[2015] Best Free To Play
  • World of warships for slow paced ship mayhem!
  • I'll probably go with Dragon's Dogma Online, because it's the only one I played for any length of time, and because it was OK for a while. Plus, Capcom were very generous with free passports and presents of gems and items and whatnot, so I never felt forced to pay to win. The payment system isn't as obnoxious as it is in some games either.
  • The only free to play game I've played this year is Planetside 2 on the PS4 so I guess I'm going with that be default.
  • I don't exactly think it's an amazing game but I haven't payed a single other game. I suppose fallout shelter kept me interested for a week. It'll have to be that for me.
  • FIFA 16 if it's gifted to you at no cost.
    Noobied by 1Manio
  • FIFA does have a free demo.

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