Noob's Choice Awards 2015: Main Thread / Voting Thread
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    (Someone remind @sloth to move all of these topics to their own category. Thanks love)

    The time has come for us once again to pick up our ballots and begin voting in the annual Noob's Choice Awards for 2015! We've seen some wonderful games come out this year, and I have no doubt that we should see some interesting results in this year's polls. Some minor rules and tweaks to keep in mind when voting.
    • Voting for Best New IP needs to be a fresh, new IP. Raising this point since Alien Isolation won the category last year. It was a solid game yes, but not exactly a new property.
    • Minecraft cannot be voted for.
    • Episodic titles that finished their story in 2015 are counted as 2015 releases. I'm looking at you Tales From The Borderlands.
    • The Indie Game category works for every platform. PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Handhelds, Mobile, etc. There's a lot to go for in this category.
    • Someone asked if the Rare Replay can be counted in the Remake/Reboot category, and I'll allow it.
    • Voting runs from November 1st, 2015 - January 1st, 2016. Luckily, the topic is going up a few hours early to get it out of the way.
    • Please keep voting discussions for each category in their respective thread once they go live.

    November 1st - January 1st, 2016

    Noob's Choice Awards 2014 Winners
    Game Of The Year: Dark Souls II

    Worst Game: Assassin's Creed Unity

    Most Surprising: Shadow Of Mordor

    Most Disappointing: Destiny

    Most Anticipated of 2015: Bloodborne

    Best Sequel: Dark Souls II

    Best Add-On / Expansion: Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

    Best Soundtrack: Dark Souls II / Final Fantasy X - X2 HD

    Best Graphics: Destiny

    Best Indie Game: Transistor / Nidhogg

    Best Handheld Game: Pokemon ORAS

    Best Remake / Reboot: The Last Of Us, Pokemon ORAS, Final Fantasy X-X2 HD

    Best New IP: Alien Isolation (Not a new IP, but I let it pass. Not this year though!)

    Best Story: Telltale's Walking Dead - Season 2

    Best Co-operative Game: Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

    Best Competitive: Titanfall

    Best Use Of Non-Traditional Controls: Octodad Dadliest Catch (No longer a category)

    Best Game No-One Played: Bayonetta 2

    Best Free To Play: Warframe

    Best New Character: Celebrimbor - Shadow Of Mordor

  • Good stuff Manio. There's still a few games I want to try out before I vote, but I will definitely vote. 
  • Yeah I'm the same as flib I still have 3 or 4 games I wanna give a go before I make a decision. I think most of my catagories might be a lock though.
  • For people up in arms about the co-op category, there was a pretty good co-op game released about two weeks ago called Warhammer Vermintide.

    All is not lost!

    Or, you can do like most of you will do and vote Bloodborne ;)

  • There was another fantastic co-op experience called Helldivers.

    I thought everyone would vote Rocket League.
  • The categories:

    Game Of The Year
    Worst Game Of The Year
    Most Surprising Game
    Most Disappointing Game
    Most Anticipated Game Of 2016
    Best Sequel
    Best Add-On / Expansion
    Best Use Of Music
    Best Graphics
    Best Indie Game
    Best Handheld Game
    Best Remake/Reboot
    Best New IP
    Best Story
    Best Co-operative Experience
    Best Competitive Experience
    Best New Mechanic
    Best Free to Play
    Best New Character
    Worst Company / Developer
    Best Youtube / Twitch Personality
  • Ok, I dug through my gaming year and have come up with this list. These are the games that I've played this year and although I've listed them here, I haven't included the ones as a vote that weren't strictly released in 2015.

    This year I've hung back and mostly played titles that were on sale somewhere.

    Game Of The Year
     - 2014 - Dragon Age Inquisition (PC)

    Unfortunately I can't vote for this because it came out at the end of 2014. However, this is my favourite game this year. Like a good James Bond movie, the locations were characters themselves that invited you in to mingle and explore. It was as if they embedded that Mass Effect Citadel DLC that is essentially fan service in the middle of this game for you to enjoy and spend with the characters that you have recruited and built your journey with. I really loved playing this game this year and recommend Knight Enchanter as the most fun class; you're a mage that whacks the ever-loving shit out of everything with your giant paladin sword. Oh and you're practically invincible.

