[2015] Worst Game Of The Year
  • Hard to think of a bad game that I've played this year. Can this be games I've seen (i.e. via Let's Plays)?
  • Destiny the payed king, finally the full game shipped a year late and you have to pay money again to get a complete game.
  • Does Destiny count again this year because of Taken King? What's the verdict Manio? It is technically an entirely new game now after all.

  • I allowed Reaper Of Souls to be voted in other categories last year, so why not.
  • With Epke on this one, Destiny it is.
  • I still do not think Destiny is a terrible game, so much as a terrible harbinger of a new model where you release the skeleton of a game first and then flesh it out with a second installment at nearly full price. It's success certainly cleared the way for Battlefront. Good skeleton, exploitative model, good candidate for this award, though not actually unplayable. Evolve tried to do this as well, but bombed.
  • Evolve bombed because the gameplay idea was stupid. The micro-transactions were bad, but if the game itself had been more fun people probably would have been on board with it and defended it as they do Destiny, Halo, and now Battlefront. MAG was great. No nickle and dime bullshit, and the devs offered plenty of content in the online modes to compensate for the lack of campaign. And they didn't try to shank us for $60 for it. Every mode was pvp, so unlike Destiny, you didn't just memorize the locations and types of enemies in each mission and grind through Groundhog Day a million times hoping for a legendary loot drop. In MAG every game was different because every player was human, and progress and unlocks were methodical, predictable, and balanced. They didn't feel the need to nerf high level players in pvp like Destiny did, nor did they fast track newcomers so they wouldn't feel left out. Didn't Taken King ship with some bullshit code that instantly ranked you up to rank 25 or something like that? Awesome! Enter a code and save yourself the trouble of playing the game! They may as well just sell the trophy lists. Pay $20 and you get every trophy for the game, but not the actual game. And the sad thing is, you know damn well some people would buy them.

    Destiny, as far as the shooty shooty bang bang stuff goes, is pretty solid. It's basically Halo in a Halloween costume after all. It's everything else encapsulating it that makes it the spunktacular shit sandwich that it is.
  • The order 1886. Sorted. The game was short expensive and well boring.
  • From what i have seen The Order 1886 might as well be a movie.

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