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    Which gaming personality on either Twitch, or YouTube was the best for 2015? They must have continuously released videos in 2015.

    And, go vote!
  • The mighty jingles! Love his dry humor, he mostly does World of tanks/warships, warthunder, armored warfare videos
    I like sidestrafe too

    On Game news it is "the Know".
  • For Twitch I really like lobosjr for the creative ways he finds to play Souls games, and I like Yukaslegion2 when he plays Souls also, because he does some great PvP matches. But I don't really care when either of these guys play anything other than Souls.

    Which brings me to Cohh Carnage, who plays all sorts of stuff every day. He's at something like 2 years+ without a day off. That's something! He also has an awesome community, does loads of giveaways, and engages his audience well.

    On YouTube I guess Angry Joe because his reviews are fun and he puts a lot of work into them. He's also pretty fair and usually doesn't bitch about things just for the sake of bitching about things. I can't stand just about everything else he does though. Jim Fucking Sterling son is probably a close 2nd.
  • I've recently been watching lobosjr's runs, whip only? No death no bonfire? Insane (even though he could probably run through that game blindfolded at this point).

    Dexbonus (Dodger) not for video game content (except for FriendZone), but for her personal vlogs that used to be a daily thing. Became morning ritual to drink my coffee and listen to her ramble on about nonsense. 

    Yongyea covered Metal Gear content leading up to it's release like a madman. Countdown videos everyday for 30 days, covering everything Metal Gear related from its announcement to Kojima's fist fight with Konami. I applaud him for the work ethic he put these past couple years. He's now doing the same sort of countdown and coverage for every detail of Fallout 4.

  • Erm Patrick Klepek? I don't watch really any YouTube personalities or anything I just find them irritating. I did see Klepek try to beat the Mario maker levels the Giantbomb guys put up so o guess if he counts that is my vote

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