    Worst Game Of The Year
     - 2014 - Divinity: Original Sin
     - 2013 - Sim City

    Divinity was a huge disappointment because it was meant to be this grandiose co-operative experience that my partner and I were super hyped for. Unfortunately it pulls a Metal Gear on you with a forty minute introduction of pure walls of text without any of the wit or zaniness of Kojima and all of the virginity stench of its neckbeard developers. After a few hours we called it and pretended like we never bought it.

    Sim City was so disappointing that its disappointment even contaminated 2015.

    Most Surprising Game
     - Grow Home (PC)

    This was a really nice and charming title where progression is super tangible, you have that feeling of vertigo where your palms sweat from fear of falling all the way down and overall, it was a great game that came out of nowhere.

    Most Disappointing Game
     - Star Wars Battlefront Demo (PC)
     - Running with Rifles (PC)
     - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

    I wanted DICE's Battlefield 2 nuances with a Star Wars theme - good level design in the maps with a balanced team composition. Instead I got a run and gun with the worst spawning I've experienced in a while. I genuinely think this is a bad FPS compared to its contemporaries but even saying this, this is based on the demo that was released and I'll probably be buying the game because I'm stupid and the force is strong.

    Running with Rifles I've put way too much time into. It is frustrating and feels as if its an alpha rather than a game. The gimmick and conceit betrays you into thinking that this is deeper than it is with the onus on your peanut brain. But after two weekends with this; I feel like I can conclude it is a shitty whatever it is of pure frustration, annoyingly stretched out maps and generally what feels like some university student's first game. All the best with this but fuck this frustrating and disappoint game.

    The Legend of Zelda Tri-force can only co-op with 3 people. This is completely stupid and a huge disappointment.

    Most Anticipated Game Of 2016
     - Hyper Light Drifter (PC) (
     - Mass Effect Andromeda (Multi)
     - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Multi)
     - Hitman (Multi)
     - Dishonored 2 (Multi)

    I am so excited for Hyper Light Drifter. Its like a cooler, less whiny version of Fez. And I loved Fez. I bought a 360 way back just for Fez which never came out before my two red rings. This is the sort of game that speaks to me.

    I am a huge lover of Mass Effect. When I played the first one, I thought the mechanics were shitty and wanted to quit however I was persuaded to continue and I feel deep into the rabbit hole. I rearranged my schedule to clear out the next two weeks and played all three games back to back like some sort of crazed hermit. It was amazing and I cannot wait until Andromeda comes out.

    I loved Deus Ex and can't wait for the next entry despite whatever the marketing fuck ups they try to milk out of the population. Hopefully the game will let me play more of the Adam Jenson I loved with his "I didn't ask for this" husky tone.

    I finished Dishonoured over two weekends and really loved the stealth mechanics. I was one sadistic motherfucker and I dug my own grave with leaving bodies everywhere but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I was nowhere near this guy's level of gameplay but I felt as if I was in hindsight.

    Best Sequel
     - Bloodbourne (PS4)

    I know this is a new IP technically but to me it is a sequel to Souls. I really liked the flappy skin boss monster that you could bait with blood. I really liked the masks those creepy light ball throwing guys had. I really liked the cane you could strut with you and whoop up with. I think the Souls franchise with greater agility is great!

    I didn't like the sex doll npc though. I felt like looking at the developers and just going "come on, guys."

    Best Add-On / Expansion
     - Cities: Skylines - After Dark (PC)

    Cities Skylines was ok when it was released and I came back to it when the expansion came out. Not only that, but I visited the steam workshop and picked up the most popular mods.

