Bethesda. I'm all but sold.

    Westsw is going to need a change of underpants.

  • I might have already exhausted myself in anticipation. I am just a bad date.

    No wait, still excited.

    Me so crafty baby. Me so crafty. Me make guns long time.
  • Looks like it's chock full of bugs, but from what I've heard it's great, so.
  • That sentence has been uttered about every Bethesda game.
  • That is why i wait until it patched, first let the fanboys stress test the game for free!
  • It won't be patched. Like the previous Fallouts. If someone finds something game crippling maybe, but the general shittiness will never be addressed. They'll be moving on to DLC once they finish counting the money from initial sales.

    It's been interesting watching Cohh play and then AngryJoe. They are having very different experiences. I have already decided playing on hard will be the way to go. AJ is whinging about how easy the game is, while Cohh is getting his ass handed to him in some firefights.

    edit: This is troubling.

    This is the main reason I gave up on the Fallout 3 DLC and didn't even bother with it in New Vegas. Frame rates going to 1 frame per minute were not cool. 
  • Amazon Reviews trololol.

    Some dude by the name of 1andonly gave Fallout 4 this cracking 1 star review:

    Was so excited to play the second most popular game of the year (next to call of duty 12 of course), and was thrilled when bethesda sent me 4 copies of the game to see what I thought. First off, before I go any further a little history of this "series":

    Fallout is a series that absolutely nobody played besides the third. Talk about legendary!

    Anyway on to the review: You play as nameless man (or woman) number 238,485 on your journey to escape a vault. Don't worry, it gets more riveting: When you finally escape you find yourself in modern day Detroit and it is up to you to find a bunch of junk such as combs, empty bottles, and space ship fuel to trade with other moronic people from Detroit in your efforts to escape. You get chased by lots of demons, cockroaches, and people who look like they escaped from a sewage treatment pond.

    Overall i think they really nailed the city of Detroit down and in my experience this is what happens on a normal Wednesday, so i give the developers props for that.

    Sadly the game clocks in at about 2 FPS, and it took about 38 hours just to make my character because the game runs like a normal bethesda game on playstation runs. Gotta love just how advanced todays consoles are!!

    Also the graphics look somewhat better than an average NES game, although most NES games look much better.

    Save your money and buy Call of duty 12, which is much, much better on every single level.

    0/6 stars

    Also at one point you have to fly to the Planet Saturn to meet up with Brad Pitt

  • Sadly, real life just opened up with both barrels on me. Work is work, family in town, and the tots are a viral wonderland. I will not be playing this, or anything, very much this week. The opening was extremely similar to 3, as was everything else. Already heard the some of the same voice actors. The faces are prettier, but still have eerie dead doll eyes. I find all this reassuring like Hershey chocolate. You know exactly what you are getting. More bigger Fallout 3 would make me very happy. Still savoring the expectation.
  • If anyone has a spare Fallout 3 code of Xbox One, I'll suck some stuff.

    I've got to wait until December to get my hands on the game, so enjoy everyone!
  • Life has a habit of pulling some infuriating cock blocks on you at times. Pretend you have Ebola or something and take advantage of the week in quarantine.

    It's looking like I might be in a similar situation around Dark Souls 3 launch.
  • Put about 6 hours in and so far so good. The only time I had severe frame rate drop (ps4) was exiting the vault when I tried to remake my characters face. The shooting mechanics are satisfying and the graphics are actually pretty good considering what this game is. My only real gripe with the game is the shitty user interface, it's incredibly hard to navigate and hard to see what the hell is going on. Modding weapons and armor is a fucking nightmare for me right now because of this, but it could just be my noob blood rising up. The dialogue is pretty enjoyable, but it starts to drag sometimes. I feel like a lot of my playtime is just listening to people talk at this point.
  • Played a little more. Shooting is the best I have seen in a Bethesda game. That is faint praise. They clearly want you to use and make guns for real time use because VATS is slomo, not frozen. That critter is still coming at you and you need to make some decisions. I bet I will like that in time.
  • Lots of disappointment for me, one could argue I should have known I was getting a typical Bethesda turd - but it has been a long time since I had played FO3, and New Vegas fixed a ton of issues I had. Yet FO3, even on a new gen of console hardware seems content to languish and offer up what feels like a VERY last gen experience and I'm full of disappointment so far.
  • @Sunflower

    You know, I'm glad you're disappointed. I trust your opinions on games, and all I'm seeing is how amazing the game is, so I'd love to hear you get into the meat of your disappointment with it. Would you be talking about it on the GOP anytime soon?

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