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    Noob's Choice 2014 Winner - Celebrimbor (Shadow Of Mordor)

    We all love a certain video game character. Which new character was the best in 2015?

    And, go vote!
  • Maybe Loader Bot from Tales from the Borderlands. Or Gehrman from Bloodborne.
  • Loader Bot is fantastic, but I've gotta go with Evie Frye from Assassin's Creed Syndicate.
  • Spoiler:
    I think mine would have to be the character you play in Metal Gear Solid V (Venom snake or well I guess you, your created avatar). The fact he doesn't talk much and has very little personality kinda means nothing. The way it's revealed at the end. You aren't big boss at all. It's amazing. Just amazing.

    That and the fact no character has really stood out to me this year.
  • IMHO it is Maxine Caulfield from life is strange, i game that made me have hope for the gaming industry.
  • I'm going to have to play Life Is Strange at some point. It looks so emo and millennial wanky but too many people are saying it's great for something not to be up.
  • Probably to emo for you i guess :P
  • Arsenal's new manager in FIFA 16 career mode - Me.

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