    This is the most complete Sim City experience and the user interface is perfect with the supplemental mods. The detail you need to manage a city that is usually hidden behind shitty graphs and interfaces (I loved Tropico but this is the case with this franchise) is all at your disposal. You can really properly gauge your city by every metric and as a result, I built a thriving penis-shaped city that spanned 5 maps. The scale is also super cool so this is my favourite expansion.

    Best Use Of Music
     - 2012 - Fez
     - 2004 - Katamari Damacy / We Love Katamari (PS2)

    I didn't play any games in 2015 that had sound tracks that stuck to my mind. I played Fez a lot this year on the Vita so I'll put that tentatively down and just leave the vote box blank for the actual poll.

    I also dug up Katamari this year and replayed both games. I think Blue Orb is one of my favourite songs from a video game. The reason why I dug it up is that 2015 Macbook Pros can emulate half the PS2 library if you bootcamp into windows and use the Pcsx-whatever emulator. A portable PS2 with Lumines, how neat!

    Best Graphics
     - Witcher 3 (Multi)

    Geralt glistened. Geralt swayed in the wind. 10/10 gwent cards.

    Best Indie Game
     - Invisible, Inc. (PC)

    This was a surprisingly and frustratingly nice game to go through. This is an apprehensive recommendation as its like an acquired taste.

    Best Handheld Game
     - 2014 - Fantasy Life (3DS)
     - 2009 - Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Mobile)

    I picked up Fantasy Life on the 3DS and its basically what games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing should have as a campaign. I like it more than those two mentioned games even though they form the crux of my this-type-of-genre games. I highly recommend this and will continue playing this for quite a while as my go-to portable game.

    Galaxy on Fire is amazing and I backed the next game, Everspace, on kickstarter because I liked this so much. The controls will put you off but if you can get used to it, you'll find a great, cheeky space James Bond adventure. I highly recommend this on the iPad.

    Best Remake/Reboot
     - Grim Fandango Remastered (PC)
     - Homeworld Remastered (PC)

    Grim Fandango because yes.

    Homeworld was a great remaster. Its a great space strategy game that is super pretty to boot. If you're into this sort of stuff, it is well worth picking up because it is a solid chunk of time you'll enjoy.

    Best New IP
     - Cities: Skylines (PC)

    This is my second favourite game of the year. :)

    Best Story
     - 2013 - The Last of Us (Multi)
     - Tales from Borderlands (Multi)
     - 2012 - Sleeping Dogs (Multi)

    So I guess Tales of Borderlands gets my vote here but this is the order that I see it.

    The Last of Us was great like everybody says and I only got it this year.

    With Tales, I didn't know my iPad could output graphics like that. It is better than what I've seen on the Vita and 3DS. It was very surprising. I liked sitting there judging people and poking my decisions.

    I also picked up and played Sleeping Dogs and I think although its not as polished or deep as Grand Theft Auto, it is well worth playing for the story and authenticity of its setting. I liked being trash talked to in Chinese.

    Best Co-operative Experience
     - 2005 - Battlefield 2 (PC)
     - 2013 - Hammerwatch (Multi)
     - 2011 - The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
     - 2014 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC)

    This is a null category for me but these are my best experiences during this 2015.

    After Battlefront, I downloaded Battlefield 2 and we lost weekends playing this old, old game. It is like night and day how beautifully balanced and nuanced the maps are. There's choke points with multiple strategies to play out and I feel as if my actions were of greater consequence than in Battlefront.

    Hammerwatch is a little indie title I picked up during the Steam sale. It is a really charming Zelda clone with pixel graphics and a chirpy sound track. This is a great co-op run in one day and you have to do it in the one sitting because there's no saving so you better pray you don't disconnect or crash. I really liked this game.

    LOTR was a surprise. We bought it because we were doing a LOTR marathon but this could stand on its own two legs as an action adventure game. It is genuinely good! And fun! The co-op! Its great!

    Bringing in the rear is Borderlands Pre-Sequel. It is overly Australian in a good and bad way. I enjoyed the humour. It was great to play with Handsome Jack. It is probably the better Borderlands game however I wouls still recommend 2 over this one as it seemed to have more heart. This is hard to explain but anybody that played the Tiny Tina DLC in 2 will know.

    Best Competitive Experience
     - 2014 - Smash Bros (Multi)
     - 2014 - Elite: Dangerous

    Early in the year we got Smash Bros and that's the default "we're stuck travelling for a while, let's play this" game. The 3DS screen is too small, even with the XL. You really need a larger screen for brawling but its still fun when its 1v1. Anymore and yeah, that handheld needs a bigger screen. I don't even know if its pixel density or just scale that would make it better.

    Elite Dangerous was something I picked up this year with a joystick. It is infuriating that you spend the first three hours of the game binding your joystick just right. However, flying through space is great. I'm mostly trading and not doing combat and its still good. I play this mostly in short bursts because I think I would burn out from the lack of depth to be honest.

    Best New Mechanic
     - 2011 - Hatoful Boyfriend (PC)

    This was bought as a joke but....

    Best Free to Play
     - Soda Dungeon (iOS)

    This is automated grinding. It is quite compelling. It is not fun. It is compelling. I have no idea why my monkey brain enjoyed this and went back to it. I finished it. I feel empty and used.

    Best New Character
     - My ‘Chris Pratt’ lookalike in Dragon Age Inqusition. Yeah!

    Worst Company / Developer
     - EA

    Best Youtube / Twitch Personality
     - 2014 - Boogie

    I came across Boogie and regularly watch him now. He's a nice guy and I like filling the bits of time when I watch him with the pleasantry that he radiates.

    Linus Tech Tips is my favourite YouTube channel. They don't do a lot of gaming stuff but have a lot of fun and provide some solid informative videos.
    Noobied by 1Manio
  • Good stuff, @sloth

    All categories have their respective threads up now. Let's all band together and kiss Sloth endlessly.
  • Would anybody be against the voting time being extended? I know some people get new games around Christmas time, so would anyone be against an extension of like a week or so to January 1st?
  • No that sounds good. Gives me some more time to get in another game or 2 for 2015. :)
  • Also, for Best New Mechanic be sure to state what game the mechanic is from, but also what the mechanic is.
  • Worst game:
    Destiny the payed king, finally the full game shipped a year late and you have to pay money again to get a complete game.

    Best New Character:
    IMHO it is Maxine Caulfield from life is strange, i game that made me have hope for the gaming industry.

    Best New IP:
    Life is strange? but i wonder if it has any longevity.

    Best Co-Op:
    Bloodborne only new co-op game i played this year ;)

    Most Surprising:
    Life is strange, never new that playing a young girl discovering her powers would be so interesting especiallyin these action ridden game world.

    Most Anticipated
    Even though i am stuck in DS2, DS3 it is, or that new Dead or Alive beach voley game? :P

    Best Free To Play
    World of warships for slow paced ship mayhem!

    Worst Company / Developer
    Activision the whole Bungie buy the game again, to finally get what it is supposed to be?

    Best YouTube/Twitch Personality
    The mighty jingles! Love his dry humor, he mostly does World of tanks/warships, warthunder, armored warfare videos
    I like sidestrafe too

    On Game news it is "the Know".

    Best Story:
    Life is strange, it would have been the walking dead if the scripted plot twists didn't piss me off so much.

    Best Game No-One Played:
    DragonQuest Heroes fun Japanese musou game set in the Dragonquest world

    Noobied by 2Juic3 8drawt
  • Epke, Walking Dead wasn't 2015 dude :p

    My votes are all in.
  • Hopefully more people use the form to cast their votes. I don't count votes in the threads :(
  • @Epke "the Know" is good stuff
  • Good stuff. I really enjoy people doing these features. Carry on :) . 
  • Remember kiddies, the Awards end on January 1st! You have until then to vote! That's like, hardly any time at all!
  • Alright I have submitted my votes. No surprise but Bloodborne made it into a few categories. ;)
  • Started compiling votes for tomorrow. I'm super pleased with the results so far!

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